Spite (punk band)

Spite (punk band)

Infobox musical artist
Name = Spite

Img_capt = Image of lead Vocalist
Background = group_or_band
Origin = Kalamazoo, Michigan,

Genre = Punk, Hardcore
Years_active = 1983–1985
Label = CD Baby
Associated_acts = Violent Apathy, God Bullies, and

Negative Approach.
URL = [http://www.degeneratespite.com Official website]

Past_members = Scott Boman : Vocals
Dan Humiston : Bass
Tommy Fuller : Guitar
Greg Fox : Guitar
Bill (Willie)Axe : Drums

The Hardcore punk rock band, Spite, was an essential musical hub in the Michigan hardcore scene. It was made up of members from other notable bands, who branched out to play an essential roll in the musical community, both inside and outside the region. At present, Spite’s effect on music is evident in that it continues to be imitated by artists from a variety of Genres.Till, Jeff. [http://www.leonstemple.com/spite.html "SPITE ('80's 8) Their Story"] . "Leonstemple.com" (website).]

Band History

Spite formed in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the Fall of 1983Nelson, Jason. [http://www.stereokiller.com/bands/Spite "Spite (Online Band Profile & Biography)"] . "stereokiller.com" (website).] . These original members of the midwestern hardcore scene, played with other Kalamazoo groups such as Violent Apathy and "FAQ". [Till, Jeff. [http://www.leonstemple.com/faq.html "FAQ (1986-1993?) Their Story"] . "Leonstemple.com" (website).] During their brief career they performed with some national acts such as "Fang" and "Born Without a Face". [Born Without A Face Recording. [http://www.7inchpunk.com/?p=931 "Born Without A Face"] . "7inchpunk.com" (website).] Unborn Media Inc. "www.purevolume.com/spiteoriginal" "Spite (Original)". "Purevolume.com" (website).] Perhaps their most notable show was with the Butthole Surfers, Naked Raygun, and "Eleventh Hour" at Western Michigan University( February 23, 1985). [Dementlieu (magazine/record label). [http://www.dementlieu.com/~obik/arc/flyers.txt "Archive: Flyers"] . "dementlieu.com" (website).] [Images of Flyers. [http://www.djscottyboman.com/degeneratespite/spite.html "Spite"] . "djscottyboman.com" (website).]

Three of Spite's members went on to perform in other groups, while another made his mark in politics. They were: Scott Boman (Vocals) Former member of the Degenerates, Dan Humiston (Bass) Former member of Passive Aggression and later member Memories of Tomorrow, Greg Fox (Guitar & vocals) who is a former member of Passive Aggression and later member of , Bill (Willie) Axe(Drums & vocals) who is a former member of Passive Aggression and later member of RollingHead and Memories of TomorrowTill, Jeff. [http://www.leonstemple.com/rollinghead.html "Rollinghead (1991-1995?) Their Story"] . "Leonstemple.com" (website).] , and Tommy Fullercite news | first=Cale | last=Sauter | title=Michigan hardcore pioneers Violent Apathy reunite for shows | date=June 20, 2007 | publisher = City Pulse | url= http://www.lansingcitypulse.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1148| accessdate = | language = English] [Artist Direct Inc. [http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/store/artist/album/0,,2819526,00.html "Violent Apathy: Here Today (Album Reviews)"] . "Artistdirect.com" (website).] [MTV Networks [http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/violent_apathy/bio.jhtml "Biography : Violent Apathy"] . "VH1.com" (website).] [AOL Music [http://music.aol.com/artist/violent-apathy/435235/biography "Biography : Violent Apathy"] . "music.aol.com" (website).] [80's Retro Music [http://www.80sretromusic.com/CategoryContent.asp?CategoryId=&ArtistId=1133 "80's Retro Music: Violent Apathy"] . "80sretromusic.com" (website).] (Guitar leads) who was a Former member of the Touch and Go Records artist, Violent Apathy [Touch and Go / Quarterstick Records [http://www.touchandgorecords.com/bands/album.php?id=342&photo=273 "Album Info: Process of Elimination EP"] . "touchandgorecords.com" (website).] CD Baby Online Recoords [http://cdbaby.com/cd/spite "Spite: The Emotion Not the Point"] . "CDBaby.com" (website).]

