James Logan High School

James Logan High School

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Infobox School
name = James Logan High School

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streetaddress=1800 H Street
city =Union City
state =California
country =USA
zipcode =94587
district= [http://www.nhusd.k12.ca.us/NHUSD_css/index.html New Haven Unified School District]
established =1959
Newspaper = [http://www.jameslogancourier.org/ "The James Logan Courier"]
faculty =180 or more Fact|date=September 2008
principal = Judy BillingsleyFact|date=August 2008
viceprincipal1=Linda Kingston
viceprincipal2=Yvonne Hull
viceprincipal3=John Rodriguez
viceprincipal4=Grace Kim
campus size = 70 acresFact|date=August 2008
enrollment = 3,860 Total StudentsFact|date=September 2008
grade9 = Freshmen
grade10 = Sophomores
grade11 = Juniors
grade12 = seniors
mascot = Colt
colors = colorbox|redcolorbox|whitecolorbox|black Red, White, Black
newspaper = [http://www.jameslogancourier.org/ "The James Logan Courier"]
country = USA
information =510-471-2520
website = [http://www.jlhs.nhusd.k12.ca.us official website]

James Logan High School is an American comprehensive 9-12 high school located in *Union City on the east side of Union City. James Logan is also the only comprehensive high school in the [http://www.nhusd.k12.ca.us/NHUSD_css/index.html New Haven Unified School District] , and serves students throughout the City of Union City and South Hayward. James Logan has student population of 3,860 from many ethic backgrounds during 2008-2009 school year.Fact|date=September 2008 Logan is the most populous and the Largest high school in Northern California followed by Berkeley High School (BHS)with 3300 students Logan is one of two high schools within the district along with Conley-Caraballo High School a comingle Continuation High school, Alternative High School.

Logan High School has been recognized by a number of academic awards. In 1998 and 1994, it was recognized as a California Distinguished School by the California Department of Education. [cite web | title=Distinguished School Awards - Alameda County | publisher=State of California - Department of Education | url=http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/sr/cs/ap/distingcounty.asp?county=01 | accessdate=2006-04-18] It was one of the first high schools in the nation to be awarded the national award for Excellence in Education. [cite web | title=James Logan High School Information Page | publisher=James Logan High School | url=http://www.jlhs.nhusd.k12.ca.us/Student_Groups/Rainbow_Pride/Masters_JLHSinfopage.html | accessdate=2006-04-19 ] Logan was recognized in 1983 and 1987 as a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. [cite web | title=Blue Ribbon Schools Program: Schools Recognized 1982-1983 through 1999-2002 | publisher=U.S. Department of Education | accessdate=2006-04-19 | url=http://www.ed.gov/programs/nclbbrs/list-1982.doc]


James Logan High School is named after James Logan, an education official from Fremont, California.Fact|date=August 2008

James Logan High School is notable for being one of the first schools to have a 7-Eleven store on campus, which has since closed. [cite web | title=James Logan High School Information Page | publisher=James Logan High School | url=http://www.jlhs.nhusd.k12.ca.us/Student_Groups/Rainbow_Pride/Masters_JLHSinfopage.html | accessdate=2006-04-19 ]

In the Spring of 2002, students in Logan's Leadership (Student Government) class started an initiative with state senator Liz Figueroa to permit state high school students to carry cell phones on campus. The students were motivated to change existing law prohibiting student use of signaling devices to match the common usage of cell phones. The initiative was also a reaction to emergency situations including recent terror attacks and school shootings. Students collaborated with Figueroa in writing Senate Bill 1253, solicited support from various stakeholders, and testified before the state Senate Education Committee. The revised law became effective in January 2003. [cite news | author=Goot, Dustin | title=Cell Sanity Arrives in Schools | work=Wired News | publisher=Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc. | date=2002-08-27 | url=http://www.wired.com/news/school/0,54722-0.html | accessdate=2006-04-18] At Logan actual use of a cell phone is generally prohibited during classroom time.


