Barnes (name)

Barnes (name)

Barnes is an Anglo-Saxon surname [cite web |url= |title=Surnames: Barnes |accessdate=2008-04-21 |] and rare given name. It may refer to:


*Barnes, Albert (1798-1870), American theologian
*Barnes, Albert C. (1872-1951), American art collector & writer
*Barnes, Arthur P. (fl. late 20th century), American composer & conductor
*Barnes, Barnabe (c. 1569-1609), English poet
*Barnes, Ben (born 1938), American politician
*Barnes, Ben (born 1981), British actor
*Barnes, Bill (c. 1800s), American baseball player
*Barnes, Berrick, Australian rugby player
*Barnes, Calum (circa.1920-1977), well known political figure-head of the West Lothian constituency. Lovingly remembered by his town-folk as "Tripod"
*Barnes, Chris (fl. 1990s-2000s), American singer
*Barnes, Chris, (born 1965), American actor
*Barnes, David (born 1986), Australian athlete
*Barnes, David (born 1977), American artist
*Barnes, Djuna (1892-1982), American author
*Barnes, Edward (born 1958), American composer & music director
*Barnes, Edward Larrabee (1915-2004), American architect
*Barnes, Edward Shippen (1887-1958), American organist
*Barnes, Emery (1929-1998), American football player
*Barnes, Ernest William (1874-1953), English mathematician, scientist, theologian and churchman
*Barnes, Ernie (born 1938), American painter
*Barnes, Fred (1885-1938), English music hall artist
*Barnes, Fred (fl. 2000s), American journalist
*Barnes, Geoffrey (born 1972), painter
*Barnes, Geoffrey (fl. 1980s), British colonial administrator
* Barnes, Giles (born 1988), English football player.
*Barnes, George Kelly (1895-1954), American gangster
*Barnes, Kristina (born 1973), American Blogger (
*Barnes, Harry (born 1936), English politician
*Barnes, Henry (fl. mid-20th century), American traffic engineer
*Barnes, Henry Edwin (1848-1896) British Indian ornithologist
*Barnes, Jack (born 1940), American Communist leader
*Barnes, James, any of several people
*Barnes, Jeremy American musician
*Barnes, Jason American Business Man
*Barnes, Jim (1886-1966), British-American golfer
*Barnes, Jimmy (born 1956), Scottish-Australian musician
*Barnes, John (fl. 2000s), Australian football player
*Barnes, John (fl. ca. 2000), British language designer
*Barnes, John (born 1957), American author
*Barnes, John (born 1963), Jamaican football player - UK
*Barnes, John A. British social anthropologist
*Barnes, Johnnie, American football player
*Barnes, Johnny (born 1924), Bermudian eccentric
*Barnes, Johnny (fl. mid-20th century), American coach
*Barnes, Joshua (1654-1712), English scholar
*Barnes, Julian (born 1946), British author
*Barnes-Mileham, Lacy (born 1964), American discus thrower
*Barnes, Linda (born 1949), American author
*Barnes, "Machine Gun" Kelly (1895-1954), American gangster
*Barnes, Michael (fl. late 20th century), Canadian writer
*Barnes, Michael D. (born 1943), American politician
*Barnes, Michael (born 1973), American judoka
*Barnes, Pancho (1901-1975), American female aviator
*Barnes, Peter (1931-2004), British dramatist, author
*Barnes, Peter (born 1957), English footballer
*Barnes, Priscilla (born 1955), American actress
*Barnes, Rex (born 1959), Canadian politician
*Barnes, Richard (fl. 16th century), English religious leader
*Barnes, Richard (1805-1846), Canadian entrepreneur & politician
*Barnes, Richard, Australian journalist
*Barnes, Richard (fl. late 20th century), American musician
*Barnes, Richard (fl. 2000s), British politician
*Barnes, Robert (1495-1540), English religious leader
*Barnes, Rory (born 1946), British-born Australian author
*Barnes, Ross (1850-1915), American baseball player
*Barnes, Sidney (1916-1973), Australian cricket player
*Barnes, Simon, Chief Sports Writer of The Times
*Barnes, Sir Edward (1776-1838), British soldier & colonial administrator
*Barnes, Steven (born 1952), American author
*Barnes, Stu (born 1970), Canadian hockey player
*Barnes, Sue (born 1952), Canadian politician
*Barnes, Sydney (1873-1967), English cricket player
*Barnes, Taylor (born 1987), Ohio State baseball player
*Barnes, Thomas (1785-1841), British journalist
*Barnes, Thomas Wilson (1825-1874), English chess player
*Timothy Barnes (born 1942), Professor of Classics in the University of Toronto 1976-2007
*Barnes, Toney Elway (Born 1958), Ret. Soldier and Security Specialist
*Barnes, William (1801-1886), English poet
*Barnes, William (fl. 1500s ), British judge
*Barnes, William Sullivan (1841-1912), American/Canadian Unitarian Minister

Given name

* Barnes Wallis, (1887 – 1979), English scientist, engineer and inventor


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