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The glottis is defined as the combination of the vocal folds and the space in between the folds (the rima glottidis). [eMedicineDictionary|Glottis]


As the vocal cords vibrate, the resulting vibration produces a "buzzing" quality to the speech, called voice or voicing.

Sound production involving only the glottis is called "glottal". English has a voiceless glottal fricative spelled "h". In many accents of English the glottal stop (made by pressing the folds together) is used as a variant allophone of the phoneme IPA|/t/ (and in some dialects, occasionally of IPA|/k/ and IPA|/p/); in some languages, this sound is a phoneme of its own.

Skilled players of the Australian didgeridoo restrict their glottal opening in order to produce the full range of timbres available on the instrument. [See "Acoustics: The vocal tract and the sound of a didgeridoo", by Tarnopolsky et al. in Nature 436, 39 (7 July 2005))]

The vibration produced is an essential component of "voiced" consonants as well as vowels. If the vocal folds are drawn apart, air flows between them causing no vibration, as in the production of voiceless consonants.

The glottis is also important in the valsalva maneuver.

*Voiced consonants include IPA|/w/, /v/, /z/, //, //, //, /b/, /d/, and /g/.
*Voiceless consonants include IPA|/h/, //, /f/, /s/, //, //, //, /p/, /t/, and /k/.


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