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Art by Jim Cheung.
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debut="Young Avengers" #1 (April, 2005)
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Jim Cheung
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"Young Avengers" is an American comic book published by Marvel Comics. Written by Allan Heinberg, it follows the events of the "Avengers Disassembled" storyline. The series follows the story of a group of young superheroes, each of whom patterns himself or herself after a member of previous Avengers. The four founding members of the team were gathered together as a result of the Vision's plan for the reformation of the Avengers in the event the team disbanded. In the series, newspapers refer to the young heroes as "super-powered fanboys" and label them the "Young Avengers," a name the team members initially disliked but which stuck nonetheless.

Marvel's 1940's forerunner, Timely Comics, had an unrelated character, Young Avenger, who debuted in "USA Comics" #1 (Aug. 1941). [ [ Grand Comics Database: "USA Comics" #1] ]


"Original Members"

The Vision's contingency plan for reforming the Avengers in an emergency hints that each of the four original team members brought together by Iron Lad has a significant tie to an existing Avengers member or the team's history:

*Hulkling (resembling the Hulk and Captain Marvel) is Teddy Altman. He is a shape-shifter who also possesses enhanced strength and healing. He is the son of Kree hero Captain Mar-Vell and the Skrull princess Anelle; he is thus a Kree-Skrull hybrid.
*Iron Lad (resembling Iron Man) is the young man who will one day become Kang the Conqueror. He is armed with a neuro-kinetic suit given to him by Kang the Conqueror (of the future) that responds to mental commands.
*Patriot Originally mistaken for a Captain America-inspired character it is revealed that he is Elijah "Eli" Bradley, grandson of Isaiah Bradley. His original costume resembled that of Bucky Barnes . At first he resented Steve Rogers because of what happened to his grandfather. Eli claimed to have gotten his powers through a blood transfusion from his grandfather, though it was later revealed to be a lie. However, he eventually did receive his grandfather's powers through a blood transfusion.
*Wiccan (formerly Asgardian; patterned after the Scarlet Witch and Thor) is Billy Kaplan, who may be the son of the Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Billy uses magic for various effects, such as casting spells for flight, lightning generation, and locating people. Thomas Shepherd (Speed) may be his twin brother, and the reincarnation of the twins that the Scarlet Witch lost.

"Later members"

*Hawkeye (a combination of the original Hawkeye/Mockingbird/Swordsman), whose real name is Kate Bishop, is a civilian who forcibly introduced herself into the Young Avengers, saving them from a botched rescue. While Kate has no inherent powers, she is competent with a bow and arrow as well as a sword. She later adopted the codename Hawkeye with the blessing of Captain America, who bestowed to her the original Hawkeye's bow and arrows as a gift.

*Speed (patterned after Quicksilver) is Thomas Shepherd, a boy the team rescued from imprisonment. He may be the son of the Scarlet Witch and the Vision, and thus the twin brother of Wiccan. Though he was part of the Vision's contingency plan, he was not an original team member. He is a speedster that can also accelerate atomic matter as well as destabilize it.

*Stature (patterned after Ant-Man/Giant-Man) is Cassie Lang, daughter of the late Scott Lang. She has the power to change size at will.

*The Vision (a combination of Iron Lad and the original Vision) Iron Lad uploaded Vision's "operating system" into his armor to execute the android's contingency plan. After Iron Lad was forced to leave the team, he activated the software, causing his armor to become a new version of the Vision — albeit one with none of the memories or life experience of his predecessor.

Recurring characters

*Kat Farrell
*Kang the Conqueror
*Jessica Jones"'
*The New Avengers


Issues 1-12 and "Young Avengers Special"

In "Sidekicks" (issues #1-#6), reporters Jessica Jones (a former teen superhero known as Jewel) and Kat Farrell of "The Daily Bugle" and heroes Captain America and Iron Man investigate a new group of teenage heroes. The story is set in the time between the "Avengers Disassembled" storyline and the beginning of "New Avengers". The team defeats Kang the Conqueror, still Captain America and Iron Man take away their gear and refuse to train the team without their parents' consent. Despite the heroes' warnings, the team continues with a new headquarters, new costumes, and new names.

In "Secret Identities" (issues #7-#8), the Young Avengers must decide how much to tell their parents after the members decide to continue acting publicly. None of their parents find out. During a fight with Mr. Hyde in "Young Avengers" #8, Wiccan discovers Eli abusing MGH a drug that gives people powers for short periods of time in order to appear to have superpowers. Eli confesses that he deceived the Vision who meant to recruit his missing uncle Josiah in order to join the team. Overwhelmed with emotion, he quits the team.

In "Young Avengers Special" #1, Jessica Jones interviews the Young Avengers about their pasts at the insistence of Kat Farrell. Cassie Lang had a troubled home life, especially after her father died. She and her mother constantly fought and she hated her mom's new boyfriend. Had the Young Avengers not formed, Cassie planned to join the Runaways. Teddy Altman abused his shapeshifting powers to hang out with a more popular kid. He realized that he had gone too far when his "friend" tried to force him to steal artifacts from the destroyed Avengers Mansion. Billy Kaplan had a problem with being accepted. He met the Scarlet Witch, who explained that being different isn't bad. Kate Bishop was attacked in a park. Eli Bradley took the Mutant Growth Hormone because he felt powerless against some thugs and wanted to prove that his grandfather truly was the black Captain America.