The original campus was established in 1959 east of H Street.Fact|date=August 2008 In 1992, a two square block property west of H Street, save for a flower shop, was acquired through eminent domain and added to the campus (which was dubbed the "Logan annex"). Originally this property contained a shopping center and several single-family homes. Since this acquisition, several of the school's athletic facilities have been moved to the annex and a new child-care center established. In March 2006, the remaining flower shop was acquired and the land is currently under construction to complete the student parking lot and make room for other projects. [cite news | author=Shatzman, Berry | title=Union City's first and only florist going out of business | work=The Argus | publisher=Alameda Newspaper Group | date=2005-08-31]

Local voters passed Measure A in 2003, which provided funding for the district to address over crowding through facility rehabilitation and expansion. [cite news | title=Measure A: School Bonds - Alameda County, CA | publisher=League of Women Voters of California Education Fund | url= http://www.smartvoter.org/2003/11/04/ca/alm/meas/A/ | accessdate=2006-04-18 ]

The campus has a capacity for 4,200 students. All teaching facilitieshave Internet access. All facilities are compliant with the Americans with DisabilitiesAct (ADA) access requirements.Modernization Projects and Improvements: The original school buildings were modernizedin 1993. New HVAC systems were installed, the classroom interiors were upgradedwith carpeting and vinyl tackable wall surfaces, and new wiring was installed toprovide the backbone for the installation of technology. Various specialty rooms, such asthe photo lab, have also been upgraded to meet the expanded needs of the school.During the summer of 2005, two classrooms for the forensics department were modernized,and two classrooms for Special Education were upgraded with new restroom facilitiesadded in conjunction with some cosmetic improvement to the classrooms. The runningtrack was resurfaced with a new structural sprayed surface that will provide severalmore years of use.In 2005-06, local bond funds (Measure A) were used to demolish a commercial buildingon the Logan annex parking lot and add new parking space, remove a section of theannex parking lot and install a new lighted basketball complex, provide new electricalservice and improvements for an ecology area, and upgrade the campus public addresssystem with additional speakers and an emergency battery backup system.The following improvements will be funded by local bond funds (Measure A): During the2006–07 school year, two restrooms located by the theater complex were modernizedand brought up to current ADA standards; sections of the campus perimeter securityfence were replaced with a taller curved top design; replacement of deteriorated woodwalkways on the football stadium bleachers was completed in the spring of 2007; replacementof the pavilion wrestling room mats was completed in the fall of 2006; andinstallation of a new HVAC system with air filtration to handle clay dust in the art RoomNew School Construction Projects: Beginning in fall 2004, the first of multiple constructionphases began. A new complex housing the auto shop, print shop, central supply,and eight classrooms was started, as well as the addition of 12 classrooms to the existing300 Wing. In 2006-07, the new building was opened and occupied. Fifteen portable classroomswere removed in this first phase. This first phase was occupied in spring of 2006.Phase II was started in spring 2006 with the removal of 24 portable classrooms. Phase IIprovides 26 new classrooms, a new administration area, and a new maintenance shop.Phase II was completed and opened in the summer/fall 2007. A new performing artscenter with classrooms for the music department has been designed, and is scheduled tobegin construction in spring 2008.In 2006-2007, gates were added to the 400s Wings to improve the flowA Culinary Arts Academy is in the designing stage. Construction is expected to begin inthe fall of 2008There are 152 classrooms(including 45 portables), atheater, media center, healthcenter, student store, activitiesdirector center, curriculum center,career center, administrationcenter, print shop, autoshop, video studio, supplyroom, maintenance shop, gymcomplex with locker rooms,weight training room, one classroom,one exercise room, cafeteria,student union, paviliongymnasium with locker rooms,dance studio, wrestling room,swim complex, football stadium,baseball/softball stadiums, tenniscomplex, and basketballcourt complex.The original school was builtin 1959, with permanentbuilding additions:• 1962—Cafeteria building• 1978—Theater, 2 classrooms,2 labs, media center, 2 musicrooms• 1983—Administration building• 1986—Pavilion complex, 12classrooms, and music room• 1993—27 Classroom building• 1996—Swim center• 2006—8 Classrooms, autoshop, print shop, centralwarehouse• 2006—8 Classrooms and 4double-size classroomsPortable buildings were installed in:• 1973—8 Classrooms, removed in March 2006• 1981—10 Classrooms, removed in March 2006• 1983—2 Classrooms, removed in March 2006• 1984—2 Classrooms, removed in March 2006• 1985—2 Classrooms and restroom building, removed in March 2006• 1984—2 Snack bar buildings• 1985—1 Snack bar building• 1994—12 Classrooms, stucco exterior finish• 2004—33 Classrooms and a restroom building, 14 leased and 20 purchased fortemporary housing during modernization and expansion of high school

tudent Body

The student body is divided into four "houses" that are each overseen by a separate team of administrators and counselors.Fact|date=August 2008 Each house has its own House Principal, who has authority comparable to a vice principal at other high schools. The current house principal's are Linda Kingston, Yvonne Hull, John Rodriguez, and Grace Kim. James Logan has adjusted the number of houses as the student population has fluctuated. James Logan also implements a 2-period lunch where half of the school has lunch one period, and the other half has lunch the other period. This increases the safety of the school in that only half of the students need to be monitored by campus safety technicians during these times.Fact|date=August 2008 To maintain campus safety, James Logan has two permanently stationed police officers for safety [cite web | title=City of Union City, CA - UCPD Field Ops | publisher=City of Union City, CA | url=http://www.union-city.ca.us/police/field%20operations.htm | accessdate=2006-04-20]

