List of people from Teaneck, New Jersey

List of people from Teaneck, New Jersey

Noted current and former residents of Teaneck, New Jersey include:

Academics and science

*Frank Chapman (1864-1945) ornithologist. [ [ Chapman, Frank Michler (United States 1864-1945)] , Western Kentucky University. Accessed August 22, 2007. "born in West Englewood, New Jersey, on 12 June 1864."]
*Frank Gill, ornithologist. [ [ Dr. Frank Gill] , Delaware Valley Ornithological Club. Accessed August 22, 2007. "I was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey and moved to the Philadelphia area when I began to work at the Academy of Natural Sciences (ANSP)."]
*Jane S. Richardson (born 1941), biochemist and developer of ribbon diagrams of protein structurecite web | url = | title = A Protein Artist's Studio | publisher = Women in Chemistry | accessdate=2008-05-31]


*Henry Wessel, Jr. (born 1942), photographer. [Gefter, Philip. [ "Henry Wessel: Capturing the Image, Transcending the Subject"] , "The New York Times", May 21, 2006. Accessed November 8, 2007. "Mr. Wessel, who was born in Teaneck, N.J., 64 years ago, aims for that innocence in his work: he wants to narrow the distinction between the subjects he chooses and how they look photographed."]


*Louis Bourgeois (1856-1930), architect active in design of Baha'i temples. [ [ Jean-Baptiste Louis Bourgeois (1856-1930) profile from the Bahá'í Community of Canada] , accessed January 1, 2007. "From New York, he moved to West Englewood (now Teaneck), New Jersey, to help expand the Bahá'í community there."]


*Shalom Auslander, author of "Foreskin's Lament: A Memoir", published in October 2007. [McGrath, Charles. [ "Shalom Auslander: An Orthodox Jewish outsider grapples with his past"] , "International Herald Tribune", October 3, 2007. Accessed October 9, 2007.]
*Jim Bishop (1907-1987), journalist and author of the bestselling book "The Day Lincoln Was Shot". [ [,9171,867669,00.html The Golden Hack] , "Time (magazine)", May 13, 1957."A teetotaler, Bishop works in a pink-and-black oceanside house at Sea Bright, N.J., sees his wife and family in Teaneck only on weekends."]
*Howard Fast (1914-2003), novelist, author of "Spartacus". [ [ Und Spartakus] , "Berliner Zeitung", March 15, 2003. "Aus Furcht vor dem "Communist Control Act" zog Howard Fast 1954 mit seiner Familie nach Teaneck, New Jersey, wo seine Kinder im Notfall bei den Großeltern verbleiben konnten."]
*Jeff Gottesfeld, author of "Anne Frank and Me", screenwriter "Broken Bridges" and television writer "The Young and the Restless".Fact|date=August 2008
*Mike Kelly, columnist for the "The Record" and author of "Color Lines", a book about the 1990 shooting of Phillip Pannell, an African-American teenager, by Gary Spath, a white Teaneck police officer. [ [ What Teaneck Did] , "Open News & Views", Winter/Spring 2005. "Mike Kelly, a journalist who resides in Teaneck, stated the obvious in his mid-1990s study Color Lines..."]
*Don Maloney (1928-2007), author.Fact|date=October 2007
*Brian Morton (born 1955), author of "Starting Out in the Evening". [Voreacos, David. [ "AUTHOR COMES OF AGE -- FIRST BOOK IS A NOVEL EXPERIENCE"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", November 27, 1991. Accessed September 12, 2007.]
*Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath (born 1958), Yiddish language poet. [ [ "Sudden Rain" - About the Author] , accessed January 1, 2007. "She currently lives in Teaneck, New Jersey, with her husband and three Yiddish-speaking children."]


* Lynn Kohlman (1946-2008), fashion model. [Rourke, Mary. [,0,2923956.story "Lynn Kohlman dies at 62; model and photographer was muse to top designers"] , "Los Angeles Times", September 19, 2008. Accessed September 19, 2008.]

