Fey (singer)

Fey (singer)

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Name = Fey

Img_capt = rfu-c|2007-07-07
Background = solo_singer
Birth_name = María Fernanda Blázquez Gil
Born = birth date and age|1973|07|21
Died =
Origin =
Instrument =
Genre = Electropop, Dance
Occupation = Singer
Years_active = 1995–present
Label = Sony Music (1995–2003)
EMI (2004–2006)
URL = http://www.fey.com.mx (Now open)

Fey (born María Fernanda Blázquez Gil in Mexico City, July 21, 1973), is a Latin Grammy Award-nominated Mexican pop artist that became a pop symbol for her country in the middle of the 1990s.


The niece of Argentine pop duo Gloria y Noemi Gil; Las Hermanas Gil, Fey has been involved with the music industry since she was a child. Fey became well-known in Latin America with her debut album, "Fey". It was her next album, however, "Tierna La Noche" which brought her to worldwide fame.

Fey has sold over a million records in her native Mexico (and many throughout the worldwide Latin community), most of them produced by José Ramón Florez. Fey's self-titled debut was released in America in 1995, followed one year later by "Tierna La Noche".

Fey, despite being a Mexican native, spent almost her entire childhood in Spain. She spent 19 years there, from the ages of 3 to 22. As a result, her accent sounds more Spanish than Mexican, especially in her early albums. She has sold around 9.5 million copies around the world

She is a vegetarian. [ [http://www.peta2.com/outthere/o-sexyveg08_winners.asp The 2008 World's Sexiest Vegetarians Are… // Out There // peta2 ] ]


The 1990s and the Fey-Mania

Fey released her first album, titled "Fey", in 1995, on the Sony Music Mexico record label. Within a couple of months of the album's release, Fey had scored several hits in her native Mexico, and had reached #1 with "Media naranja", "Gatos en el balcon", "Me enamoro de ti" and "La noche se mueve". Fey also had a massive tour in Mexico, including consecutive concerts in the Teatro Metropolitan, one of Mexico's well-known auditoriums, and all of Latin America, and reached Gold status sales by the end of the year. In 1996 Fey released "Tierna la Noche". "Azucar Amargo", the CD's first single, stayed in the Billboard chart for more than 30 weeks. However, not only did Fey position all nine of her singles in the international top 20 and the Mexican top 10, she also imposed a fashion period in Mexico and Latin America. Everything from shampoo to notebooks were endorsed by the artist, all becoming an instant hit. Her tour, Tierna la noche, was also very successful. With this tour, Fey proved that the "Feymania" was here to stay, by consecutively filling El Auditorio Nacional, in Mexico, with more than 10,000 people in each. Overall the tour consisted of more than 40 presentations in Mexico, the U.S. and Latin America, as well as some presentations in Europe. Point apart is Brazil, where the success of the Spanish-language production lead to the Brazilian version of the CD with songs in Portuguese, but the album flopped.

In 1998, and after more than 8 months of absence, Fey released her third album "El color de los sueños", which itself was different from the preceding two in that the album was a mix of different rhythms and styles. "Ni tu ni nadie", the album's first single, instantly reached number one in the Latin charts; "Diselo con flores", "Canela" and "Cielo Liquido" soon followed. Although the record did very well in sales, it did not compare to the over-the-top success of "Tierna la noche". In the overall period of the three first albums, Fey’s amazing popularity and promotion caused all but 4 of the singles released to hit #1 in Mexico, with the most important being "Azucar Amargo", "Media Naranja", "Ni tu Ni Nadie", "Muevelo" and "Te Pertenezco", all of them spending more than a month in the top position in Mexico.

After almost a year of promotion and platinum record sales, Fey announced, in a 1999 charity concert, that: "everything has a cycle, and this is the end of mine". For the following days and weeks, Fey appeared in magazines and newspapers all over Latin America, U.S. and Europe, declaring that over-the-top promotion and excessive work were the causes of her retiring.

