DDP can mean:

  • Danish Design Prize
  • The German Democratic Party, or Deutsche Demokratische Partei (DDP) in German
  • Declaration of Design and Performance, a form listing the acceptable means of compliance for aviation hardware
  • Diamond Dallas Page, actor and former professional wrestler
  • Dublin Death Patrol, an American thrash metal band
  • Dominicans Don't Play, a New York based street gang of Latino youths whose heritage is traced to the Dominican Republic
  • Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand
  • Deafness dystonia polypeptide, a protein/gene also known as TIMM8A
  • Deutscher Depeschendienst, a German news agency
  • Dual Degree Project, final year project for Dual degree students (Integrated Bachelors and Masters course) at the Indian Institute of Technology

In commerce

In computing

  • Data delivery platform, a proposed architecture within Business Intelligence
  • Data-directed programming, a programming paradigm
  • Datagram Delivery Protocol, a networking protocol in the AppleTalk suite
  • Debian Documentation Project, documenting the Debian Linux distribution
  • Defect detection percentage, a software quality metric to show improvement in test coverage and test process. It equals defects found in test divided by the sum of defects found in test plus defects found in production
  • Differential Dynamic Programming, a second-order algorithm for trajectory optimization.
  • Digital Data Processor, a line of computer model names manufactured by Computer Control Corporation with the name continuing after CCC was bought by Honeywell
  • The Digital DawgPound, a hacker group
  • Disc Description Protocol, a generic disc image file format commonly used for the transport of mastered audio CD data
  • Document-driven programming, an XML-oriented dynamic programming technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus, an audio codec used by HD DVD and Blu-ray
  • Dual die package, two dies in the same package

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