Movies, television and theater

*Pat Battle (born 1959), WNBC-TV's New Jersey Bureau Reporter, Saturday "Today in New York" co-anchor, and occasional fill-in anchor.Salazar, Carolyn. [ "Teaneck couple sue radio shock jocks"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", December 4, 2007. Accessed December 4, 2007.]
*Roger Birnbaum, film producer who owns Spyglass Entertainment. [ [ Advisory Board Biographies] , Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media. Accessed March 6, 2008.]
*Philip Bosco (born 1930), character actor. [ [ Biography of Philip Bosco] , accessed January 1, 2007. "During the 70s, Bosco suffered anxiety attacks which made it difficult for him to leave his Teaneck (New Jersey) home and severely limited his professional choices."] [Rohan, Virginia. [ "Haworth's Philip Bosco is a seasoned star"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", November 14, 2007. Accessed November 14, 2007. "'It's lived in,' says Bosco, who moved to Haworth after 31 years in Teaneck."]
*Chris Brancato, Hollywood writer and producer of Sci Fi Channel's "First Wave" and the film "Species II". [ [ Profile of Chris Brancato: Writer / Creator] of Sci Fi Channel's "First Wave", accessed January 1, 2007. " Brancato always knew he was going to be a writer — but not for the movies. He grew up in Teaneck, N.J., with school-teacher parents."]
*Gaius Charles (born 1983), actor, "Friday Night Lights". [ [ Teaneck actor got in the zone to land 'Friday Night Lights' role] , "The Record (Bergen County)", November 26, 2006.]
*Hunter Foster (born 1969), Broadway actor. [ [ THE LEADING MEN: Hunter Green] , "Playbill", September 9, 2003. "Foster is married to Jennifer Cody (Urinetown, Taboo); the cute couple live in Teaneck, N.J., with Zach, their Yorkshire terrier."]
*Nely Galán (born 1963), independent producer and a former President of Entertainment for Telemundo, who created and executive produced the FOX reality series "The Swan". [Savio, Anita. [ "TV or no TV? No question in her mind"] , "Latino Leaders: The National Magazine of the Successful American Latino", April-May, 2002. Accessed January 8, 2008. "It has been rising since she was a teenager. Born in Santa Clara, Cuba, Galan immigrated with her family to Teaneck, New Jersey, when she was two."]
*Anthony Johnson (born 1956), New Jersey reporter for WABC-TV.
*Damon Lindelof (born 1973), co-creator and executive producer of "Lost (TV series)" television series. [ [ About the executive producers of ‘Lost'] , "USA Today", September 29, 2006.]
*Bob McGrath, Plays the character "Bob" on TV's "Sesame Street"; The longest lasting human character on the program. [ [ Bob McGrath Biography] , accessed January 1, 2007. "McGrath is married and lives in Teaneck, NJ with his wife Ann."]
*Ozzie Nelson (1906-1975) and Harriet Nelson (1909-1994), from the "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet". [Grahnke, Lon. [ "The full Nelson: TV `Biography' shows complex sitcom family"] , "Chicago Sun-Times", June 19, 1998. Accessed August 7, 2007. "The son of Swedish immigrants, Ozzie was an Eagle Scout at 13. He grew up in Teaneck, N.J., with a strong sense of family values."]
*Ricky Nelson, son of Ozzie and Harriet; elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.Fact|date=October 2007
*Sarah Jessica Parker (born 1965), actress, played the role of "Carrie Bradshaw" on the HBO hit "Sex and the City". Also has been in over 50 movies from "Footloose" (1984) to "" (2008). [Klein, Alvin. [ "ACTRESS, 18, HAS SOME REGRETS"] , "The New York Times", October 30, 1983. Accessed October 22, 2007. "But during last winter's cold wave, pipes in the Englewood house burst and the Forstes moved to a rented house in nearby Teaneck, where, Miss Parker said, they have decided to stay because, among other things, the town's school system is "academically very strong."]
*Paul Sorvino (born 1939), actor. [Klein, Alvin. [ "JERSEY FOOTLIGHTS; Executive Producer Search Is On"] , "The New York Times", March 19, 2000. Accessed November 4, 2000. "By contrast, the theater was founded with a flourish in 1986, mostly because the actor Paul Sorvino, its first artistic head, lived in Teaneck at the time, opened his home to fund-raising parties, starred in the opening play ("All The King's Men") and directed "The Diary of Anne Frank," in which his daughter, Amanda Sorvino, played the title role."]
*Judy Tyler (1933-1957), actress who made regular appearances on "Howdy Doody" as a teenager and appeared on film in "Jailhouse Rock", starring opposite Elvis Presley. [ [ "JUDY TYLER DIES AS CARS COLLIDE; Actress and Husband Killed by Crash in Wyoming-- Was on 'Howdy Doody'"] , "The New York Times", July 5, 1957. Accessed August 8, 2008.]
*John Ventimiglia (born 1968), actor who played "Artie Bucco" on "The Sopranos". [ [ Actor behind Artie Bucco shows another side] , "Star-Ledger", September 18, 2000.]