The school is jointly accredited by the California Department of Education and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.Fact|date=August 2008James Logan High School hosts several Regional Occupational Programs [http://www.mvrop.org/] . James Logan was also the first high school in the Bay Area to offer several Punjabi foreign-language courses, the only high school in the U.S. to have ethnic studies classes, [cite news | author=Fernandez, Lisa | title=School's Punjabi Course Goes Beyond Language | work=San Jose Mercury News | publisher=Knight Ridder, Inc. | date=2006-01-30 | url=http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/living/education/13746090.htm | accessdate=2006-04-19 ] and an Electronic Media Production class allows students to make school announcements every morning on a 5-10 min show called Logan Live.James Logan High is also planning to offer ROP additional classes for High tech, Medical and many other careers on the campus and to develop a career pathway of classes so students have an opportunity to job shadow and or serve an internship at a variety of local businesses.

Following entire faculty-takeovers of the nearby Oakland Unified School District, [cite news | author=Meredith May | title=Oakland Schools Broke, Face Bailout / $100 Million Takeover Would Be Biggest Yet | work=San Francisco Chronicle | publisher=San Francisco Chronicle | date=2002-12-08 | url=http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/chronicle/archive/2002/12/08/MN180440.DTL | accessdate=2006-04-20 ] James Logan High School officials fear similar non-compliance with the requirements set by the California Department of Education. Originally, in terms of instructional minutes, James Logan was in compliance. However, after finding out that the school's extra class periods before and after regular school hours would not count because of low attendance, administrators have been scrambling to compose an alternate schedule that would meet such requirements. [cite news | author=Staff writer | title="New and Improved" Schedule Revealed | work=James Logan Courier | publisher=James Logan High School | date=2006-03-23 | url=http://www.jameslogancourier.org/index.php?itemid=35 | accessdate=2006-04-20 ] A proposed schedule involved shorter breaks and extended school times, creating cause for controversy. [cite news | author=Staff writer | title=Principal Answers Staff's Schedule Questions | work=James Logan Courier | publisher=James Logan High School | date=2006-03-28 | url=http://www.jameslogancourier.org/index.php?itemid=57 | accessdate=2006-04-16 ]

Extracurricular activities

James Logan offer 50 school clubs and a wide assortment of sports teams for its student body to participate. These sports are: badminton, baseball, basketball, cross-country running, football, golf, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling,Logan is home to many fine Notable buildings and facilities that are use by sports Teams and the school they Include:

Guy Emanuele, Jr. Pavilion a 3,000 seat facility which can be configured for various sports events, a padded wrestling room, a full-sized dance studio, and a professional-quality sound and lighting system. The building is dedicated to Guy Emanuele, Jr., former superintendent of the school district, who, among his other accomplishments, was intstrumental in the building's planning and construction.

Dan Oden Swim Complex A swim Complex use for Logan swimming and diving courses as well as the sports such as water polo,swimming.Dan Oden Swim Complex is jointly operated by the school district and the City of Union City. The complex is dedicated in memory of a beloved swimming coach who died suddenly of cancer in the mid-90s.

Logan Stadium a 4,050 seat stadium with an artificial turf football field surrounded by an artificial surface track use for Logan Football team, road running,cross-country running,track and field.

Logan Little Theatre an intimate theatre-in-the-round with a seating capacity of 300 and outstanding sound and lighting systems.

Logan Performing Arts Center Construction of a $25 million Performing Arts Center at Logan High School is under way. The 599-seat theater, with rehearsal space and teaching stations for the performing arts, is expected to open during the 2009-10 school year.


