List of Iggy Arbuckle episodes

List of Iggy Arbuckle episodes

This is a list of the Iggy Arbuckle episodes, with plot details.

Season one

eason one plots

Iggy Vs. the Volcano/A Dip in the Pole

"Iggy Vs. the Volcano/A Dip in the Pole" is the first episode of the first season of the animated series "Iggy Arbuckle". It originally aired on June 29th, 2007, in Canada. The title of the first segment is a reference to the movie "Joe Vs. The Volcano".

Iggy Vs. the Volcano

Iggy and Jiggers are having a picnic on top of Mount Kaboom, when Iggy's bottle of hot sauce rolls away and falls down the crater of the mountain. This upsets the volcano, and it starts rumbling and trembling. Worried for the Kookamunga's sake, Iggy and Jiggers try to stop the volcano from erupting. They gather a huge block of bicarbonated soda from the Mine-all-Mine, and carve it into a giant antacid tablet. The tablet dissolves when it accidentally rolls into a pond, and Iggy says things to scare Jiggers; who flaps his tale and effectively fans the cloud of bicarbonated soda up to the top of the mountain. The cloud rains itself into Mount Kaboom, and settles it down; saving the park.

A Dip in the Pole

Iggy's giving a public narration on Admiral "Brrrrrd"'s voyage to the "Norse Pole", but Catfish Stu expresses skepticism. Iggy volunteers to prove Admiral "Brrrrrd" really went there by going there himself and bringing back the items the admiral reputedly left there. Iggy and Jiggers make their way, but Catfish Stu, who had agreed to clean out Lake Gottalottawatta if they could prove the stories true, hires a team of ninja polar bears to stop them. The polar bears ultimately fail in their mission, as Iggy and Jiggers cleverly outsmart them and make it to their goal. They return to Stu, accompanied by Admiral "Brrrrrd"'s ship and trademark longjohns.

The Things We Do for Mud/How Much Wood Can a Wood Pecker Peck?

"The Things We Do for Mud/How Much Wood Can a Wood Pecker Peck?" is the 2nd episode of the animated series "Iggy Arbuckle". It originally aired on July 3rd, 2007, in Canada. The title of the first segment is a possible reference to the song "The Things We Do for Love", while the second is a reference to the tongue twister "How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?".


The Things We Do for Mud

After Zoop gives Stu a facial with a special mud (called "Miracle Mud") which only pig rangers know the source of, the ferrets suggest he become a pig ranger so he can get some for himself. He goes to Iggy and Jiggers, and professes that he is a nature-lover now, and wants to be a pig ranger like them. Though Jiggers remains wary of Stu's craftiness, Iggy seems to buy into it, and gives Stu a number of tasks to perform in order to prove his undying love for nature (all of which he succeeds by cheating). After he is declared a pig ranger, he inquires what sorts of secrets he should be let in on. They tell him a few, but are reluctant to give away the source of the Miracle Mud. After persistent persuasion from Stu, they finally take him to the Miracle Mud, which he and the ferrets steal a bunch of and make off with. However, Iggy really was on to him, and showed him the wrong mud; the miraculous variety actually comes from Iggy and Jiggers' garden!

How Much Wood Can a Wood Pecker Peck?

Iggy presents Jiggers with a log for carving, but Jiggers decides he needs a more gnarly one for the creation he had in mind. He carves his chosen log into a beautiful bench with detailed drawings along the back. However, while Iggy, Spiff and Zoop are admiring it, a flock of woodpeckers start pecking on the Great Bamzeani. The gang tries many ways to get the birds to stop; nailing crushed tin cans all over the totem pole so they can't get at the wood, tricking them into thinking it's winter so they'll fly south, hosing them away, and smearing organic butter all over the totem pole, but nothing seems to work. Finally, Jiggers remembers that the log he carved the bench from came from the woods; and the woodpeckers likely were working on it, and followed him back to Mooseknuckle when he took it away. Seeing the Great Bamzeani, and thinking it was a tree, the birds resumed their work on it. Jiggers carves the log the bench came from into a totem pole resembling the Great Bamzeani,and the birds begin to peck at it almost immediately. Iggy then leads Jiggers and all back to the woods.


*Iggy's snout twitches whenever he lies, yet it didn't when he lied to Catfish Stu about the mud's location.
*Even though the log fell on top of the hose immediately after Jiggers left it behind, the hose still worked while Zoop was cleaning the ground with it.