After Spite

Tom Fuller

Guitarist, "Tom "Tommy" Fuller" [Artist Direct Inc. [http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/music/artist/appears/0,,702029,00.html "Tom Fuller: Featured Clips"] . "Artistdirect.com" (website).] Performed with Black Spring from 1989 to 1995. Black Spring released their Album "Girth" in 1992 [Till, Jeff. [http://www.leonstemple.com/blackspring.html "Black Spring (1989-1985?) Their Story"] . "Leonstemple.com" (website).] . In 2001 Fuller played guitar on the "Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things, Vol. 2 CD," which was on the Arcania International label. More recently, in 2005, he released his solo album, "Chasing an Illusion" on Red Cap Records [Mason, Dave. [http://www.redcaprecords.us "Tom Fuller noted in Dave Mason FMQB Interview"] . "redcaprecords.us" (website).] Fuller also appears on "Makin' the Point" by Frankie & The Knockouts. [Yahoo Shoping. [http://shopping.yahoo.com/p:Tom%20Fuller:1927341008:page=discography;_ylt=AvRTOnhG9Ji5AtsDOGQXASFUvQcF "Tom Fuller: Discography"] . "shopping.yahoo.com" (website).] Another 2005 appearance is with Twisted Sister on their "Live at Wacken: The Reunion" DVD [Artist Direct Inc. [http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/store/artist/album/0,,3491158,00.html "Twisted Sister : Live at Wacken: The Reunion (DVD)"] . "Artistdirect.com" (website).] . This DVD was produced by Eagle Vision USA. Most recently (June 2007), Tom Fuller has rejoined Violent Apathy on their Twenty Five Year Reunion Tour.

Greg Fox

Spite was also a springboard for the band's other guitarist, Greg Fox [Yahoo Shoping. [http://shopping.yahoo.com/p:Greg%20Fox:1927234891:page=discography?sort=az "Greg Fox: Discography"] . "shopping.yahoo.com" (website).] . In 1989 Fox joined the Huntunes and performed on their self-titled album [Artist Direct Inc. [http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/store/artist/album/0,,3738350,00.html "Huntunes : Huntunes"] . "Artistdirect.com" (website).] [All Media Guide. [http://www.answers.com/topic/huntunes?cat=entertainment "Pop Albums: Huntones"] . "Answers.com" (website).] . Greg Fox also played guitar on a 2004 release by "The '89 Cubs" called, "There Are Giants in the Earth" [Mason, Stewart. [http://shopping.yahoo.com/p:There%20Are%20Giants%20In%20The%20Earth:1922061292;_ylt=AjzRTZeNJWiwT0ynF3TepzBUvQcF "Pro Reviews: THE '89 CUBS: There Are Giants In The Earth"] . "shopping.yahoo.com" (website).] , which was recorded on the Slowdance Records [Slowdance Records. [http://www.slowdance.com "RELEASES"] . "slowdance.com" (website).] label. [Mason, Stewart. [http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/store/artist/album/0,,3034136,00.html "there are giants in the earth - album reviews"] . "artistdirect.com" (website).]

cott Boman

The vocalist, Scott Boman, also wrote opinion columns in the Western Herald (Western Michigan University publication)cite news | first=Scott | last=Boman | title=Police disturb quiet gathering | date=November 21, 1986 | publisher = Western Herald | url=http://Westernherald.com | accessdate = | language = [http://purplecube.info] ] cite news | first=Nichole | last=Allen | title=WMU alum running for Lt. Governor | date=November 1, 2006 | publisher = Western Herald | url=http://media.www.westernherald.com/media/storage/paper881/news/2006/11/01/News/Wmu-Alum.Running.For.Lt.Governor-2415318.shtml | accessdate = | language =English ] , was founder of Fellowship of the Purple Cube and a perenial Michigan Libertarian politician. [Boman, Scotty. [http://scottyboman.org "Scotty Boman for Lt. Governor"] . "http://scottyboman.org" (website).] [Vote-USA Project. [http://www.vote-usa.org/Intro.aspx?Id=MIBomanScotty "Connecting Voters and Candidates"] . "vote-usa.org" (website).] [cite news | first=Bob | last=Campbell | coauthors=Dawson Bell and Zachary Gorchow | title=POLITICALLY SPEAKING: Scotty Boman is running again | date=May 22, 2006 | publisher = Detroit Free Press | url=http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060522/NEWS06/605220367 | accessdate = | language =English [http://mi.lp.org/news/inthenews.php] ]

