Bond, bonds, bonded, and bonding may refer to:

Fiduciary bonds

*Bond (finance), in finance, a debt security, issued by Issuer
**Government bond, a bond issued by a national government
***Government bond register, a register of bonds issued by a national government, such as the Canadian Government Bond Register
***War bonds, a type of government bond used to raise funding for a war effort
**Municipal bond, a bond issued by a city or local government
**Bond market, a financial market for bonds
*Insurance bond (or investment bond), a life assurance-based single premium investment
*Surety bond, a three party contract, where the "surety" promises to pay the "obligee" for non-performance or dishonesty by the "principal"
**Performance bond, a surety bond for completion of work under a contract
**Bail bond, a surety bond for return of a person to a court
*Tenancy bond (or damage deposit), a deposit taken by a landlord in relation to rental of a property
*Catastrophe bond (or cat bond), a form of reinsurance
*Bonded labor (or debt bondage), a system of servitude where someone must work to pay off a debt

Physical sciences

*Bond number, in fluid mechanics, a dimensionless number expressing the ratio of gravitational forces to surface tension forces
*Chemical bond, the physical phenomenon of chemical substances being held together by attraction of atoms
*Bond albedo, a measure of electromagnetic radiation of an astronomical body
*Bond graph, a graphical description of a physical dynamic system
*The Bond (Chinese constellation), both a mansion in the White Tiger constellation and an asterism within that mansion

ocial sciences

*Pair bond, in biology, the strong affinity that develops in some species between the male and female in a breeding pair, or, sometimes, between individuals of the same sex
**Human bonding
**Maternal bond
**Paternal bond
**Male bonding
**Female bonding
**Affectional bond
*Forms of an acephalous society in anthropology:
**Village-bonded society
**Land-bonded society
**Lineage-bonded society

Manufacturing, construction and electronics

*In manufacturing, bonding may be done via adhesives, welding, or fasteners (such as screws, bolts, nails, rivets)
*Bond, the manner in which the bricks overlap as they are laid in brickwork
*Bond paper, a high quality durable writing paper
*Bonded Leather (or reconstituted leather)
*Bottled in bond, referring to a type American whiskey
* Wire bonding, a method of making interconnections between a microchip and the outside world as part of semiconductor device fabrication
* Channel bonding (or modem bonding), an arrangement in which two or more network interfaces on a host computer are combined
* Electrical bonding, concept in electricity distribution
* NIC bonding, concept in Computer Science

Company and product names

*Bond (sheep) An Australian breed of sheep
*Bonds (clothing), an Australian clothing company
*"Bonds", formerly the name of a department store in Norwich, England, now called John Lewis Norwich
*"Bonds", formerly the name of a department store in Chelmsford, Essex, now called Debenhams Chelmsford
*Bond Cars Ltd, a small scale car manufacturer between 1949 and 1971:
**Bond Bug, three-wheeled motor car
**Bond 875, three-wheeled motor car
*BOND, RAD software tool
*Gold Bond medicated powder
*Bond Street (cigarette), brand of cigarette
*Eaton's Corrasable Bond, a former brand of erasable typing paper
*The Bond Electraglide electric guitar, manufactured by Bond Guitars


* Afrikaner Bond, a political party in the Cape Colony in the 19th century
* bonding-studenteninitiative e.V., a German student organisation
* Church of the Universal Bond, a British religious group
* [ The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny ] (BOND) - Created By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.


*The James Bond series of spy fiction
** James Bond (character), the fictional secret agent
*Campion Bond, the fictional character from "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"
* Bond (band), an Australian/British string quartet
* "The Bond", a film by Charlie Chaplin supporting Liberty bonds
* "The Bonding", a third-season episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
* "Any Bonds Today?", a propaganda film for War bonds during World War II


* Bond Street, a major shopping street in the West End of London
* Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia
**Bond South Africa, South African campus of Bond University
* Bond Head, Ontario, Canada
* Bonds, Lancashire, an English village;United States
* Bond, Colorado
* Bond County, Illinois
* Bond Hill, Ohio
* Bond Falls, a waterfall in the Ontonagon River, Michigan
* Mount Bond, a mountain in Grafton County, New Hampshire


* Edward Bond (b. 1934) British playwright
* Edward A. Bond (1849-1929), NY State Engineer and Surveyor 1899-1904
* Edward August Bond (1813 – 1898), English scientist
* George Phillips Bond (1825 – 1865), American astronomer, son of William Cranch Bond (above)
* James Bond (1900 - 1989), American ornithologist
* Julia Bond (born 1987), American porn star
* Kit Bond (born 1939), senior United States Senator of Missouri and member of the Republican Party
* Michael Bond (born 1926), English children's author
* Oliver Bond (died 1797), Irish revolutionary
* Samantha Bond (born 1961), British actress, best known for her role of Miss Moneypenny in the fictional James Bond movies
* Ward Bond (1903 - 1960), American actor
* William Cranch Bond (1789 – 1859), American astronomer, father of George Phillips Bond (below)
* William K. Bond (1792 – 1864), American politician

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Other uses

*Peace-bonding, something which makes a weapon unusable as a weapon
*Peace bond, a protection order from a Canadian court
*Bond of manrent, a Scottish clan treaty----

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