The Beaver Who Would be King/I am Iggy, Hear Me Snore

The Beaver Who Would be King

I am Iggy, Hear Me Snore

Jiggers has created the maschine with all things. He gives that to Iggy and Iggy calls it Rusty. Iggy tries to test it, but Rusty hits Iggy's nose. Iggy is ok, but his nose is crooked. When everyone falls asleep, a mysterious noise wakes everybody(except Iggy). In the next day, everyone are too tired. Iggy arrives and Zoop tells him they're too tired because a mysterious noise has forced them to wake up in the entire night. Iggy decides to solve the mystery. When Iggy, Jiggers and Zoop watches on video Iggy's room, in video is seen the stealing of nut by chimpunk. Suddenly, the video shows Iggy snoring. It's revealed the hit oon Iggy's nose has maked him snoring. Jiggers tries to help Iggy, but he fails. The Great Bamzeani orders Iggy leave Kookamunga. Everyone are astonished, but Stu is happy. Jiggers tries to help Iggy again, but he fails again. Iggy leaves to the city. After evryone has given Iggy the gifts, Rusty accidentally maes a chaos and forces the bus driver close the door. Iggy gets hit by the door and he's knocked out. Iggy isn't snoring anymore because the bus door helped him. Iggy stays at Kookamunga forever. Iggy spots a chimpunk with nut and chases him. As Stu yells in anger when he discovers the bus door have turned Iggy back to normal, the chimpunk leaves to the city with the nut.

Idle Worship/There's Something about Berries

Idle Worship

There's Something about Berries

Iggy, Jiggers, Zoop and Spiff are playing a game. Kira arrives and tells everyone the tourist kiosk is empty. She spots the game and says she loves it. Kira wants to play and eat a cookie. Zoop haven't got 5 cookies. Jiggers gives Kira the half of his cookie and Zoop gives her the same. Kira accidentally crashes the game. Stu is looking for a cook to hire him. As Iggy and Jiggers are wandering around the forest, the bird eats the berrie from cookie. Iggy thinks something is happening. He and Jiggers goes to McCoy valley and discovers the McCoys are fake. It's revealed Stu has kidnapped the McCoys. Iggy and Jiggers tries to save the McCoys, but Stu has a guard birds and alert system. Iggy and Jiggers explains the situation to Kira and the others. Kira tells Iggy the McCoys are only McCoys. Iggy tells her without McCoys the birds will eat the berries of bears, bears will eat the bee honey, the deer will banish the shadow and Iggy and the gang must eat a sweetcorn. Iggy decides to sneak to Stu at night and save the McCoys. He hires Jiggers to help, Zoop to shut down the alert system and Spiff to disract the birds. Kira becomes totally upset when Iggy hires her to make a sandwiches. Later at night, Iggy, Jiggers, Zoop and Spiff sneaks into Stu's camp and spots Stu with mysterious cook with familiar figure. Spiff disracts the birds. Zoop shuts down the alert system. Iggy and Jiggers sneaks into greenhouse to McCoys and tries to get the poisonous plants from McCoys, but they fails. They try to tunnel, but they bumps into different places. Iggy and Zoop ropes Jiggers to McCoys. Jiggers catches one of McCoys and he opens the eyes as the spider appears. Jiggers has a fear of spiders. Jiggers falls into McCoys and Iggy and Zoop joins him. Suddenly, the underground alert activates and Iggy, Jiggers, Zoop and Spiff are caught. The next morning, Stu tells the gang he won and says the McCoys are be soon the pancakes. Iggy, Jiggers, Zoop and Spiff are sad. Kira arrives and she's got the McCoys. It's revealed she's a mysterious cook and saved the McCoys before Stu has maked them the pancakes. Iggy hires her to every mission and he decides the birds will protect the McCoys from Stu.

Yawny Come Lately/Petition Impossible

Paradise Found/Luck Before You Leap

Paradise Found

Luck Before You Leap

The Fish Who Came for Dinner/Courage Under Fur

The Fish Who Came for Dinner

Courage Under Fur

Lights, Camera! Distraction!/Fish and Chip off the Old Block

Lights, Camera! Distraction!

Fish and Chip off the Old Block

Any Friend of Yours/Miner Misfortunes

"Any Friend of Yours/Miner Misfortunes" is the ninth episode of the first season of the animated series "Iggy Arbuckle".

