Gauge may refer to:

In measurements:

* American wire gauge, a measurement of diameter of a wire
* Gauge (bore diameter), the diameter of a shotgun barrel
* Stubs Iron Wire Gauge, which corresponds to the diameter of a hypodermic needle
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* Sheet metal gauge, thickness of metal in sheet form - varies by composition
* Gauge (engineering), any of a variety of measuring instrument
* Sight glass for measuring liquid level heights in storage tanks and pressure vessels
* Gauge blocks, precision measuring standards (Johansson or slip gauges)
* Boost gauge, a gauge used in conjunction with turbo- super-chargers
* Pressure gauge or vacuum gauge, see pressure measurement
* Stream gauge for measuring height and discharge of a river or stream
* The size of a stretched piercing, see stretching (body piercing)
* Film gauge, a physical property of film stock which defines its size
* For gauges on a car dashboard, see Instrument panel
*ANOVA Gauge R&R, a statistical tool to measure variation arising from the measurement device and its operators

In mathematics and physics:

* Gauge (mathematics), a seminorm, a concept related to convex sets
* Gauge theory
* Gauge fixing

In railroads:

* Rail gauge, the distance between the two rails forming a railroad track
* Standard gauge
* Narrow gauge railway
* Broad gauge
* Loading gauge - maximum width and height of engines and loaded wagons, etc.
* Structure gauge - minimum size of bridges, tunnels, platforms, etc.
* Axle load - maximum weight of axles for a given track
* Break of gauge


* Gauge (knitting), the number of stitches in a given length
* Change of gauge (aviation), when an aircraft type changes at a stopping point of a direct flight
* Gauge (porn star), the stage name of a pornographic film star
* Gauge, post hardcore band from Chicago, IL.
* 12 Gauge, a Canadian country music group, see Emerson Drive

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* Gage

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