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developer=Medaverse Studios
engine= 4Play
released= TBA 2008
genre= Action
modes=Single player, up to 8 player offline multiplayer
platforms=Wii (WiiWare)
input= Wii Remote and/or Nunchuk

"Gravitronix" is a game currently in development for the Nintendo Wii by Medaverse Studios, a game design firm located in Dover, New Hampshire. Released as WiiWare, Medaverse has confirmed that "Gravitronix" will sell for 500 Wii Points when it launches, as well as offer language support for multiple European languages.


"Gravitronix" will be an action/battle game for 1-8 players on a single screen and uses different primitive shapes (cubes, pyramids, spheres, lines) as projectiles and utilizes unique physics per object.cite web| url=| title= New Game Planned for WiiWare Channel | date=2007-10-02| author=Ryan Geddas| publisher=IGN | accessdate = 2007-10-20]

The actual gameplay of Gravitronix has been kept under wraps by Medaverse as they fear their idea will be taken before Gravitronix comes to market. What is currently known is that the game will involve defending territory on screen while simultaneously attempting to assault the territories of the up to 7 other players by using the aforementioned projectiles. The game features 8 player simultaneous play with four players holding a Wii remote and four holding the attached nunchuks.

More details have now emerged regarding the actual gameplay. The game revolves around twisting either a remote or nunchuk and pressing two buttons. The player will twist to move a gravity platform back and forth within a set territory and use the two buttons (A and B or C and Z) to fire one of two gravity beams which will either capture projectiles or launch them away. The goal is to break through the other players' defenses and send a projectile into their territory to defeat them. [cite web| title = Gravitronix Interview | work = | date = 2008-03-24 | url =| accessdate = 2008-03-24]

Medaverse hopes to feature online play but they have made mention that the feature is still up in the air, and in an interview Medaverse CEO said that "We had hoped to have online multiplayer, but it just wasn't going to be an option for our first game." [cite web| title = Gravitronix Interview | work = | date = 2008-03-24 | url =| accessdate = 2008-03-24]


Gravitronix will feature a number of different characters which the player can select to represent them on screen. According to Medaverse president Jesse Lowther, "we do have plans for many future games and Gravitronix includes a number of characters who will appear in those games. Since we also wanted selectable characters for Gravitronix, we decided it would be a perfect fit to fill the Gravitronix roster with characters who will (hopefully) appear in future Medaverse games." Character selection will not have any impact on gameplay, according to the developer blog.

In addition to this, Medaverse is currently having a [ character adoption] drawing on its [ developer blog] in which gaming news sites can "adopt" a character from the game in the form of an exclusive first-look at a Gravitronix character as well as a link to their article from the developer blog.


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* [ Official site]
* [ Official Gravitronix Forum]

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