Any Friend of Yours

Iggy wants Jiggers to accompany him while looking for a missing eagle's nest; but Jiggers' fear of hang gliding (Iggy's method of searching for the nest) and his apparent interest in Kira make him find any excuse to stay on ground. Realizing that his relationship with Iggy and his relationship with Kira are in conflict, Jiggers suggest they have a picnic together. But once again, Jiggers ignores Iggy and focuses solely on Kira. Kira expresses concern that Iggy doesn't like her, but Jiggers believes he's just shy, and says Iggy wanted to take them all rock-climbing. Kira perks up, but Jiggers himself is afraid; he tells them the next day that he tripped over a stick, flew through the air and banged into a tree, fell down and slid through snail slime, and landed on a rock. Ironically, this exact sequence occurs right after Iggy and Kira leave. Iggy and Kira climb up to the spot where Iggy calculated the mother eagle built her nest, and they watch the baby eagles learning to fly. Jiggers, meanwhile,spends a long time in the tub before realizing how long his friends were away for. He frets over what's become of them, and gets the hang glider. Unfortunatley, this startles the eagle family, and the mother attacks him. Iggy and Kira save him in the end, and they solve a crossword puzzle together.

Miner Misfortunes

Iggy and Jiggers are repairing the boards in the Mine-all-mine, when a yellow rock tumbles down and hits Jiggers. Iggy is intrigued by its dazzling beauty, and they take it back to Zoop's store to show it to their friends. Upon closer inspection, Iggy identifies the rock as gold, and when Catfish Stu finds out, he plans to hire a mining crew to get the rest of it out. Iggy is terrified of what this will do to the park, and he appeals to Stu's "sense of decency". When that fails, he tells him of the curse of Sourdough Sulley; an old prospector who cursed any gold in the mine after one of his friends stole some of his claim. Stu doesn't buy into it; but Iggy lets Jiggers in on his plan: Make the curse come true! The gang perform various deeds - such as drizzling honey on the ground outside to attracts swarms of bugs, replacing Stu's newspaper with a made-up one declaring that all of his investments are failing, and putting Kira's lipstick all over him so it looks like he has pioneer pox (and must beconfined to his household, without visitors). The ferret brothers see that there's a mysterious connection between this string of misfortunes and the gold nugget Stu is wearing on a chain around his neck, but Stu still cares more about the gold. While he is taking a bath in water filled with itch-ointment, he plans on what he'll do with the money from the gold. When he gets to hiring some "classy" penguin butlers, the ferrets become petrified by the hardships they will have to face upon losing their job. Unbeknownst to Robear, he joins the protagonists in their plan when he hides Stu's toy octopus away. Stu then gives up and returns the gold to the mine. Robear then gives Legsy back to Stu, claiming that it just "reappeared" after he put the gold back.

The Way of the Skunk/I Fought the Laundromat

The Way of the Skunk

I Fought the Laundromat

A Whale of a Tale/Big Toe's Faux Paw

A Whale of a Tale

As Iggy is photographing the animals of Brain Freeze, a narwhal suddenly leaps out of the water. Amazed by this spectacle, he runs back to Mooseknuckle to tell everyone. Upon hearing about it, Spiff says he'd like to put this story in the "Kookamunga Scoop". Jiggers, who wants to carve a log which has just reached the right age, is reluctant to come along, but Iggy drags him off anyway. Once there, everyone is upset that Iggy's whale is nowhere in sight, but Jiggers points out that he's not lying; his snout isn't twitching. It is then established in the magazine that Iggy was hallucinating, but soon a goat arrives who says his name is Sir Percy Nibblemore. He asks Iggy to show him where he saw the narwhal; he intends to study it. Iggy gladly leads him to the shore of Brain Freeze, but is horrified when he finds out that Sir Percy intends to capture the whale, take it back to a zoo, and "then" study it. Iggy runs home and tells Jiggers about this, but Jiggers would rather work on the sailboat he's carvingthan help Iggy save the narwhal - which he expresses doubt over. Iggy then gets Zoop, Spiff and Kira to come save the whale. They try to set up a tape recorder containing whale sounds, which Zoop verifies are communicating that it's dangerous for the whale to be there. Sir Percy catches them, however, and a chase to get the tape before the whale hears the sounds ensues. Percy ends up getting the tape, and upon noticing the tusk of the whale rising out of the water, he and his three assistants head out in a boat and net the whale. Iggy and the gang are in tears upon seeing the whale being hauled onto the land, until Percy discovers it's made of wood. Jiggers then pops up from inside the whale, and declares that he changed his sailboat into a submarine shaped like a narwhal in order to fool Percy. He also explains to Iggy, after an angry Percy and company leave, that the reason he didn't tell Iggy is because his twitching snout might have given away the whole plan. Jiggers then gives everyone a ride aroundBrain Freeze in his submarine, while Iggy asks everyone if he really twitches his snout when he lies, and gets more information on his quirks than he wanted.

