Space music (disambiguation)

Space music (disambiguation)

Space music is music that facilitates the experience of contemplative spaciousness.

Other articles on topics relating the terms "Space" and "Music" include:

* Space-themed music, music of any genre with themes or lyrics about outer space
* Space rock, a musical genre related to 1970's Progressive rock
* Space jazz, a musical genre related to Free Jazz
* Space age pop, certain musical styles popular in the 1950s and early 1960s.
* "Space", "Space music", or "Space jam" - free musical improvisation, with or without melody, often using non-tonal sounds, see:
**Grateful Dead
**Rhythm Devils
* Names of bands, albums, or nightclubs:
** Space (indie rock band), a 1990s indie band from England
** Space (electronic band), a 1970s electronic music band from France
** Space (album), an eponymous album by members of the Orb
** Space Music (album) by Eloy Fritsch
** Space (Ibiza nightclub), world-renowned nightclub

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Space (disambiguation)

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