Logan Sports Teams competes with the five Fremont high schools and Newark Memorial High School as part of the Mission Valley Athletic League. Logan's mascot is the Colt. [cite web | title = NCS School Directory | publisher= North Coast Section, CIF | url=http://www.cifncs.org/sectioninfo/schoole-l.htm | accessdate=2006-04-18]

In 2004, Logan's Varsity Boys Tennis Team won the MVAL Singles League Title for the first time in Logan's history. Nico Bernardo won the MVAL Singles title in 2005, and won it for the next 2 years making it a 3 year MVAL Singles Title Streak.Fact|date=August 2008

In 2004 the Logan boys Track & Field team won the California State Meet with 46 points, behind two wins by Kevin Craddock (110 high hurdles and 300 intermediate hurdles), a win in the 3200 by Yosef Ghebray and two medals in the triple jump, a win by Nkosinza Balumbu and a third place by Angelo Jeffery.Fact|date=August 2008

In 2006, after five second place finishes, the Colts girls Track & Field team tied Long Beach Wilson for first place with 37 points at the California State Meet.Fact|date=August 2008 Despite not winning in an individual or relay event, the Colts moved into title contention late in the meet when Tierra Ward finished in third-place in the 300 hurdles right about the same time that Tracey Stewart was finishing in second-place in the triple jump. Stewart earlier landed a second-place mark in the long jump while Ward had a fifth-place run in the 100 hurdles. The rest of Logan’s points came via a second-place sprint in the 4x100 relay, a fourth-place finish in the 100-meterdash from Kristina Davis and a sixth-place throw in the shot put from Jaleesa Jeffery.

Logan has won various North Coast Section championships, including wrestling, baseball (2001) [cite web | title = HISTORYBASEBALL | publisher= North Coast Section, CIF | url=http://www.cifncs.org/sports/baseball/HISTORYBASEBALL.pdf | accessdate=2006-04-21] and basketball (boys: 1985, 1987; girls: 1988), among others.

The Forensics Speech and Debate Program

The Forensics Speech and Debate program at James Logan High School, ranked as one of the top five teams in the National Forensic League [cite web | title=View NFL Reports | publisher=National Forensic League | url= | accessdate=2006-04-16 ] is one of the largest extracurricular programs at James LoganFact|date=April 2007. The program was started 16 years ago in 1989 as nothing more than an after-school club activity, but quickly became one of the largest programs in the nation of over 200 members, offering classes throughout the day.Fact|date=April 2007

The James Logan Forensics team is coached by Tommie Lindsey. who has appeared on Oprah, [cite web | title=James Logan Forensics Team | publisher=Harpo Productions, Inc. | url=http://www.oprah.com/uyl/angel/2003/uyl_angel_20030313_b.jhtml | accessdate=2006-04-16 ] won the prestigious MacArthur Award, [cite news | author=DeFao, Janine | title=The MacArthur Grants: Bay Area Profiles | work=San Francisco Chronicle | publisher=Hearst Communications, Inc. | date=2004-09-28 | page=A-11 | url=http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/09/28/MNG99906CS1.DTL | accessdate=2006-04-16 ] and received many other awards from organizations such as the NAACP. Normally, a speech and debate program is an expensive operation, and because James Logan is located in a working-class community. Tommie Lindsey strives to make sure everyone has a chance to compete. For example, in the past, he has helped purchase suits for students who cannot afford them right out of his pocket. Acts like these have helped him gain recognition in the community.Fact|date=April 2007

Team members compete in debate and individual events at many tournaments throughout the school-year ranging from local California High School Speech Association(CHSSA) league tournaments to national circuit tournaments throughout the country, including prestigious competitions hosted by the University of California, Berkeley, Emory University, Stanford University, and Wake Forest University.

Every year, James Logan High School hosts the Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech and Debate Invitational on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend in January. During this busiest time of the forensics season, thousands of competitors from more than 50 schools in the Bay Area region and out-of-state participate in the three-day tournament.

At the end of each competitive season, the James Logan Forensics team participates at a CHSSA championship, in which it has achieved status as a five-time California state champion (1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, and 2005), and also at an NFL Nationals championship where it has twice earned the distinction of participating at the most number of elimination rounds (1996 and 2005).Fact|date=August 2008 In 2005, the James Logan Forensics team, with over 200 members, became the largest and most successful team in the history of the National Forensic League, winning the California State Tournament and National Forensic League Championship, while also sending the highest number of competitors to those respective tournaments. The Forensics team has also won the NFL National Championships for three consecutive years: 2005, 2006, and 2007.Fact|date=August 2008 It is second in number of consecutive wins only to Chesterton, which has 5.Fact|date=August 2008 Such success has allowed the team to be recognized throughout the nation and has been featured in a PBS documentary titled "Accidental Hero, Room 408", [cite web | title=Accidental Hero. Meet Tommie Lindsey | publisher=PBS | url=http://www.pbs.org/accidentalhero/tommie/index.html | accessdate=2006-04-16 ] The Jim Lehrer News Hour on PBS, [cite web | title=Online News Hour: Speaking For Success | publisher=PBS | url= http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/education/jan-june02/speaking_6-13.html
] and various local news broadcasts around the Bay Area.