In "Family Matters" (issues #9-#12), K'Lrt the Super-Skrull tries to take Teddy to the Skrull homeworld. K'Lrt reveals that Mrs. Altman is not Teddy's mother and kills her. In the aftermath, K'Lrt kidnaps Teddy. The Vision offers to locate more "Young Avengers" using his prior incarnation's contingency plan. The Young Avengers break Thomas Shepherd out of a superhuman prison and recruit him. Tommy can move at superhuman speed and accelerate matter, destabilizing it enough to cause an explosion. The Super-Skrull tells Teddy of his true origin as the son of the Kree hero Captain Marvel and the Skrull princess Anelle. He then claims that Tommy and Billy are the Scarlet Witch and Vision's lost twin sons. Billy believes him but Tommy does not. Kree and Skrull combat forces arrive and fight each other and the Young Avengers until Teddy, realizing his importance to both sides, calls for a ceasefire. The Avengers intervene and a Kree warrior fires at Captain America. Patriot intervenes and is gravely wounded. Hulkling and K'Lrt end the fighting by secretly shapeshifting into each other's forms. Captain America and K'Lrt, disguised as Hulkling, broker a shared custody between the races.

At a hospital, Eli's grandfather donates his blood to Eli. Captain America again tells the Young Avengers to stop what they're doing. Kate blames their trouble on the Avengers for not training them. The Young Avengers repair the statues of fallen Avengers at Avengers Mansion. Eli now has superpowers as a result of the blood transfusion. Kate receives Hawkeye's bow and quiver from Captain America, and she takes the mantle of Hawkeye. Tommy arrives in costume and calls himself Speed.

"Civil War"

In "Civil War" #2, the members of Young Avengers are captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. for not complying with the registration act. Captain America and the Falcon help them escape. Once in Captain America's secret base, the Young Avengers join the resistance movement called "Secret Avengers". In issue #3, the team follows Captain America into a trap set by Iron Man. Wiccan, along with Cloak, is knocked out via tranquilizers while the rest of the Young Avengers joins the fight against Iron Man and the pro-registration heroes. Stature leaves the resistance after Goliath is killed by a clone of Thor and the Secret Avengers are forced to retreat from battle leaving Wiccan behind. However, shortly afterwards Stature registers and begins superhero training. The remainder of the team remained with Captain America. Stature is seen alongside Iron Man and the rest of the "pro-reg" group during the final battle between registered and rebel heroes. Deadpool is comissioned as a "hero hunter" in the war and frequently remarks how he'd like to capture "those nubile Young Avengers".

With the surrender of Captain America, the rest of the Young Avengers are granted amnesty in exchange for registration. All the members except Hawkeye and Patriot registered, and began training at Camp Hammond. In the last issue of the "" crossover, when the funeral of Captain America takes place at Washington D.C., all of the Young Avengers are seen, wearing their Super Hero outfits, and are even mentioned by name by the Falcon, while delivering the ceremonial speech. This suggests another amnesty was offered to Hawkeye, Patriot and Speed, who had stayed in the resistance after the end of the Civil War, alongside the New Avengers.

In "She-Hulk" #21 it was revealed that the Hulking and Wiccan that joined the Initiative were actually a pair of interdimensional travelers known as "Alphas" whereas the actual Hulkling and Wiccan were shocked at the discovery that they had registered. Hawkeye, Patriot, and Wiccan, remain unregistered.Young Avengers Presents #1]

"Young Avengers Presents"

Eli returns to his home in the Bronx to discover that Bucky had visited his grandfather Isaiah Bradley. Hoping to talk to him, Patriot and Hawkeye, with the assistance of a portal spell from Wiccan, track Bucky down to an A.I.M. base. After aiding Bucky against the A.I.M. MODOCs (Military Organisms Designed Only for Combat), Patriot follows him to Steve Rogers' old apartment and shares his concerns losing faith in the country. Bucky explains to Eli that America is an idea used for good or ill, but one with value to it and something worth defending against all threat, inspiring the younger hero once more.

After seeing footage of Mar-Vell's return in Times Square, Teddy immediately goes and speaks to the legendary hero, telling him that he is his son. "Young Avengers Presents" #2] Unfortunately, Captain Marvel, rather shocked by the news, leaves Teddy to consider what he has learned. Meeting Mar-Vell after stopping some bank robbers, they discuss Teddy’s childhood. While Captain Marvel is exceptionally proud of Teddy for becoming an Avenger, he confesses that he will not be able to stay forever, as the survival of the time stream depends on him eventually returning back to the past and dying from cancer.

Wiccan and Speed
Wiccan and Speed begin searching for the Scarlet Witch, whom they believe to be their mother, to learn more about their past and history. They check Genosha and Wundagore Mountain before meeting Master Pandemonium in the Scarlet Witch's old residence in New Jersey. He chooses not to fight them after discovering who their mother is, and advises them to end their search and embrace their present lives.

