Spite (disambiguation)

Spite (disambiguation)

Spite or Spiteful may refer to:
*a human sentiment, see spite (sentiment)
*Spite, in fair division problems, a phenomenon in which a player's value of an allocation decreases when one or more other players' valuation increases
*HMS Spiteful (destroyer) (1899-1920), a B-class torpedo boat destroyer privately built for the Royal Navy
*HMS Spiteful (P227), an S-class submarine of the British Royal Navy
*Supermarine Spiteful, WWII era fighter prototype to succeed the Spitfire
*Spite fence, an overly-tall fence erected between two adjacent lots by a property owner
*Spite house, a building constructed specifically because someone does not want it there
*Spite (punk band) A hardcore punk band from Michigan.
*"Spite", a song by Raven from their 1994 album "Glow"
*"Spite", a song by Element Eighty from their 2005 album The Bear

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