*Eef Barzelay, chief songwriter/singer/guitarist of alt-country indie rock band Clem Snide. [ [,levy,61632,22.html Buried Love: From sipping iced tea and playing Al Green to imagining you're watching Ricky beat Lucy] , "Village Voice", March 1, 2005. Accessed May 12, 2008. "Clem Snide's Eef Barzelay has a dry voice and an even drier wit. Barzelay was born in Israel, raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, and did time studying jazz at Berklee before dropping out to start a noise-rock band named for the talking asshole in William Burroughs's Naked Lunch."]
*Pat Boone (born 1934), star pop singer from the 1950s "Love Letters in the Sand" whose best-known hits were cover versions of songs originated by African-American artists "Ain't That a Shame," "Tutti-Frutti". [ [,9171,810821,00.html Teen Commandments] , "Time", January 5, 1959. "...Singer Pat Boone, 24, stands out as an exemplary type. While earning a reported $750,000 a year, he lives modestly in suburban Teaneck, NJ. with the wife he married at 19 and their four daughters."]
*Donald Byrd (born 1932), jazz trumpeter. [ [ The State of Jazz: Meet 40 More Jersey Greats] , "The Star-Ledger", September 28, 2004.]
*Brendan Canty (born 1966), drummer of critically-acclaimed, legendary indie rock band Fugazi (band).Fact|date=October 2007
*Johnny Copeland (1937-1997), blues guitarist and singer.Strauss, Neil. [ "Johnny Copeland, 60, Who Sang Texas Blues and Played Guitar"] , "The New York Times", June 4, 1997. Accessed November 4, 2007. "Johnny Copeland, one of the foremost Texas blues singers and guitarists of the 70's and 80's, died yesterday at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. He was 60 and lived in Teaneck, N.J."]
*Shemekia Copeland (born 1979), blues singer.
*DMX (born 1970), rapper. [ [ Random Notes on John Popper, Eminem and DMX] , "Rolling Stone", July 2, 1999. "DMX (a k a Earl Simmons) and his wife were arrested in Teaneck, N.J. on Wednesday, June 30, when an investigation of their home turned up a semi-automatic handgun and drug paraphernalia."]
*Plácido Domingo (born 1941), operatic tenor. [cite book |last= |first= |authorlink= |coauthors= |title=Placido Domingo |year=2003 |publisher= |quote=... the New Jersey suburb of Teaneck| url= |isbn=1880909618 ] [ [ "Domingo: Iron man of opera"] , "The Cincinnati Post", September 23, 1998. Accessed August 7, 2007. "Domingo vividly recalls his Met debut - four days earlier than planned. His parents were visiting him and his wife, Marta, in Teaneck, N.J., and they'd just sat down to dinner when "the phone rang and Rudolf Bing's voice inquired, 'How are you feeling, Placido?'"] [Dobnik, Verena via Associated Press. [,0,2859585.story "The Three Tenors return in drag for Domingo"] , "Newsday", September 28, 2008. Accessed September 29, 2008. "Of Domingo's 126 career roles, he sang 45 at the Met since his debut on Sept. 28 in 1968. On that night, he drove himself from home in Teaneck, N.J., warming up in the car at the top of his lungs while a nearby motorist laughed. "I asked him, 'Where are you going?', and he said, 'the Met.' And I said, 'Don't laugh, you are going to be hearing me."]
*Ferde Grofé (1892-1972), composer and arranger, best known for his "Grand Canyon Suite". [ [,9171,743165,00.html Friday on His Own] , "Time (magazine)" February 15, 1931. "In Teaneck, N. J., his home, he has quietly built up a nice little business: The Grofe Realty Co."]
*Al Hibbler (1915-2001), R&B singer; later civil rights activist. [ [ Sad News] , DEMS Bulletin of the Duke Ellington Music Society, August-November 2001. "About the time that Unchained Melody hit the charts (1955), he was married to Jeanette at which time they purchased a home in Teaneck, NY."]
*The Isley Brothers, the influential African American music group who founded T-Neck Records (named for their base in the township) in 1964, becoming the first R&B band to form their own record label, then a rarity in black music. [ [ Inductees Profile of The Isley Brothers] from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, accessed January 1, 2007. " The Isley Brothers took business matters into their own hands in 1969 by re-establishing their own label, T-Neck (named for their home base of Teaneck, New Jersey)."] Chris Rock made reference to this in his Champagne song [ [] , Champagne song lyrics, author of Chris Rock]