Vision tracks down Stature to Camp Hammond where she is training to be an Initiative hero. After confronting her, the two talk about their relationship and who the Vision is. The Vision reveals that after Civil War, he traveled around the world posing as different people, living many different lives, ultimately culminating in a better understanding of who "he" is. He asserts that he is his own person, not the memories of Iron Lad, confessing his love to Cassie, and states that he wishes to now be called Jonas. Cassie demonstrates that she is unsure but is willing to reciprocate his feelings. [ [ VISION QUEST: Cornell talks "Young Avengers Presents"] , Comic Book Resources, April 23, 2008]

Stature Stature accidentally injures her step-father while stopping a super villain. Her guilt causes her to shrink and the other Young Avengers attempt to snap her out of it before she shrinks into non-existence. She comes to terms with the responsibilities and risks of her position as part of the Young Avengers and the Initiative, reasoning that her step-father also understands the risks of life as a policeman.

Hawkeye Hawkeye feels uncomfortable about her growing relationship with Patriot and meanwhile is being tested by Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye. Kate and Clint make a bet that results in Kate returning her bow and her name to the original Hawkeye. Clint tries to advocate for the Young Avengers by offering the assistance of the Secret Avengers. Speed takes Kate out on a date and they break into the Secret Avengers hideout to retrieve the bow. Kate reaffirms her position as Hawkeye and co-leader of the Young Avengers, with Clint's approval, and also reaffirms her feelings toward Patriot, asking him to be patient with her.

"Secret Invasion"

The Young Avengers are currently teamed up again with the Runaways in a "Secret Invasion" tie-in.cite web
title= Exclusive Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers Interview
author= Richard George
date= March 13, 2008
publisher= IGN
] The Young Avengers are the first to respond to the Skrull invasion in Manhattan, New York. They are quickly defeated, though Xavin manages to rescue Hulkling.Cite comic
Writer = Brian Micheal Bendis
Artist = Leinil Yu
Story =
Title = Secret Invasion
Volume = 1
Issue = 1, 2
Date = April, May 2008
Publisher = Marvel
Page =
Panel =
ID =
] When asked as to whether all the Young Avengers and Runaways survive the miniseries, writer Chris Yost replied by saying: "Things get bad, I won't lie. Really, really bad."


Allan Heinberg has said that he plans to introduce a young Masters of Evil in the second "season", among other new antagonists, but does not plan to introduce any new Young Avengers at this time. The "season" will be broken up into three four-issue arcs. Heinberg has said that the teenage Kang will show up, but he will not be Iron Lad anymore. He will be part of a love triangle with Vision and Cassie. [ [ Interview at] ]

"Young Avengers" was plagued by delays in 2005 and 2006 and its third arc was cut by two issues, ending early in June 2006. Heinberg announced at the 2007 Bristol Comic Con that when the series returns, he will be mainly plotting the series with a co-writer taking on most of the writing load. He also said that Jim Cheung will return as the artist. Fact|date=March 2007During a panel during Wizard World Philadelphia 2007, Tom Brevoort stated that the series was not canceled, but was continuing to wait for the availability of Heinberg and Cheung. New material is forthcoming, sometime in 2008. [ [] ] Joe Quesada has also confirmed that Heinberg and Chueng are currently at work with a story that heavily revolves around the team when Secret Invasion concludes. [cite web|last= Quesada|first= Joe|title= MyCup o' Joe Week 20|publisher=|date= 2008-08-15|url=|accessdate= 2008-08-28]

What If?: 2008

For the 2008 series of "What If", a story which sees the Runaways become the Young Avengers will run as a back-up story though all five issues.cite web|last= Beard|first= Jim|title= WW Chicago 08: What If? 2008|publisher= Marvel|date= 2008-06-27|url=|accessdate= 2008-09-17] The five-part back-up feature illustrates what would've happened if Iron Lad never finds out about the Avengers Fail-Safe Program. Instead, he recruits the Runaways, forcing them to be an actual super-hero team with costumes. There will be lots of "twists and turns with some cool bad guys." It will be written by C.B. Cebulski, and drawn by Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante. cite web|last= George|first= Richard|title= What If? Returns in 2008|publisher= IGN|date= 2008-06-28|url=|accessdate= 2008-09-17]

Originally, the story had been called "What If the Runaways didn't run away?" It wasn't until author Cebulski accidently fallen on the "Young Avengers" storyline did he actually decide to merge the two stories.


*In 2006, the Young Avengers won a Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) award for Outstanding Comic Book. [cite web|last= Melrose|first= Kevin|title= "Young Avengers" wins GLAAD award|publisher= Newsarama|date= 2006-06-16|url=|accessdate= 2008-07-06]

*The series won the 2006 Harvey Award for best New Series, named for cartoonist and MAD Magazine creator, Harvey Kurtzman. [cite web|title= 2006 Harvey Award Nominees|publisher=|date= 2008-07-18|url=|accessdate= 2008-07-18]



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