Change of gauge (aviation)

Change of gauge (aviation)

In air transport change of gauge for a passenger or cargo means a change of aircraft without the change of flight number.[1] The term is borrowed from and in analogy with the rail transport practice of gauge change.

The Y-type change of gauge is the one when one flight is transferred into two with different destinations. [2]

United States

In the United States, change of gauge is standard practice amongst the major airlines. As of 2001, 6 US airlines (American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, US Airways, and United Airlines) had change of gauge flights. Title 14 CFR Part 258, "Disclosure of Change of Gauge Services", requires air carriers to disclose to passengers, traveling on a single flight number, if they will be required to change planes during the flight. Part 258 requires the air carriers to inform the consumer that there is a change of gauge in the itinerary before the reservation is made.[3] Some passengers, such as persons with disabilities or who otherwise are not disposed to make a connection, prefer to book on flights without a change of aircraft. However, passengers could incorrectly assume that if they are traveling on a single flight number they will not be required to change planes. Single flight numbers are typically used for an originating domestic to international destination or the return (e.g., San Francisco to Chicago to Paris).[1]

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