Bill Axe

After Spite was dissolved, drummer Bill "Willie" Axe performed with bassist Dan Humiston in Memories of TomorrowTill, Jeff. [http://www.leonstemple.com/memoriesoftomorrow.html "Memories of Tomorrow Their Story"] . "Leonstemple.com" (website).] . Then, from 1991 to 1995, Axe played drums for Rollinghead. Rollinghead released their CD "Daddyhorse" in 1991 on the Piranha Alley Records label, and in 1994 they released "Vol.3 Live" via the Grass Records and Roundflat Records labels. [Clemens, Shirley (w/Exit Records). [http://members.aol.com/elvisii/story.htm "DEAD RIVER DRAG (rose from the ashes of two great bands from Kalamazoo, Mich)"] . "members.aol.com" (website).] [Vanished Kalamazoo. [http://www.vanishedkalamazoo.com/piranha/piranha.htm "PIRANHA ALLEY"] . "vanishedkalamazoo.com" (website).]

Dan Humiston

Bass player, Dan "Danno" Humiston went on to perform with the bands, Shroud of Secrecy [Till, Jeff. [http://www.tasmlab.com/special/contrib.html "The TASM Lab Fellows: About the players and contributors:"] . "Leonstemple.com" (website).] and Memories of Tomorrow(1989). Memories of Tomorrow performed with Soundgarden at the state theater during its Louder than Love tour. Humiston also recorded and engineered the CD, "Racecar 1991" by Overman [Till, Jeff. [http://www.tasmlab.com/overman/credits.html "Overman - Racecar! Redux 2003"] . "Leonstemple.com" (website).] , the work was of such interest that it was later remasterd as "Racecar 2003" [Till, Jeff. [http://www.tasmlab.com/special/purchase.html "Kalamzoo's sexiest! OVERMAN! in: Racecar! Redux 2003"] . "Leonstemple.com" (website).] .


* The Emotion not the Point:Though Spite performed in the 1980s, they did not release their work on CD until 2007, when they released, "The Emotion Not The Point." Songs include: Bored, Our Backyard, Andy's Gone, and Bowser Rules.

Discography featuring former members

* Here Today - single (Violent Apathy 1983) [Artist Direct Inc. [http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/store/artist/album/0,,2819526,00.html "Violent Apathy: Here Today (Album Reviews)"] . "Artistdirect.com" (website).] :Tom Fuller Recorded this "before" Spite.
* Four Song Demo (Memories of Tomorrow 1989, western sound studios)
* Huntunes (Huntunes 1989) [All Media Guide. [http://www.answers.com/topic/huntunes?cat=entertainment "Pop Albums: Huntones"] . "Answers.com" (website).]
* LONG BLACK FEELING (Rollinghead 1991-1995)
* DADDYHORSE (Rollinghead 1991-1995)
* '89 Cubs (There Are Giants in the Earth 2004) [Mason, Stewart. [http://shopping.yahoo.com/p:There%20Are%20Giants%20In%20The%20Earth:1922061292;_ylt=AjzRTZeNJWiwT0ynF3TepzBUvQcF "Pro Reviews: THE '89 CUBS: There Are Giants In The Earth"] . "shopping.yahoo.com" (website).]

Spite tribute bands

Since the original Kalamazoo band, Spite, dissolved, several musical groups have emulated Spites style and public persona. This even includes adoption of the original band name:

:In 1996 such a group formed in Charlotte, North Carolina [Huey, Steve. [http://music.yahoo.com/ar-294449-bio--Spite "Biography: Spite (1996 tribute)"] . "music.yahoo.com" (website).] . :In 1999 a “Spite” group formed in west-vlaanderen, Belgium [Rock 'N' Roll Team. [http://www.spite.be "Spite Homepage (1999 tribute)"] . "http://www.spite.be" (website).] .

:In 2001 a group in Nürnberg Germany, adopter use of the "Spite" moniker and Instrumental style. [Doc & Basti. "www.myspace.com/spitehardcore." "Spite hardcore (2001 tribute)". "myspace.com" (website).] :Most recently a Devizes, Southwest, United Kingdom version formed in 2006 [Davey, Sam. "www.myspace.com/spitemusic." "SPITE: Pop Punk / Emo / Rock (2006 tribute)"] . "myspace.com" (website).] .

These are to be regarded as tribute bands, rather than the original on reunion tours, since none of these more recent incarnations of Spite contain any of the original members.


External links

* [http://degeneratespite.com Homepage of Spite and Degenerates]
* [http://www.stereokiller.com/bands/Spite Informational page about "Spite"]
* [http://www.pahardcore.com/bands/spite Spite information page]
* [http://cdbaby.com/cd/spite Information about their CD]

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