*Milt Jackson (1923-1999), jazz vibraphonist. [Ratliff, Ben. [ "Milt Jackson, 76, Jazz Vibraphonist, Dies"] , "The New York Times", October 11, 1999. Accessed November 4, 2007. "Milt Jackson, the jazz vibraphonist who was a member of the Modern Jazz Quartet for 40 years and was one of the premier improvisers in jazz with a special brilliance at playing blues, died on Saturday at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan. He was 76 and lived in Teaneck, N.J."]
*Moe Jaffe (1901-1972). Songwriter. ["Moe Jaffe, Composer, Dead; Wrote 'Gypsy in My Soul'", "The New York Times", December 4, 1972, p. 42.]
*Jodeci, R&B group of the early 90s. [ [ "TEANECK SINGER TARGETED, COPS SAY -- JODECI MEMBER ROBBED OF JEWELRY"] , "The Record (Bergen County)" by Jim Consoli, July 28, 1993. "Three men who threatened to murder a member of the rhythm-and-blues"]
*J. J. Johnson (1924-2001), Noted jazz trombonist. [ [ An Interview with J.J. Johnson] , Online Trombone Journal, accessed January 12, 2007. "We lived in New Jersey for a number of years, in Teaneck. Fond memories. Didn't want to move back to New Jersey."]
*Kevin Jonas, Background vocalist and lead guitarist for the Jonas Brothers.
*Kimberly Jones (born 1974), rapper known as Lil Kim. [Heller, Karen. [ "CAMPAIGNING FOR QUEEN TO LIL' KIM, THE SELF-DUBBED QUEEN BEE, THE ELECTION IS OVER, AND IT'S A LANDSLIDE VICTORY. BIGGIE SMALLS' FORMER CONSORT IS NOTORIOUS IN HER OWN RIGHT NOW."] , "The Philadelphia Inquirer", June 22, 2000. Accessed July 6, 2008. " For a while, Kim lived in Teaneck, NJ, with Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace, and half his cremains in a mahogany box that she kissed every day."]
*Ben Jorgensen (born 1983), lead singer of Armor for Sleep. [Knopper, Steve. [,%202006&ws_len=534&ws_lni=4JGR-ND50-TWCV-42JY-00000-00&ws_lastupdate=20060913&ws_title=COOL@NIGHT&ws_refer= "COOL@NIGHT; CONCEPT CD: Awaking the spirit in life or death; Armor for Sleep ponders afterlife with no apologies"] , "Newsday", March 16, 2006. "It's hard to imagine a more morbid form of writer's block than this: "I was kind of stuck in that place where the only thing I could write about was through the perspective of me being dead," says Ben Jorgensen, singer, guitarist and lyricist for the Teaneck, N.J.,..."]
*Don "Magic" Juan (born 1950), Merengue and Hip Hop artist formally part of the popular 1990s Merengue group Proyecto Uno. [Valdes, Alisa. [ "ON THE BEAT HOW PROYECTO UNO IS WORKING TO BE THE NEXT BIG THINGSIDEBAR IT'S FRENETIC, AND DELICIOUS"] , "The Boston Globe", February 25, 1996. Accessed September 19, 2008. "Magic Juan, 24, a native of Teaneck, was born to Dominican parents."]
*Ben E. King (born 1938), singer, "Stand by Me". [Johnson, Paul H. "A SOULFUL SONG AMONG NEIGHBORS", "The Record (Bergen County)", December 18, 1997. "King, who has lived in Teaneck since the late 1960s, staged a rare public performance Tuesday night in The township's municipal building."]
*Michael Korie, Librettist and lyricist, whose works include "Grey Gardens".Rohan, Virginia. [ "The seeds of 'Grey Gardens' songs"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", June 6, 2007. Accessed June 6, 2007. "Michael Korie, the Tony-nominated "Grey Gardens" lyricist, leads a visitor to a room in the Teaneck home where he grew up... This place, the Indicks' home since 1963, and these parents had a profound influence on Korie (his middle name, which he uses professionally), a successful lyricist who has also done several operas."]
*Anthony Laciura, character tenor for the Metropolitan Opera. [Beckerman, Jim. "A classical relief effort; Opera stars in Katrina benefit.", "The Record (Bergen County)", October 14, 2005. "'My father used to say he heard Caruso at the French Opera House,' says Laciura, a Teaneck resident who has sung tenor for 24 years with the Metropolitan Opera in New York."]
*Amy London (born c. 1958), jazz singer. [LaGorce, Tammy. [ "For Longtime Jazz Singer, Latest Success Is Sweet"] , "The New York Times", April 6, 2008. Accessed April 5, 2008.]
*Mario, current R&B singer.Fact|date=October 2007
*Rufus Reid (born 1944), jazz bassist and music educator. [Beckerman, Jim. [ "Ben-Hur flavors his jazz with Middle Eastern spice"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", July 17, 2005. Accessed August 7, 2007. "Luckily, pianist John Hicks, drummer Leroy Williams, percussionist Steve Kroon and celebrated Teaneck bassist Rufus Reid were happy to go where Ben-Hur led."]
