Space (disambiguation)

Space (disambiguation)

"Space" is a framework from which we can quantify distances between objects or points.

Space or spacing may also refer to:

In science:

* Outer space, the area beyond the limit of the Earth's atmosphere
* a mathematical space is an informal term for any of many different kinds of set with added structure

In music:

* Space music, music that facilitates the experience of contemplative spaciousness
* Space rock, a musical genre related to 1970s Progressive Rock
* Space jazz, a musical genre related to Free Jazz
* Space age pop, certain musical styles popular in the 1950s and early 1960s
* Space-themed music, music of any genre with themes or lyrics about outer space
* "Space", the name of a free form, improvisational, instrumental song by the rock group Grateful Dead
* Names of bands, albums, or nightclubs:
** Space (indie rock band), a 1990s indie band from England
** Space (electronic band), a 1970s electronic music band from France
** "Space" (album), an eponymous album by members of the Orb
** "Space Music" (album) by Eloy Fritsch
** Space (Ibiza nightclub), world-renowned nightclub
** Club Space, one of the biggest nightclubs in downtown Miami

In computers:
* Address space and Virtual address space
* Code space
* Cyberspace
* "Search space" the is set of all possible solutions to a search algorithm

In media:
* "Space" (computer game), a role-playing game
* "Space" (novel), by James A. Michener
** "Space" (miniseries), a 1985 TV miniseries based on the Michener book, starring James Garner
* "", a science-fiction book by Stephen Baxter
* Space (TV channel), a Canadian television channel
* "Spacing" (magazine), a Toronto-based magazine
* Episodes, films, or series:
** "", a.k.a. "Space 2063", an American sci-fi TV series
** "" was a British science-fiction television show
** "Space" (documentary), a 2001 BBC production
** "Space" (The X-Files episode)
* "Space" (short film) starring Karyn Dwyer

* Zack Space, a United States Representative from the 18th District of Ohio
* Space (punctuation), the gap between text characters
* Personal space, in the study of human relations
* White space (visual arts), the portion of a page, canvas or other medium that is left unmarked
* Space (commercial competition), a loosely defined term to classify businesses and technology
* Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE), Kerala
* A space or square in a board game

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* Spacebar

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