Office of National Emergency

Office of National Emergency
Office of National Emergency
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Decimation: House of M - The Day After one-shot
Created by Chris Claremont
Randy Green
Aaron Lopresti
In-story information
Type of organization Government agency
Base(s) O*N*E Headquarters
Leader(s) General Demetrius Lazer (Director of O*N*E) Valerie Cooper
(Deputy Director of O*N*E)
James Rhodes (Direct Command Officer / Instructor)
Agent(s) Bishop
Colonel Miguel Reyes
Jeremiah Muldoon/Meld
Alexander Lexington/Lex
Emil Winston
Nathaniel Briggs
Jake Slayton
Randall Nixon/Stilts
Rajani Dhama/Joni
Tracy Skylark/Sky

The Office of National Emergency, most commonly referred to as O*N*E, is a fictional government agency in the Marvel Universe. It is best known as the originator of the Sentinel squads that were assigned to protect/observe the X-Men and the remaining mutants after the event known as M-Day, which reduced the number of mutants on Earth to a very few hundred.

The Sentinels employed by O*N*E are Mark VIII models which, unlike most, require pilots. At one point, the X-Men battle and defeat the piloted machines.

A limited series by John Layman named Sentinel Squad O*N*E spotlighted the original squad.

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