*Ruggiero Ricci (born 1918), violinist of the 1940sFact|date=August 2007
*Scott Robinson (born 1959), jazz musician best known for his work with various styles of saxophone. [ [ Alumnotes] , Berklee College of Music, Vol. 15, Issue 1. Accessed January 3, 2008. " Saxophonist Scott Robinson of Teaneck, NJ, played on the Mingus Big Band's Tonight at Noon . . . Three or Four Shades of Love CD, which was nominated for a Grammy."]
*Paul A. Rothchild (1935-1995), Record producer, 1960s & 1970s (The Doors).Fact|date=July 2008
*Hilton Ruiz (1952-2006), Jazz pianist, Afro-Cuban style. [Keepnews, Peter. [ "Hilton Ruiz, 54, Pianist Fluent In Jazz and Latin Rhythms"] , "The New York Times", June 7, 2006. Accessed November 4, 2007. "Hilton Ruiz, a versatile and prolific pianist equally at home in the worlds of modern jazz and Latin music, died yesterday in New Orleans. He was 54 and lived in Teaneck, N.J."]
*Juelz Santana (born 1983), rapper. [ [ "Bullets, pot found in rapper's car"] , "New York Daily News", March 12, 2008. Accessed March 12, 2008. "Santana, 26, whose real name is LaRon James, was arrested last week as he approached the entrance of his home in the gated Glenpointe community in Teaneck."]
*Alan Silvestri (born 1950) film composer. [ [ ASCAP Henry Mancini Award] , ASCAP. Accessed October 21, 2007. "Manhattan-born and Teaneck, New Jersey-bred, Silvestri attended Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music before joining a Las Vegas band as a guitarist."]
*Ray Simpson (born 1954), lead singer of the Village People since 1980. [Leichman, Abigail. [ "Ashford and Simpson sing of wedded bliss"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", September 7, 2007. Accessed August 9, 2007. "'People tried to talk us out of songwriting, but we just kept doing it, and eventually we made it through,' said Simpson, whose brother, Village People lead singer Raymond Simpson, is a longtime Teaneck resident."]
*Dave Sirulnick, Executive Vice President for Multiplatform Production, News and Music at MTV. [Kennedy, Randy. [ "The Shorter, Faster, Cruder, Tinier TV Show"] , "The New York Times Magazine", May 28, 2006. Accessed June 28, 2007. "But Sirulnick comes by his knowledge of hip-hop as honestly as his knowledge of television. Raised in Teaneck, N.J., he became obsessed with rap in junior high school when some of its first hits were starting to emerge from Sugar Hill Records in nearby Englewood."]
*Phoebe Snow, Singer / songwriter born "Phoebe Loeb", whose stage name was selected from the name of a train that ran through Teaneck, the Phoebe Snow. [ [,9171,957579,00.html Throwing In the Crying Towel: Phoebe Snow beats the blues with a fine new album] , "Time (magazine)" May 1, 1989."Lili Grossman was a former Martha Graham dancer who married an entertainer turned exterminator and raised Phoebe and her sister in the subdued suburban environs of Teaneck, N.J."]
*Raymond Torres-Santos, classical composer, pianist, arranger and conductor. Professor of Music at CUNY; released "Requiem" original composition for orchestra and chorus. ["An unconventional Requiem", "Courier-Post", March 9, 2008. "Torres-Santos, who lives in Teaneck, was born in Puerto Rico 50 years ago."]
*Trey Songz, R&B singer. [Jordan, Chris. [ "R&B crooner Trey Songz refuses to be boxed in"] , "The Courier-Journal", March 28, 2008. Accessed July 6, 2008. "Songz -- born Tremaine Neverson in Virginia -- brings a smooth R&B mix of old-school jams, sexy dancefloor romps, and loverman call-outs to the table. Initially, Songz moved to Jersey City, N.J., and Teaneck, N.J., to work behind the scenes in the music industry."]
*Christopher Wallace (1972-1997), rapper known as Notorious B.I.G. [Marriott, Michel. [ " The Short Life of a Rap Star, Shadowed by Many Troubles"] , "The New York Times", March 17, 1997. Accessed July 6, 2008. "Last summer, Mr. Wallace was arrested at his home in Teaneck, N.J., after the police found 50 grams of marijuana and four automatic weapons with laser sights, enlarged bullet clips and filed-off serial numbers."]
*The Wrens, International rock band. [ [ MUSIC; Once More to the Abyss For the Wrens] , "The New York Times" by Tammy La Gorce, May 7, 2006. "Members of The Wrens, 16-year-old band from Teaneck, NJ, comment on their careers and new CD..."]

