View from a Height

View from a Height

Infobox Book
name = View from a Height
author = Isaac Asimov
country = flag|USA
language = English
series = Fantasy & Science Fiction essays
genre = science essay
publisher = Doubleday
release_date = 1963
media_type = print (Hardback and Paperback)
pages =
isbn = 0-380-00356-2
preceded_by = Fact and Fancy
followed_by = Adding a Dimension
"View from a Height" is a collection of seventeen scientific essays by Isaac Asimov. It was the second of a series of books collecting essays from "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction". It was first published by Doubleday & Company in 1963.

The collection includes the essay "By Jove!", the source of the Asimov misquote describing the Solar System as "Jupiter plus debris". The actual quote is "four planets plus debris".


*Part I: Biology
**That's About the Size of It (October 1961)
**The Egg and Wee (June 1962)
**That's Life! (March 1962)
**Not as We Know It (September 1961)
*Part II: Chemistry
**The Element of Perfection (November 1960)
**The Weighting Game (April 1962)
**The Evens Have It (August 1961)
*Part III: Physics
**Now Hear This! (December 1960)
**The Ultimate Split of the Second (August 1959)
**Order! Order! (February 1961)
**The Modern Demonology (January 1962)
**The Height of Up (October 1959)
*Part IV: The Human Mind
**Hot Stuff (July 1962)
**Recipe for a Planet (July 1961)
**The Trojan Hearse (December 1961)
**By Jove! (May 1962)
**Superficially Speaking (February 1962)


"View from a Height" at [ The Thunder Child] .

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