The program has also been acclaimed for helping to battle academic odds in the community. In the 2005-2006 school years, 96% of all seniors in the program attended a 4-year college or university the following fall (as compared to 40% of all Logan seniors). In the 2006-2007 school years, 100% of the seniors on the team went to 4-year schools or universities. Appreciating the benefits they experience from the program, many of its current members and alumni describe the program as "not only preparing you for public speaking, but preparing you for life." [cite web | title=James Logan Forensics Team | publisher=Harpo Productions, Inc. | url=http://www.oprah.com/uyl/angel/2003/uyl_angel_20030313_b.jhtml | accessdate=2006-04-16 ]

Band and Color Guard

The Marching Band and Color Guard at James Logan High School is considered among the best in California.Fact|date=August 2008 Directed by Ramiro Barrera, the James Logan Marching Band has won two WSMBC championships (1997, 1999) and seven WBA championships (2000-2002, 2004-2007). They did not attend the championships in 2003.Fact|date=August 2008

The marching band has also performed in the 1999 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the 2003 Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena, and the 2005 Edinburgh Easter Festival.Fact|date=August 2008 The band and color guard performed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China for the as part of the American Band in venues around Beijing.

The music program also includes the Wind Symphony concert band, which has attended the Midwest Clinic of 2003 in Chicago and performed in a joint concert with the Ninth Annual National Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall in 2006. The Logan Wind Ensemble commissioned 2 pieces for this event. One piece was composed by jazz musician James Miley entitled "After The Water, The Clouds," and the other written by Carter Pann entitled "The Wrangler (Cowboy Dances)." [ [http://www.midamerica-music.com/carnegie/carnegie_may2006.htm Carnegie Hall Concert Series] ] [ [http://www.ostimusic.com/mackblog/2006_06_01_archive.html John Mackey's Blog, OstiMusic] (Composer Mackey called the Logan High School Wind Ensemble "the best high school band I've ever heard.")] In February 2006, the Logan Wind Symphony sent twelve students to the California All-State Honor Band Convention in Fresno, CA, the maximum amount of students eligible to audition for the rigorous event. Of these twelve students, four were ranked 1st in their respective instrument categories.

Winter Guard

The Color Guard is one of the largest guards in the state. The James Logan World Guard competes in the Winter Guard International championships, where it has won ten consecutive gold medals (1998-2007), the most in the history of the competition. The James Logan Open Guard competes in the California Color Guard Circuit of the WGI, winning the bronze medal in 2006, the silver in 2005, and the gold in 2004, 2003, and 2002. [cite web | title=James Logan High School Band and Color Guard | publisher=James Logan High School | url= http://loganbandandcolorguard.org/about.htm | accessdate=2006-04-20 ]

Notable alumni

*Stephen Abas, 2004 Olympic silver medalist in freestyle wrestling
*Otis Amey, wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers
*Vince Amey, defensive lineman for the Arizona Rattlers Fact|date=August 2008
*Jim Donovan, sportscaster Fact|date=August 2008
*Jason Haft, Musician Fact|date=August 2008
*Matthew Harper, Safety for the Oregon Ducks Fact|date=August 2008
*SuChin Pak, MTV News reporter
*Danielle Reyes, contestant, CBS's "Big Brother 3" (2002) & "" (2006)
*Nate Robinson, New York Knicks player (moved to Seattle before senior year)
*Donnie Spragan, linebacker for the Miami Dolphins
*Marice Taylor, defensive back for the Louisville Cardinals Fact|date=August 2008
*Kelli White, track and field athlete involved in the BALCO scandal
*Roy Williams, defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys
*Angelina, R&B Artist in the group, New RidazFact|date=August 2008


External links

* [http://www.jlhs.nhusd.k12.ca.us James Logan High School official website]
* [http://www.jameslogancourier.org/ "The James Logan Courier" school newspaper]
* [http://www.pbs.org/accidentalhero/ PBS Accidental Hero Documentary (James Logan Forensics)]
* [http://www2.oprah.com/uyl/angel/2003/uyl_angel_20030313_b.jhtml Tommie Lindsey on Oprah]
* [http://www.jamesloganfootball.com James Logan Football Team]
* [http://www.logantrackandfield.com James Logan Track & Field]
* [http://www.loganbandandcolorguard.org James Logan High School Band & Color Guard]

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