Big Toe's Faux Paw

Prince of the Kookamunga/Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake

"Prince of the Kookamunga/Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake" is the twelfth episode of the first season of the animated series "Iggy Arbuckle".

Prince of the Kookamunga

Iggy, Jiggers, and Spiff are waiting at the bus stop; Spiff is going to the city while a friend of Kira's, named Prince, is visiting the Kookamunga. Spiff boards the bus, and then Prince rides up on his motorcycle, bringing Iggy and Jiggers aboard (to Jiggers' chagrin). Once in Mooseknuckle, Prince greets everyone, and Catfish Stu, who's planning on building a gym, decides that Prince would be great as a gym model. As he's speaking to Prince, Iggy is having difficulty keeping up with Spiff's normal duties, so Prince gathers up all the trash the tourists have dumped on the ground. Stu then gets an even better idea: get Prince to take over the job as Keeper of the Kookamunga! Prince, while Stu observes his qualities, assists Iggy and Jiggers while they go about their work. He is thrilled by the natural comparisons to life in the city. While Iggy is fixing a loose board in the Mine-all-Mine, a runaway cart heads towards the trio. Prince then shoves them out of the way, before they get hit. Back atZoop'store, Stu makes his initial invitation to Prince, claiming that Iggy has worked long enough, and deserves a break. Iggy protests, but the ferret brothers point out that he has all the symptoms of an exhausted person. Prince declines, saying that Iggy is just right for the job. That night, while Prince is howling at the moon (getting in touch with nature, according to Iggy), Iggy is considering whether or not it is time for him to retire; he wants what's best for the Kook. Catfish Stu, meanwhile, speaks to Prince again, and convinces him to out least sniff out a good place to build the gym, and Prince (being a dog, and having good smelling capabilities) agrees. However, he trespasses in a group of howler monkeys' territory, and the angry monkeys tie him up with vines. Iggy and Jiggers notice he's disappeared, and Iggy, hearing the calls of the wild creatures, understands what's happened. Iggy grabs Old Rusty, and uses it to communicate with the monkeys; who then set Princefree. Back at Mooseknuckle, Prince gives a final decline to the position, claiming that Iggy has more knoweledge on nature than he could ever know. With a final goodbye, he boards his motorcycle again, and heads off. Spiff then returns, excitedly telling the others about all the trash he was able to find in the city.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake

Iggy and Jiggers are gathering kelp to make burgers with, when Jiggers pulls up a carved lion's head in his net. Iggy examines it, then looks in his Kookamunga encyclopedia. He discovers that this was the bow to the "Golden Rhind", an ancient ship which participated in the lemon/lime trade during the Kookamunga's lemon/lime famine in 1712. While the two are picturing what it must have been like, Catfish Stu appears, trapped in the net. Upon being let out, he grows excited about the ship, which he believes contains gold and jewels. Iggy doubts it contains these, and reminds Stu that anything found on land automatically goes to the Kookamunga Museum. Stu tells his henchmen about it, anyway, and they go underwater to get inside of the ship. Meanwhile, assisted by Kira, Iggy and Jiggers dive underwater, also intending to reach the ship - but retrieve it. They notice what Stu and the ferrets are doing, and convince them that the ship itself is the treasure. Stu and the ferrets then headback to the surface, and prepare to drain the lake. Iggy finds this out, and goes over to them, explaining that the water might flood the savanah, and leave a lot of the animals without their habitats. At that moment, the water drains, carrying everyone down the channel Stu dug out with his bulldozer. Kira and Jiggers, meanwhile, build a dam to stop the water from going any further, and the savanah is saved. However, the water slowly oozes out from beneath the dam, and floods Stu's adventure camp. Stu forgets about that; the ship's accessible now! Robear is also excited, but Stu tells him in a vague way that he and Robert aren't getting any of the treasure. Iggy reminds Stu, again, that since the ship is now on land, it'll have to go to the museum... and this spot will become the museum after the lake water's restored. Stu tries to get some of the "gold" anyway, but is horrified to discover that it's actually a 300 year-old lemon that he's grabbed. The ferrets walk away, instead of give him a
disinfectant, and several dozen more lemons and limes fall on top of Stu as Jiggers hammers the lion's head back onto the ship.

