Castelmagno (cheese)

Castelmagno (cheese)

Infobox Cheese
name = Castelmagno (DOP)

othernames =
country = Italy
regiontown = Piedmont:
province of Cuneo

region =
town =
source = Primarily Cows
pasteurised = No
texture = Semi-hard
fat =
protein =
dimensions =
weight =
aging = 60 days
certification = EU: PDO 1996:
Reg. CE n.1263/96
(OJEU L. 163/96 of 02.07.1996)

Castelmagno (DOP) is a cheese with Protected designation of origin status from the north-west Italian region Piedmont.

Historical notes

Castelmagno is a cheese which has been made for many centuries: the earliest known mention of it dates to 1277, but in all likelihood its origins are much earlier.

Zone of production

The cheese has traditionally been made in the Valle Grana in the south-west of the Province of Cuneo, where production is permitted today within the boundaries of the communes of Castelmagno, Pradleves and Monterosso Grana.

Process of production

Castelmagno is a semi-hard, half-fat cheese produced from whole cows milk, obtained from cattle of the Piedmontese breed fed on fresh forage or hay from mixed meadows or pasture. On occasion some milk from sheep or goats may may be added to the cows’ milk.


Aside from being eaten on its own Castelmagno can be part of countless recipes, such as in fondues or veloutees and can be eaten along with rice, pasta, polenta, thinly sliced raw beef meat (carpaccio) or grilled vegetables.


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