List of battles and other violent events by death toll

List of battles and other violent events by death toll

This page lists mortalities from battles and other individual military operations or acts of violence, sorted by death toll. For wars and events more extensive in scope, see "List of wars and disasters by death toll". For natural disasters, see "List of natural disasters by death toll".

Battles and sieges

"Many of the entries in this section are currently for total casualties rather than deaths. Until this notice is removed, check the individual links to confirm what the figure represents."

Air raids

* 100,000 - Tokyo firebombing by the USAAF, 1945 [ [ Tokyo firebombing victims plan to sue government] ]

Wartime ship disasters

Prior to World War I

Post World War II


"See also List of massacres"

# 5,000-17,000 [ [ Country Histories - Empire's Children] ] - Massacre and ethnic cleansing of Indians and Arabs by the descendants of black African slaves during the Zanzibar Revolution (Zanzibar, Tanzania, 1964)

Terrorist attacks

"See also List of terrorist incidents and List of assassins"

Human sacrifice and mass suicide

"This section lists notable individual episodes of mass suicide or human sacrifice. For tolls arising from the systematic practice of suicide or sacrifice, see Human sacrifice and ritual suicide."

Riot or political demonstration


See also

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