Alexander Lexington

Alexander Lexington


character_name=Alexander Lexington
real_name=Alexander "Lex" Lexington
species=Human Mutant
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="X-Men" vol. 2 #178
creators=Peter Milligan & Salvador Larroca
alliances=Sentinel Squad O*N*E
powers=Depowered, formerly:
Manipulation electronic systems
Currently:Sentinal armor grants:
Superhuman strength and durability,
Energy blasts|

Alexander "Lex" Lexington is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in "X-Men vol. 2 #178" and was created by Peter Milligan and Salvador Larroca.

Fictional character biography

Alexander Lexington served in the military keeping his mutant powers a secret. While a skilled soldier, he also had a long disciplinary record. He was forced to use his powers while in the Sentinel Squad O*N*E Program, although he and Meld were able to hide the fact for a while. He was able to free his remaining teammates during a disastrous mission to the Savage Land. Lexington lost his mutant powers due to M-Day, and is currently the Sentinel Squad O*N*E field captain. During the Messiah Complex crossover, the squad were infected with nano-sentinel technology and compelled to attack the mansion. All pilots were killed as the infection robbed them of all humanity.

Powers and abilities

Lex was able generate electrical current to manipulate electronic systems or produce high-voltage discharges, now depowered, Sentinel mech gives him extraordinary size and strength, reinforced armor plating, pulsar beams, optical lasers, non-lethal smoke bomb and capture net ordinance, and boot rockets .

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