Tower of Beaver/A Bird in the Hoof

Tower of Beaver

Zoop and Spiff are engaged in an argument, and Zoop ignores the fact that Spiff's toast is burning. The smoke detector goes off, and Iggy and Jiggers, dressed as firemen, come rushing in and blast fire-extinguishing foam all over the toaster. Jiggers explains that there hasn't been any rain in the Kook for a long time; the whole park is susceptible to wildfires. Kira, Spiff and Zoop volunteer to join up in the firefighting team, since Iggy and Jiggers are the only ones on this job so far. Jiggers and Kira take the responsibility of building the look-out tower; while Iggy trains Zoop and Spiff to be ready for when a fire should break out. However, Zoop and Spiff kepp arguing with each other over their progress with each lesson - and Catfish Stu comments that the park won't be very safe with them on the job. Iggy finally gets so fed up with them that he fires them, despite the fact that they are volunteers. Meanwhile, Jiggers and Kira are proud of how they extended the design of thelook-out tower to be more luxurious than Iggy originally had planned it, until they realize that when they moved the site of the tower, they accidentally chose a wind tunnel. What's worse is that Stu's camp seems to be on fire. Unfortunately, because Jiggers lost his walkie-talkie, and they both are trapped on the top of the tower, all they can do is wail the siren, and hope help comes. Iggy and the gang do hear it, but Zoop and Spiff try irrationally to save them, a method which fails. Iggy tells them that they will have to cooperate, and they finally agree. Using the fire ladder, they get Jiggers and Kira down, though they have to jump. Unfortunately, their impact causes the ladder to flip the other way, sending the other three soaring through the air, and into the basin containing the windmill at the tower's top, but Iggy gets it to float in the air like a helicopter. Then they head down to Catfish Stu's, and put the fire caused by his burning kelp burgers out.

A Bird in the Hoof

Stu is happily counting the money he made from the tourists during the long weekend, when he hears someone speaking, and loses count. Thinking it to be the ferrets, he tells them to be quiet, then resumes counting his money. The voice returns, saying the money is ugly, and Stu looks all around for the owner of this voice. Then he finds out it's a parrot who was left behind by one of the tourists. He immediately begins pondering what he can use the parrot for; but when the parrot repeatedly twists everything Stu says, he decides he can't use the parrot, and tells Robert and Robear to take him to the Wet Willie rainforest and "lose him". They do so, but Iggy and Jiggers intervene, believing the parrot to be poached. Robert denies this, and explains the situation. Robear is fed up with the bird, and urges his brother to leave with him. Iggy and Jiggers notice this bird used to be a pet - his feathers are clipped, so he can't fly into windows and get hurt - but was abandoned; and take him homewith them. After having put up with his back-talking for a day, they decide to give him to Zoop; she'll be more patient with him. At first, she's delighted to have the parrot; but after a while he gets on her nerves as well. He then causes the whole town to get riled up. Iggy, Jiggers and Zoop try to calm them down, but end up getting dragged into the fighting. Spiff, who was already angry because someone left a gum wrapper in a bush, and he was left to throw it away, is enraged by the mess everyone's made. He's about to "spray", when the parrot flies down and lands beside him, and tells everyone to clean up. He's pleased by this, and Zoop notes that "birds of a feather really do flock together!"

Fair is Ferret/The Case of the Messy Marauder

Fair is Ferret

The Case of the Messy Marauder

Iggy is deeply delved into a mystery novel while at Zoop's store, until he hears her scream. He and Jiggers rush to the back room, and there a distressed Zoop tells them she's been robbed. She lists the things that are missing, and Iggy labels the mystery "The Case of the Messy Marauder", since the thief seems to be very unkempt. That night, Iggy and Jiggers work on eliminating as many suspects as they can, and narrow the possibilities down to Spiff and Kira. But upon questioning these two, they determine that neither of them could be the culprit. At that moment, Catfish Stu goes by with a wagon, of whom the contents are covered by a sheet. This arouses their suspicions, and Iggy expresses disbelief over the fact that he had originally ruled Stu out as a suspect. They watch as the ferrets put the wagon away in a shed, and lock the door. They then wait until late that night, and they see Catfish Stu go into the shed and take out a bag of peanuts. Peanuts were among the things Zoop reported as being stolen, sothe two of them leap out of hiding and accuse Stu of stealing from Zoop. He denies, claiming that he bought the peanuts, and upon being questioned as to what's hidden in the shed, he shows them that he bought second-hand rowboats at a garage sale that day. He then says he's tired, and goes back into his house. This shows Iggy the light, and he takes Jiggers back to Zoop's store, and they head downstairs, where Zoop's burrow is. Iggy shows Jiggers that Zoop was the culprit all along, and explains why: She had said that she'd lately been listening to books on tape with headphones, but kept falling asleep while listening. He then says that the tapes caused her to sleepwalk, and follow their instructions or topics. She had not been hungry enough to eat Iggy's breakfast when he asked her to finish it for him because she had stuffed herself full of peanuts the night before. And the dirt which they had found after every raid was only found in the middle of the room, not near the doors and windows, because it camefrom her burrow. And being a chipmunk, Zoop is skilled at burrowing. Finally, the reason she was so tired for the past few days was because she had been spending hours at night digging new tunnels and holes. The mystery being solved, Iggy goes back to reading his mystery novels, but decides their not as fun after having solved your own mystery. He then notices that Wingnut, the local madman, is not acting strangely, and becomes suspicious; crazy people acting normally usually means something's up...