Government and politics

*Vincent M. Battle, former United States Ambassador to Lebanon. [ [ Biography of Vincent M. Battle] from the United States Department of State, accessed December 21, 2004.]
*Leonie Brinkema, U.S. District Court judge in the Zacarias Moussaoui case. [ [ Moussaoui Judge Minces No Words: Violation Of Judge's Rules Leaves Sentencing Trial Up in Air] , CBS News, 'March 13, 2006. Born in Teaneck, N.J., in 1944, Brinkema did graduate work in philosophy at two universities before obtaining her MLS at Rutgers in 1970 and her J.D. from Cornell in 1976.]
*Frank W. Burr, Mayor of Teaneck from 1970-1974, who played a major role in the voluntary integration of Teaneck's schools and was one of the prime advocates of what became the Glenpointe complex at the intersection of Interstates 80 and 95. [ [ Frank Burr, Civic Leader, Former Mayor of Teaneck] , copy of article from "The Record (Bergen County)" by David Voreacos, May 5, 1992.]
*Donna Christian-Christensen, non-voting delegate to the United States House of Representatives for the United States Virgin Islands. [ [ Donna Christian-Christensen] , "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress". ]
*Matthew Feldman, Mayor of Teaneck from 1960-66; Member of the New Jersey Senate representing the 37th district, from 1966-68 and 1974-94. [ [ Longtime State Senator Metthew Feldman Dies: "Always wanted to do what was right"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", April 12, 1994.]
*Nelson G. Gross (1932-1997), politician who served in the New Jersey General Assembly and as Chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee. [ [ "Leah Binger Engaged to Nelson G. Gross"] . "The New York Times", June 14, 1953. Accessed March 24, 2008.]
*Archibald C. Hart (1873-1935), represented New Jersey's 6th congressional district from 1912-1913 and 1913-1917. [ [ Archibald C. Hart biography] , United States Congress. Accessed July 28, 2007.]
*Luis Muñoz Marín, first democratically-elected Governor of Puerto Rico. [ [,9171,800156-4,00.html Man of the People] , "Time (magazine)", May 2, 1949. "Later, he and his wife moved to Teaneck, N.J., and then to a Manhattan apartment on 97th Street just off Riverside Drive."]
*Peter Pace, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the first Marine to hold the position. [ [ Peter Pace: Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff] , accessed January 1, 2007. "General Pace was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Teaneck, NJ."]
*Paul A. Volcker, Jr. (born 1927), Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and son of Paul A. Volcker, Sr., Teaneck's first Municipal Manager. [ [ From Teaneck to the Fed: The making of a financial titan] , "The Record (Bergen County)", May 23, 2004. "Paul Volcker grew up in the shadow of New York, in the suburban town of Teaneck. From the kitchen window of the family home on Longfellow Avenue, he could the see the spire of the Empire State Building." ]


