List of Spain-related topics

List of Spain-related topics

This is a list of topics related to Spain.

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* Spanish art
* Spanish Golden Age
* Spanish Renaissance


* Architecture of Spain


* Cinema of Spain


* Flamenco
* Sevillanas


* Spanish literature
* Spanish poetry
* Spanish comics


* Music of Spain
**Music of Andalusia
**Music of Aragon
**Music of the Balearic Islands
**Basque music
**Music of the Canary Islands
**Music of Castile, Madrid and Leon
**Music of Catalonia
**Music of Extremadura
**Music of Galicia, Cantabria and Asturias
**Music of Murcia
**Music of Navarra and La Rioja
**Music of Valencia
*Spanish classical music - Styles
*Spanish opera
*Spanish folk music
*Spanish popular music
*Spanish rock
*Spanish classical guitar
*Spanish hip hop
*Timeline of trends in music from Spain - Timeline
*Samples of music from Spain - Samples
*Amigo Awards - Awards
*Asociación Fonográfica y Videográfica Española - Charts
*Benidorm International Song Festival - Festivals
*Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest
*Fans - Media
*La Revista 40
*Mundo Joven


*Salvador Dalí
*Francisco Goya
*Pablo Picasso
*Bartolomé Esteban Murillo



* Communications in Spain
* List of television stations in Spain
* List of radio stations in Spain
* List of Spanish newspapers
* List of postal codes in Spain


*Culture of Spain
*Scouting in Spain


* Demographics of Spain
* Spanish people


* Economy of Spain
** Economic history of Spain
* Banco de España, Bank of Spain
* Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, National Factory of Coins and Stamps
** Spanish euro coins
** Peseta
* Tourism in Spain


* Education in Spain
* Spanish universities
** List of universities in Spain (organized by autonomous community)


* Cuisine of Spain


* Geography of Spain
* Autonomous Communities of Spain
** List of Spanish autonomous communities by area
** List of Spanish autonomous communities by population
*** Andalusia
*** Aragon
*** Asturias
*** Balearic Islands
*** Basque Community
*** Canary Islands
*** Cantabria
*** Castile-La Mancha
*** Castile and León
*** Catalonia
*** Extremadura
*** Galicia
*** La Rioja
*** Madrid
*** Murcia
*** Navarre
*** Land of Valencia
* Provinces of Spain
** List of Spanish provinces by area
** List of Spanish provinces by population
** List of Spanish provinces by coastline
* Comarcas of Spain
** Comarcas of Aragon
** Comarcas of Asturias
** Comarques of Catalonia
* List of municipalities in Spain
** List of cities in Spain
* List of islands of Spain
* Extreme points of Spain


* History of Spain
** History of Catalonia
* Hispania
* Visigoth
* Al Andalus
* Reconquista
* Habsburg Spain
* Enlightenment Spain
* Mid-nineteenth century Spain
* First Spanish Republic
* Spain under the Restoration
* Second Spanish Republic
* Spanish Civil War
* Spain under Franco
* Modern Spain
* Spanish Armada
* Spanish Armada in Ireland


* Spanish language
** History of the Spanish language
* Languages of Spain
* Murcian Spanish


* Military of Spain
** Military history of Spain
* Spanish Navy
* Spanish Legion
* Spanish Armada
* Spanish Armada in Ireland
* List of Spanish wars
* List of Spanish early battleships
* List of Spanish sail battleships
* List of Spanish battleships
* Spanish aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias

Politics and Government

* Politics of Spain
** Flag of Spain
** Coat of arms of Spain
** Marcha Real - National anthem
** Madrid - Capital city
* Anarchism in Spain
* Foreign relations of Spain
* Liberalism and radicalism in Spain
* Same-sex marriage in Spain
** Civil unions in Spain
* Spanish referendum on the European Constitution

Legislative branch

* Cortes Generales, General Courts
** Spanish Congress of Deputies
** Spanish Senate
** List of Spanish regional legislatures
* List of political parties in Spain
** List of political parties in Catalonia
* Elections in Spain

Executive branch

* Spanish Government
** President of the Government of Spain
*** List of Presidents of the Government of Spain
** First Vice President of Spain
** Second Vice President of Spain
** Council of Ministers of Spain
* List of Spanish regional governments

Judicial branch

* Spanish judicial system
** General Council of the Judicial Power of Spain
** Constitutional Court of Spain
** Supreme Court of Spain


* Spanish monarchy
** List of Spanish monarchs
** Line of succession to the Spanish Throne
** Kings of Spain family tree
* Spanish nobility
* Spanish royal sites


* Constitution of Spain
** Spanish Political Reform Act 1977
** Spanish Constitution of 1978
*** Amendments to the Spanish Constitution of 1978

Laws of Spain

* Historical Memory Law


* Religion in Spain

Sports and games

* Sports in Spain
* Football in Spain
* List of football clubs in Spain
* Spanish Chess Championship


* Iberian Peninsula, consisting of:
** Spain
** Portugal (not part of Spain)
** Andorra (not part of Spain)
** Gibraltar (not part of Spain)
* Balearic Islands
* Canary Islands
* Spanish exclaves:
** Ceuta
** Melilla
** Llívia
* Places of sovereignty near Morocco, consisting of:
** Islas Chafarinas
** Peñón de Alhucemas
** Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera
** Isla de Alborán
** Isla Perejil


* 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings


* Transport in Spain
** Abadal automobile
** Biscuter automobile
** SEAT automobile
* History of rail transport in Spain
** AVE, Spanish High Speed
** RENFE, National Network of the Spanish Railways
** FEVE, Narrow Gauge Railways
** Eusko Trenbideak
** Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
* List of airports in Spain
* Spanish car number plates

Not classified (so far)

* List of hospitals in Spain
* Jews in Spain
* Centro Nacional de Inteligencia
* Spanish security forces

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