Retirement and return

After 3 more years without Fey, she returned in 2002 with a new album. She renovated her image, and brought a new management team composed of Rebeca Mostow (Seal, Prince, and Savage Garden) for the Anglo market and Octavio Padilla for Latin America market. It was with this album, Fey, would strive to make her debut crossover. EPIC Records was to release this album in the UK, then in Germany, France, Asia, and in the US. Fey announced in "La Taquilla" (Exa FM radio show) that her first stop was the UK, then she confirmed that Sony Music Germany was preparing promotional work in that country for her English album. And she said that her songs from this album were being released in clubs to get her known. "Vertigo", which wasn't as successful as the past albums, reintroduced Fey to a more grown-up crowd, which had waited four years for her return. "Vertigo" presented a new, more mature Fey, expressing what she was going through in the record. "Vertigo" was recorded in English, and it was produced by Graeme Pleeth and R. Jazayerí. As a present to her Mexican fans "Vertigo" was released as a double edition with both an English and Spanish album. The English album contains three songs not included on the Spanish version. After 2 singles ("The Other Side" and "Dressing to Kill"), both with really poor promotion, Fey leaves Sony and then retires for two years.

Fey relaunched her career with "La Fuerza del destino", a tribute to the Spanish group Mecano. She came back a married woman, a wedding celebration which she kept private from the public. This album was successful with the three singles "La Fuerza Del Destino", "Barco a Venus" and "Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte". Also for December holidays the track: "Un Año Más" released on radio in Mexico.-

Fey toured in support of this album at the Viña del Mar festival 2005, the Selena Vive! festival, and many local clubs across the United States and Latin America. The record did amazingly sales-wise, and it gave Fey her very first Latin Grammy nomination for "Best Pop Female Vocal Album". As well she did it with 4 nominations for "Premios Orgullosamente Latino 2005 & 2006"-Ritmoson Latino and a Premio Oye nomination. She was recognized by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) in Miami in June 2006, thanks to the success of her Tour on gay discoteques in the United States in places such as: New Jersey, Chicago, Miami, San Antonio, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Ángeles, etc. by supporting gay human rights.

Fey's newest album is called "Faltan Lunas" and was produced by Carlos Jean. It was slated for an August 1, 2006, release, but was released on July 21, Fey's birthday. It features a pop/dance sound along with acoustic elements. The first single released was "Y Aquí Estoy". It was announced by Fey herself that the second single would be "Me has vuelto loca", but it was changed to "Como un Angel". The album was released only in few countries of Latin America and has sold around 10 000 copies worldwide, making it her lowest selling album ever. However, the second single "Como un Angel" was released in January 2007 making no impact. Fey left EMI after that, but the circumstamces remain unknown. Fey has announced to her fans that she's made drastic changes concerning her management and record company. She also announced she will be soon in the process of recording her seventh studio album set for release in 2008 by an independent label. On June 2007 Fey reported, in the Mexican magazine "Quien", that she divorced her husband of three years and that she will be focusing her time and energy on her career and her new album.

As of June 2008, Fey gave an interview to her fans through Fey Station. She confirmed she's working on a new album where she's having complete creative control. It is supposed to be a double album like her previous effort Vertigo, with an english and a spanish version. The yet unnamed double new album will include 22 tracks, half of them in english and half in spanish. The album is being produced by Sam FISH Fisher, who also co-wrote half of the songs on the record including "Cicatrices". It will also include a song which is an outtake from Vertigo called "In your dreams". There's no release date yet but the production of the album is supposed to be completed during July 2008. In recent news, it's been announced that the album will be released through the independent label "Mantequilla records".

Fans can download a new demo sample "Cicatrices" (working title) on Fey´s official site (http://www.fey.com.mx), the song is not a single and is still a work in progress; The song can also be heard on http://www.fey.com.mx

Fey's mother, Josefina Gil, died on October 5, 2008 from cancer.