If Pigs Could Fly/Xtreme Iggy

If Pigs Could Fly/Xtreme Iggy is the fifteenth episode of "Iggy Arbuckle". "If Pigs Could Fly", the first half of the episode, is currently featured at the Marquee Southpoint Cinemas. [cite web |url= |title=Watching Movies is a Family Affair |publisher=Collette Caprara, "The Free Lance-Star" |date=2008-06-26 |accessdate=2008-06-29]

If Pigs Could Fly

As Iggy and Jiggers are walking together past Mount Kaboom, it starts to shake. Jiggers panics, thinking it's going to blow; but it turns out it was just a "volcanic belch". It does, however, cause a condor egg to go tumbling down onto a cliff, upon which it starts falling. Jiggers successfully catches it in his cap. They both look around for any signs of the nest, but it's nowhere to be found. They decide the best thing to do is take the egg home and keep it warm. Jiggers works out eighteen schedules regarding the egg, including how much time each of them spends sitting on the egg, and when and where to look for the mother. Iggy takes the first sitting turn, but quickly grows restless. Zoop drops by, to give him company; and points out that the tense energy he's putting around the egg could be damaging. She offers to teach him to knit, to pass the time, and after a little persuasion, he gives in. When Jiggers comes back, explaining that he was unsuccessful in his searchfor Mom, he starts laughing at the prospect of Iggy knitting - but takes to it himself during his sitting time. Iggy then gets an idea: knit up a puppet of a condor, and use it to raise the chick with. Jiggers finishes the puppet just as the egg hatches, and "Eggy" instantly takes to her "mother". After several weeks have passed, Iggy has grown very overprotective of Eggy, and is not even willing to leave the house just for a stroll around the park. During an outing to Mount Kaboom Jiggers forced on Iggy, they realize that Eggy needs to be around other birds, and arrange to take her where the birds congregate. While there, as they're pondering whether or not these are the right types of birds for her to associate with, she surprises them by fluttering in the air for a few seconds. Then the big day comes when they must put away the puppet and see Eggy off as she returns to the wild. They are both sorry to see her go, but a few days later, while they are knitting out on the balcony, Eggy returns to visit them.The story ends as Jiggers comments on the type of father Iggy makes.

Xtreme Iggy

Catfish Stu is refusing to let two teenage monkeys - one male and one female - waterski on Lake Gottalottawatta, unless they pay him for it. He tells them to go snowboarding instead, but the male says they already did that the day before. The female decides to do it again, and they head off. They bump into Iggy and Jiggers along the way, and though Iggy has trouble understanding their slang-talk, he realizes that they're inadvertently heading into an avalanche zone. He and Jiggers run off to stop them, and Kira, who's hobby for the week is videography, comes along to film the spectacle. Jiggers then calls for a pair of toucans to show up, and Iggy ties them to his feet and flies up to save the monkeys. They both admire his "footwear", but he merely tells them to stick to one side of the green tape he's set up. He then does some tricks with the toucans on the way down, and the monkeys go wild over it. Stu, meanwhile, ponders how he can make money off of the snowboarding, andthen puts up a TV commercial, using Kira's film footage, about "Stu's Extreme Snowboard Challenge", but is infuriated by the footage capturing Iggy's toucan stunts. That is, until everyone wants to sign up for "Extreme Toucanning" instead. Iggy doesn't mind his idols at first, but then they start pestering him to do him toucan tricks - even while he's in the bathtub. Angrily, he storms over to Stu, and complains that he can't get his work done. Stu appeals to him by showing him all the merchandise in his honour; and while he's amazed by it, he decides that it's "not him", and says he quits. Stu then tells him that his first autograph was actually a contract, stating that he has to perform at an extreme toucanning competition, or else the ferrets will beat him up. Terrified, Iggy agrees to perform. At the competition, Iggy confides to Jiggers that he'd rather lose, so he doesn't have to keep it up, but he doesn't know how. Jiggers then says that he should clown around, and shows him a few jokes. At thatmoment, he and the toucans land on a patch of ice, and start slipping and sliding down the path - and towards the danger zone. Iggy whistles for more toucans, and follows after him. Jiggers manages to get back on the track, though, and ends up winning the competition. Everyone's cheering for him, until they notice a flock of penguins surfing through the snow on each other. Everyone then heads off to try out "Extreme Penguining", and Iggy and Jiggers walk off, trying to speak in slang; not noticing that Stu got frozen in a block of ice, and is drifting away.

