Down the Road a Piece

Down the Road a Piece
"Down the Road a Piece"
Single by Will Bradley Trio
B-side "Celery Stalks at Midnight"
Released 1940 (1940)
Format 10" 78 rpm record
Recorded August 12, 1940
Genre Boogie-woogie
Length 3:10
Label Columbia (Cat. no. 35707)[1]
Writer(s) Don Raye

"Down the Road a Piece" is a boogie-woogie song written by Don Raye. In 1940, it was recorded by the Will Bradley Trio and became a top 10 hit in the closing months of the year. Called "a neat little amalgam of bluesy rhythm and vivid, catchy lyrics,"[2] the song was subsequently recorded by a variety of jazz, blues, and rock artists.[3]


Original song

"Down the Road a Piece" was recorded in 1940 by members of the Will Bradley/Ray McKinley Orchestra as the "Will Bradley Trio" (a misnomer as Bradley does not perform on the song, while a fourth, the song's writer Don Raye, does). Three musicians are mentioned in the lyrics:

The drummer man's a guy they call 'Eight Beat Mack'
And you remember Doc and ol' 'Beat Me Daddy' Slack

"Eight Beat Mack" refers to drummer Ray McKinley, "Doc" refers to bass player Doc Goldberg, and "Beat Me Daddy Slack" refers to pianist Freddie Slack (a reference to "Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar", a hit recorded earlier in 1940 by Slack with the Bradley/McKinley Orchestra). Vocals for "Down the Road a Piece" were provided by McKinley and Raye.


Although the original lyrics were used by Harry Gibson in 1945 and the Glenn Miller Orchestra (led by Ray McKinley) in 1946, subsequent recordings of "Down the Road a Piece" often changed the lyrics that referred to the musicians. Amos Milburn, who recorded the song in 1946, included the reference to "Eight Beat Mack", but changed the next line to "You remember me in beat me daddy's shack" removing references to the other two. When Ella Mae Morse sang the song in the early 1950s, she deleted Doc and Slack from the lyrics and replaced them with "Sam and Spider-Finger Jack", but kept the "Eight Beat Mack" reference, in spite of the fact that McKinley was not in the band, but Slack was. In 1956, Merrill Moore sang "Eight Beat Joe ... Beat Me Daddy Moe". Chuck Berry, who recorded the song in 1960, changed the lyrics further, removing "Eight Beat Mack" and replacing him with "Kicking McCoy", and re-wrote much of the song. Berry's version was copied by many later rock musicians, such as the Rolling Stones and Foghat.

Other versions


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