Bond University

Bond University

Infobox University
name = Bond University
motto = "Bringing Ambition to Life"
established = 1987
type = Private
chancellor = Mr Trevor C. Rowe AM
vice_chancellor = Professor Robert Stable
city = Robina, Gold Coast
state = Qld
country = Australia
undergrad = app. 2,200 students
postgrad = app. 1,000 students
exchange = app. 570 students
postgrad_label = post-graduate
campus = Suburban
website = []

Bond University is a private university located in Robina, Queensland, Australia. It was the first private university established in Australia. [AustraLearn (2008). [ Bond University] . Retrieved May 6, 2008.]

Bond is also differentiated from other Australian universities by scheduling three trimesters each year, commencing in January, May and September.


Bond University was founded in 1987 by Alan Bond and given its university status by Queensland's "Bond University Act". [AustLII (2008). [ Bond University Act 1987] . Retrieved March 15, 2008.] It also operated Bond South Africa, a degree-awarding campus in South Africa, until 2004. [The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (2004). [ Breaking News Archive - June 2004] . Retrieved February 2, 2008.]

On August 7, 2008, the Bond University Postgraduate Centre was opened in Sydney. The centre will award postgraduate business degrees to individual students and employees sponsored by businesses. [Bond University (2008). [ Bond takes on Sydney postgrad market] . Retrieved August 11, 2008.]

Bond was listed by "Forbes" magazine as one of the most expensive universities in the world in 2008, and the most expensive in Australia. [cite news | last=Lane | first=Bernard | title=Bond Uni one of world's costliest | date=March 11, 2008 | publisher=The Australian | url=,25197,23351551-25918,00.html] University Vice-Chancellor Robert Stable argued that Bond's academic schedule, which includes three s a year, made for an inaccurate comparison to other university fees. [cite news | last=Jones | first=Katrina | title=Bond Uni rejects high fees comparison | date=March 13, 2008 | publisher=Gold Coast Bulletin | url=] Nearly half of the Bond student body is composed of international students. [cite news | last=Pollak | first=Michael | title=Private universities steadily increase graduate numbers | date=September 19, 2008 | publisher=The Australian | url=,25197,24367810-17044,00.html]


Bond University comprises four main faculties, offering a selection of undergraduate (Bachelor, Associate Degree) and postgraduate (Graduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters by coursework and research, doctoral and PhD) programs.

*Faculty of Business, Technology and Sustainable Development
**School of Business
**School of Information Technology
**School of Sustainable Development
**School of Hotel, Resort & Tourism Management (undergraduate and Masters programs to be offered from 2009)
*Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine
*Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
**School of Humanities
**School of Social Sciences
**School of Communication and Media
*Faculty of Law

Notable programmes


In May 2006, Prime Minister John Howard opened the $20 million Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine (though the first intake of students started in May 2005), housing a complete set of lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, specialised clinical rooms and laboratories. As one of the few undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine degrees offered in Australia, Bond's three-trimesters-per-year schedule means a medical student studying at the University can graduate in four years and eight months (as opposed to six or seven years at most other universities). At $254,912 for the full degree, the course is the most expensive undergraduate program offered by an Australian university. [cite news | last=Morton | first=Adam | title=Student loans blow out as degree prices soar | date=August 15, 2007 | publisher=The Age | url=]

Legal Skills

The Faculty of Law includes a Legal Skills Centre with moot courts and technology such as video conferencing rooms. [Bond University (2008). [ Legal Skills Centre] . Retrieved April 12, 2008.] The Centre was opened in 2007 by Australian Attorney General Phillip Ruddock, [cite news | last=Buttner | first=Claire | title=Bond goes high-tech | date=July 6, 2007 | publisher=Lawyers Weekly | url=] and was constructed at a cost of over AU$10 million dollars. [cite news | last=Brooking | first=Heather | title=Superspy technology for uni's legal eagles | date=July 29, 2007 | publisher=Gold Coast Bulletin | url=] The Centre is primarily used when students participate in practical legal exercises like mooting and mediation as part of the Legal Skills subject, which is completed incrementely throughout the study of a law degree. [Bond University (2008). [ Integrated Legal Skills program for LLB/JD students] . Retrieved April 12, 2008.]

ustainable development

The School of Sustainable Development is located in a green building that became the first Australian university facility to receive a six-star energy rating. [cite news | last=Molloy | first=Shannon | title=Gold Coast 'green' uni an Australian first | date=March 18, 2008 | publisher=Brisbane Times | url=] The building was opened on August 11, 2008 by Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard. [Gold Coast Bulletin (2008). [ Gillard unveils green education at Bond] . Retrieved August 11, 2008.]