*Tony Campbell, former NBA basketball player for the New York Knicks and several other teams. [ [ One-on-One: Tony Campbell] , accessed March 16, 2006.]
*Lawrence Frank, Head Coach of the New Jersey Nets. [ [ The Nets Refuse to Panic as Carter Keeps Struggling] , "The New York Times", December 21, 2006. "“The organization has been committed to making this a metropolitan team in terms of it’s a regional team,” said Coach Lawrence Frank, who was raised in Teaneck, N.J. “We love the support in Jersey.”"]
*Doug Glanville, baseball player who played for the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees, among other teams. [ [ Baseball is not only field for Yankees' Glanville] , "San Francisco Chronicle", February 27, 2005. "Glanville had grown up in Teaneck, N.J., idolizing the Phillies' rangy center fielder, Garry Maddox."]
*Tamba Hali, Defensive End for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. [ [ Tamba Hali player profile] , National Football League Players Association. Accessed July 24, 2007. "Hometown: Teaneck, NJ.... Attended Teaneck High School in Teaneck, New Jersey."]
*Elston Howard, Baseball player New York Yankees. [ [ Elston Howard's Ring Recovered] , "The New York Times", June 24, 1983. "A 1977 World Series ring that was stolen two years ago from the Teaneck, N.J., home of Elston Howard, the late Yankee catcher and coach, was discovered on the finger of a man arrested early yesterday on car-theft charges, the police said."]
*Zab Judah, Champion welterweight boxer. [ [ Judah passing blame] , "The Record (Bergen County)" by Keith Idec, January 9, 2006. "Even if King somehow was influential enough to orchestrate Judah's destruction, the Teaneck resident got what he deserved for seeking King's services in 2003."]
*Bob Klapisch, sportswriter for the "The Record". [ [ Bob Klapisch] , "The Record (Bergen County)". Accessed January 3, 2008.]
*Hank Morgenweck (c. 1929-2007) Major League Baseball umpire from 1970 to 1975, who called Nolan Ryan's fourth no-hitter.Levin, Jay. [ "His life's calling: balls, strikes"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", August 9, 2007. Accessed August 9, 2007.]
*Kasib Powell (born 1981), NBA basketball player who has played for the Miami Heat. [Wojnarowski, Adrian. [ "POWELL LEADS FOR GENERAL"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", March 16, 2002. Accessed April 1, 2008. "Three years ago, Kasib Powell came out of Teaneck High School too small and slight for a major conference scholarship."]
*Giuseppe Rossi (born 1987), Italian-American Soccer player, currently owned by Villareal C.F.. [Aristoteles. [ "Mr. ROSSI INCANTA IL"] ,, July 24, 2005. Accessed June 23, 2007. "Giuseppe Rossi, classe 1987, è nato a Teaneck - allegra cittadina del New Jersey - ma conserva, non solo nel nome, sangue italianissimo al servizio di sua Maestà la Regina."]
*Nick Saviano (born 1956), former tennis player, won one ATP title and reached two other finals. [Visser, Lesley. [ "DIBBS HAS EASY TIME"] , "Boston Globe", July 17, 1980. Accessed August 7, 2007. "Great drips of sweat poured down the side of Nick Saviano's neck as he refused the 10-year-old a signiture.... It was too hot for the 24-year-old kid from Teaneck, N.J., to stay out and rally with Eddie Dibbs in the second round of the US Pro Championships at Longwood."]
*Jason Sehorn, Former NFL football player. Played cornerback for the New York Giants (1994-2002) and St. Louis Rams (2003). [Pennington, Bill. [ " PRO FOOTBALL; For Sehorn, 3,000 Stairs and Not a Fan in Sight"] , "The New York Times", November 15, 1998. Accessed October 23, 2007. "Inside his townhouse in Teaneck, N.J., Sehorn has a picture of the tackle that tore apart his knee."]
*John Sterling (born 1948), Sportscaster for the New York Yankees. [Sullivan, Tara. "YANKS' AIR APPARENTS; STERLING, KAY A HIT BEYOND THEIR MIKES", "The Record (Bergen County)", September 17, 1998, accessed April 14, 2007. "It is a labor of love for Sterling, a Teaneck resident who marvels at the gift of combining an 'avocation with my vocation. Baseball is like a melody,' he says. 'It just keeps playing. But I've never been around a season like this."]
*David Stern (born 1942), Commissioner of the National Basketball Association. [ [ League of His Own] , Yahoo Sports, October 30, 2006. "Thirty years ago, David Stern, an idealistic young attorney for a prestigious New York firm, lent his pro bono expertise to a hometown cause in Teaneck, N.J."]
*Odessa Turner (born 1964), former NFL wide receiver whose career included playing for the New York Giants.Fact|date=November 2007
*David West (born 1980), NBA basketball player with the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets. [ [ In The Lane With Licht: David West] ,, accessed January 1, 2006. "Favorite major league baseball team:" The New York Yankees. I grew up right across from New York City (in Teaneck, NJ) and loved Don Mattingly.]
*Dave Winfield (born 1951), Hall of Fame baseball player. [ [ " At Dave Winfield's Teaneck house, everything must go, memories included."] , "The Record (Bergen County)", November 14, 1993.]