Resident Weevil/Koo Koo Achoo

Resident Weevil

Koo Koo Achoo

Nature's Calling/Honey, I Ate the Bug

Nature's Calling

Honey, I Ate the Bug

ticking Together/Slow Gnus Day

ticking Together

low Gnus Day

Pig-Coloured Glasses/Art for Iggy's Sake

Pig-Coloured Glasses

Art for Iggy's Sake

Pandamonium/Ghost of a Chance


Ghost of a Chance

Good Scavenger Hunting/Mooseknuckle Unplugged

Good Scavenger Hunting

Mooseknuckle Unplugged

Oh Brother, Where art Thou?/Ol' Trusty

Oh Brother, Where art Thou?

Zoop is arranging her suntan lotion bottles as Iggy and Jiggers walk in, and Jiggers tries some of the lotion on. Iggy wants to check upon the hippos down at the river; they're getting sunburned, and he wants to know why. Zoop tags along with them, and watches as Iggy examines the hippos. She then gets distracted by a butterfly, and begins following it. Meanwhile, Jigger's accidentally upsets one of the hippos, and the entire herd charges. Robear happened to be hiding behind a tree at the time, and he takes off running for his life. He pushes Zoop out of the way, effectively saving her life, and she rewards him by giving him a free lunch and spa treatment. However, he decides he likes it there, and begins ignoring his duties and spending all day playing with items he finds in her store. Meanwhile, as Iggy and Jiggers are planning to build a lean-to to shade the hippos, Catfish Stu comes along, asking them to help him get Robear back. He explains that Robert is growing increasingly depressed without hisbrother, and won't even help Stu with his new suntan lotion business. Iggy promises they'll deal with Robear after dealing with the hippos. Zoop, in the meantime, is having a difficult time with her store, as Robear is running into everything, eating all the food, and frightening the customers. That night, Iggy and Jiggers come by, and ask Robear to go back to Robert. He initially acts uptight and unemotional towards his brother, but upon being shown some photographs reflecting all the good times they've shared together, he realizes how much he misses Robert. He then runs off, crying, to find him. Iggy, Jiggers and Zoop follow, and watch as the siblings reunite. Stu then breaks them up, and tells them to get back to work. Iggy then notices the lights overhead, and that the ferrets are removing the hippos natural sunscreen from their skin, and realizes what's going on: Stu's use the hippos' sunscreen to make his own! While Iggy is ordering Stu to end this practice, the hippos get upset again, and chase Stuand his henchmen up a tree. Robear shoves Zoop out of the way again, and she realizes that he had only "saved" her before because she was in his way. She then feels sad; she had been sure that he had a blue aura, and if she's wrong on that, then she'll not be any good for giving universal advice. Seeing this, Robear begins to cry again, until he gets an idea. "He" then makes Stu return the removed oils to the hippos' skin.