* Gold
**100,000 copies before 1999
**75,000 from 1999 to 2003
**50,000 since 2004
* Platinum
**200,000 copies before 1999
**150,000 from 1999 to 2003
**100,000 since 2003
* Diamond
**1 million before 2002
**500,000 since 2002



1. Fey
*Media Naranja (#1, 6 weeks)
*Me Enamoro De Ti (#1, 2 weeks)
*Gatos En El Balcon (#1, 3 weeks)
*La Noche Se Mueve (#2)
*Bailando Bajo La Lluvia (#16)
*Fiebre del Sabado(#3)

2. Tierna La Noche
*Azucar Amargo (#1, 16 weeks)
*Muevelo (#1, 2 weeks)
*Te Pertenezco (#1)
*Subidon (#1, 5 weeks)
*Bajo El Arcoiris (#2)
*Las Lagrimas De Mi Almohada (#5)
*Popocateptl (#3)
*Desmargaritando El Corazon (#8)

3. El Color de los Sueños
*Ni Tu Ni Nadie (#1, 4 weeks)
*Diselo Con Flores (#1)
*Cielo Liquido (#10)
*Canela (#1, 2 weeks)
*El (#7)
*No Tengo Novio (#20) 4. Vértigo
*Se Lo Que Vendra/The Other Side (#1, 2 weeks)
*Noche Ideal / Dressing To Kill (With very poor promotion from Sony Music)

5. La Fuerza Del Destino
*La Fuerza Del Destino (#1, 4 weeks)
*Barco A Venus (#3)
*Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte (#13)
*Un Año Mas (PROMO ONLY)

6. Faltan Lunas
*Y Aqui Estoy (#10)
*Como Un Angel (With very poor promotion from Emi Music)


*"Fey pistas" (Sony Music)
*"Colección de oro" (Sony Music Inc)
*"Éxitos" (Sony Music Inc)
*"Antología" (Sony BMG Latin) CD+DVD
*"Originales: 20 éxitos" (Sony BMG Latin)
*"Siempre rebelde" (Sony BMG Latin)
*"Best Of Fey"(EMI)
*"10 de Colección" (Sony BGM Latin)
*"Lo Esencial: Fey (Sony BGM Latin) [http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a0/Eminewreleased.png] (EMI) CD+DVD

Soundtracks and others

*Navidad con las estrellas -"La edad de la inocencia"- 1997
*Allez olla olle! (Music Of The World Cup) - "Tamborada" - 1998
*Amarte duele (Soundtrack) -"The other side"- (DJ Grego E-Latin Club)
*Big brother VIP 3 - "Todo Cambió" - 2005
*La última noche(Soundtrack)- "Hoy no me puedo levantar" -2005
*Selena ¡vive! - "Donde quiera que estés"/ft Aleks Syntek - 2005
*El bar provoca...-"Y aqui estoy"- 2006

Live Concert Video

Tierna La Noche El Consierto (1996) [Live]
# "Múevelo"
# "Bombón"
# "Gatos en el Balcón"
# "Desmargaritando el Corazón"
# "Tierna la Noche"
# "Te Pertenezco"
# "Bajo el Arcoiris"
# "Subidón"
# "Como Pan y Chocolate"
# "Bailando Bajo la Lluvia"
# "Popocatepetl"
# "Fiebre del Sábado (Rojo Y Blanco)"
# "Media Naranja"
# "Azúcar Amargo"
# "La Noche Se Mueve"
# "Múevelo*"


*Media naranja (1995)
*Gatos en el balcón (1995)
*Me enamoro de ti (1996)
*Azúcar amargo (1996)
*Te Pertenezco (1998, Desde el Auditorio Nacional)
*Subidón (1997)
*En concierto "Tierna la noche" VHS (1997)
*Ni tú ni nadie (1998)
*Díselo con flores (1998)
*Canela (1999)
*Sé lo que vendrá (2002)
*The other side (2002)
*La fuerza del destino (2004)
*Barco a Venus (2005)
*Me cuesta tanto olvidarte (2005)
*Un año mas (2006)
*Y aquí estoy (2006)


External links

* [http://www.fey.com.mx]
* [http://www.Myspace.com/feyfaltanlunas MySpace page with pictures and audio samples]
* [http://www.Myspace.com/feyoficial Offical MySpace]
* [http://www.feystation.com Fey Station]

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