Measurements and Controls India

Measurements and Controls India
Measurements And Controls India Limited (MACIL).
Type Private
Industry Telecommunication services
Founded 1982
  1. 17/A Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore-560100
Key people P.S.Ramesh Chairman and Managing Director
Employees 100+ (2007)

Measurements And Controls India Limited (MACIL) is a product based company in Bangalore. MACIL develops, manufactures and supplies varieties of transmission and access products to the Telecom Infrastructure in India.



Measurements And Controls India Limited (MACIL) group of companies was established in 1982 and has been contributing very significantly since then to the growth of telecom sector in India. The company is the only one of its kind, self equipped with ingenious team of Research & Development and headed by the best.

The Run

MACIL has grown into a multi-product and multi-location company in the last ten years. MACILs' Headquarter and Corporate Office is Located in the heart Of Electronics City, Bangalore where the company's Research and Development centre is also located. The Other offices are spread throughout the country, from Noida in north to Kochi in the south, from Pune in West to Kolkata in the East. The activities in these offices include sales and customer support services.


MACIL develops, manufactures and supplies varieties of Transmission and Access products to the Telecom Infrastructure in India.

The Wide List of products include the entire range of PDH -Electrical and Optical Muxes, SDH STM Network products, Instrumentation including Digital Transmission Analysers, Optical Fiber based Access products, such as Digital Loop Carrier systems (DLC), Solutions for Broadband and Video Transmission.

Latest addition to the Product line is the complete solution to provide Broadband service. MACIL has developed a range of Equipments required for Broadband like IP DSLAM, Broadband Remote Access Servers, Powerful NMS for controlling Broadband network etc. Total Solution for Broadband can be provided which starts from Network Planning, System Integration and goes up to Service Provision.

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