Ol' Trusty

Catfish Stu is trying to sell souvenirs to two llamas who are camping for their first time in the Kookamunga, but they reject him. Iggy and Jiggers happen along, and offer to help them with their belongings. When one of the llamas notices Iggy's pocket gadget, Old Rusty, he says it's a shame that it's one of a kind, for he would pay a lot of money for one like it. Stu overhears this, and comes up with an idea. Later, Iggy and Jiggers are trying to get inside their house, but Iggy's keys were on Old Rusty, and he can't find it. Jiggers finds the spare keys by clapping his paws, and the homing device he placed on them responds. Iggy then heads back to find Old Rusty, and happens upon Stu selling a bunch of customers some Old Rusty look-alikes he calls "Ol' Trusties". Iggy confronts him about this, but then decides there's nothing wrong with this money-making scheme. Stu then gives him back Old Rusty, and labels the Ol' Trusties as "Pig Ranger Approved". Even Jiggers buys one, as Iggy almost never lets him useOld Rusty, and always gives him extended lectures on how to treat the device when he lets him use it. Jiggers is happily trying it out on some barbecued mushrooms, when the Ol' Trusty explodes. They both realize it's defective, and worry how many others are like that. They relinquish their approval of the Ol' Trusties, and run around Mooseknuckle, getting back all of the defective devices and leaving the residents with notes explaining their actions. When they bring them back and tell Stu to give everyone a refund, the ferrets show up with another shipment of the devices. Stu tells them to run off with them and hide them away, and after running till they're exhausted, Robert suggests that they hide the shipment in Mount Kaboom (not realizing the danger of doing so). Iggy and Jiggers catch up with them before they can hide the shipment, but instead of put up a fight, they take a coffee break at that moment - which Robear explains was in their contract. Stu, meanwhile, tries to take back the Ol' Trusties, butafter a brief squabble, ends up on a ledge only a few feet above the magma inside Mount Kaboom. He tries to use two of the devices to get out, but the heat causes them to explode, sending him falling back onto the ledge. Iggy uses Old Rusty to come down after him, but as they both are making their way back up, one of the defective devices flies up and cuts the rope they were climbing on. Old Rusty ends up lost amongst the others, but Jiggers tells Iggy to clap, and the homing device on Old Rusty responds. Iggy uses the eagle-whistle to call for an eagle, who comes down, picks the two of them up, and flies out of the volcano with them. Once back on solid ground, Stu happily thanks Iggy for saving him, and promises to give everyone a refund, and do whatever else he can to repay Iggy. Iggy then makes him act as a scarecrow for Zoop's garden, since her old one was demolished by her Ol' Trusty.

The Kindness of Rangers/Iggy's Family Tree

The Kindness of Rangers

Iggy's Family Tree

Iggy wakes Jiggers up, excitedly, before sunrise. He tells him that it's the day upon which he's supposed to travel to the old oak tree his great-grandfather, Twiggy, planted near Mooseknuckle and have a picture of him standing next to it taken, and he wants Jiggers to photograph him. Though Jiggers protests at taking the longer, rougher route to the tree, Iggy explains that it's part of the tradition. Once there, as Iggy is trying out poses, they notice that the tree has huge cracks running down it. Jiggers immediately realizes the tree is sick with Oak Droop, and tells Iggy that it's going to have to come down, but Iggy tells him he'll fight to save "Alvin", otherwise he'll never be able to show his face at the annual Arbuckle family picnic again. Iggy then runs to Zoop's, and asks for something to heal the cracks in the tree with. She knows just the thing, though even she recommends cutting it down. Iggy will hear none of that, however, and the three of them head back to the tree, and smear the crackcream all over it. Just as they've gotten every crack covered, several more form, and they spend the night covering those up. Jiggers then notes that a single one of Alvin's leaves blown into the forest could infect all the trees, but a determined Iggy states that he will grab every leaf that falls off of Alvin. This proves difficult, so Iggy gets Spiff to assist him since Spiff is good at catching litter flying in the breeze. All four of them participate in catching the leaves, and things seem to be going well for the most part, until a windstorm starts brewing. They then tie a net around Alvin's branches, to catch all the leaves as they blow off. Unfortunately, the wind grows stronger, and the net starts to unwind. Jiggers tells Iggy that the tree absolutely has to come down, and promises he'll be gentle, but Iggy declines the offer; an Arbuckle planted Alvin, and it will be an Arbuckle who cuts him down. Upon chopping the tree with the axe in Old Rusty, it flies off in the wind, taking the gang with it.Jiggers uses his tail to steer the tree away from the forests, so none of the leaves fall down and sicken the other trees. Then the storm calms down, and they start falling towards Mount Kaboom. They cut themselves free from the net just in time, and watch as the dead tree falls down the crater, and burns up in the magma. The next day, Jiggers wakes Iggy up, and shows him the baby oak he bought for him to plant in Alvin's place. After Iggy has planted the new tree, called "Bonnie", Jiggers takes a picture of the two of them performing the Pig Ranger chant around it.

cents and Sensability/The Great Kookamunga Standoff

Scents and Sensability

The Great Kookamunga Standoff


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