Hotel, resort and tourism management

The School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management will open in 2009, and offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The school will operate with Marriott International as its industry partner, establishing the first such partnership for an Australian university and a hotel company. [cite news | last=Gleeson | first=Peter | title=Tourism at Bond now degree option | date=March 6, 2008 | publisher=Gold Coast Bulletin | url=] [Bond University (2008). [ Bond announces School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management] . Retrieved March 15, 2008.]


*Don Watts (1987-1990)
*Philip Lader (1991-1993)
*Harry Messel (1993-1995)
*Raoul Mortley(1996-1997)
*Ken Moores (1997-2003)
*Robert Stable (January 1, 2004-present)


*Sydney Schubert (1987-1990)
*Elizabeth Nosworthy (1990-1992)
*Harry Messel (1992-1997)
*Paul Scully-Power (1998-1999)
*Imelda Roche (1999-2003)
*Trevor C. Rowe (2003-present)

Notable faculty

*David Day - historian
*Mike Grenby - journalist
*Terry Gygar - politician [Bond University (2007). [ Terry Gygar] . Retrieved January 11, 2007.]
*Jon Jenkins - politician [Parliament of New South Wales (2008). [!OpenDocument The Hon. Jon Gordon JENKINS (1958 - )] . Retrieved May 7, 2008.]
*Ingo Petzke - internationally acknowledged German director, film scholar and author. []
*Shirleene Robinson - historian
*Paul Wilson - criminologist []

Notable alumni

*Chris Atkinson - WRC driver [] []
*David Baxby - CEO, Virgin Management Asia Pacific [ [ [ :: Bond University - Community Newsletter, January 2006 :: ] ]
*Lex Bell - Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly (2001-2004)
*Steven Ciobo - Federal Member for Moncrieff
*Simon Cowley - swimmer [cite news | last=Gee and Williams | first=Steve and Rebecca | title=Brawl may ruin Nick D'Arcy's Olympic dream | date=March 31, 2008 | publisher=Daily Telegraph| url=,22049,23457470-5006009,00.html]
*Lara Davenport - swimmer [Bond University (2008). [ Bond’s Olympic Sporting Stars Make Waves in Beijing] . Retrieved September 29, 2008.]
*Chris Fydler - swimmer [ [ :: Bond University - Community Newsletter, February 2007 :: ] ]
*Nicole Gazal - Miss Australia 2002 [ [ It's not about your body, it's how well you look - ] ]
*Grant Hackett - swimmer [cite news | last=Dabkowski | first=Stephen | title=Long-distance Hackett on target to be a stayer | date=August 2, 2003 | publisher=The Age| url=]
*Ky Hurst - Ironman and swimmer []
*Karin Isdahl - CNBC reporter [Bond University (2008). [ The world is Karin's Oyster] . Retrieved August 11, 2008.]
*Brian Jean - Canadian Member of Parliament [Bond University (2008). [ Community Newsletter, February 2006] . Retrieved August 11, 2008.]
*Daniel Kowalski - swimmer [College Swimming (2008). [ Wisconsin Names Kowalski Assistant] . Retrieved April 6, 2008.]
*Karni Lidell - former Paralympian and Captain of Australian Paralympian Swim Team [ [ Global Speakers & Entertainers - Speaker Information :: Karni Liddell ] ]
*Jason Little - rugby player
*Michael Murphy - former Olympian diver
*David Reilly - computer scientist
*Giaan Rooney - swimmer
*Seany B - musician; featured in the single "Flaunt It" [BondUniversity (2006). [ Bond University Newsletter, November 2006] . Retrieved November 24, 2006.]
*Maithreyi Seetharaman - journalist, "The Globalist" [ [ The Globalist | Biography of Maithreyi Seetharaman ] ]
*Vanessa Tresize - "Sky News Australia" presenter [Bond University (2008). [ Vanessa Tresize] . Retrieved March 4, 2008.]
*Andrew Utting - Olympic baseball player [Bond University (2008). [ Our Students - Andy Utting] . Retrieved August 11, 2008.]
*Annabelle Williams - Paralympic swimmer [Gold Coast Bulletin (2008). [ Hard work pays off for Annabelle] . Retrieved August 11, 2008.]


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* [ Bond University]
* [ Bond University Student Portal]

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