*Mickey Featherstone (born c. 1947), mobster and leader of The Westies gang. [Leith, Rod. [ "GANG'S EX-LEADER TESTIFYING BEFORE U.S. GRAND JURY"] , "The Record (Bergen County)", July 20, 1986. Accessed August 13, 2007. "Featherstone, 37, formerly of Teaneck, reputedly led the Westies, a gang specializing in Mafia contract-killings."]
*Yakir Forman, International Bible Contest contestant; youngest winner of diaspora competition. [Leichman, Abigail Klein. [ "Teaneck students compete in International Bible Contest"] , "Jewish Standard", may 4, 2007. Accessed August 10, 2007.]
*Marc Jacobs (born 1963), designer and artistic director for Louis Vuitton.
*Frank Lucas (born 1930), drug lord in Harlem in the 1970s, and the subject of the 2007 biopic "American Gangster". [Chepesiuk, Ron; and Gonzalez, Anthony. [,1014-7.htm "Superfly" Prologue: The Raid in Teaneck] , "Crime magazine", October 14, 2007. "The informants' information allowed the authorities to obtain a search warrant, which authorized the raid that was about to begin on Lucas's house at 933 Sheffield Road in Teaneck, a small comfortable suburb in New Jersey."]
*Dana Reeve (1961-2006), actress, singer, activist for disability causes, and the wife of Christopher Reeve. [ [ Dana Reeve, Devoted Caretaker and Advocate, Is Dead at 44] , "The New York Times" by Nadine Brozan, March 8, 2006.]
*David Sklansky (born 1947), professional poker player and author. [Schwarz, Marc. "He wrote the book on Hold 'em; Teaneck native a poker authority.", "The Record (Bergen County)", July 12, 2005.]
*Jeremy Wieder, Rosh Yeshiva and instructor at Yeshiva University's Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. [Leichman, Abigail Klein. [ "Gathering of the gabbais"] , "Jewish Standard", February 9, 2006. Accessed August 25, 2007. "Teaneck resident Rabbi Jeremy Wieder led the latter session."]


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