Appeal (disambiguation)

Appeal (disambiguation)

Appeal may refer to:

* Appeal – in law an appeal is a challenge of a judicial judgement to a higher authority, usually called an appellate court.
* Appeal (motion) – in parliamentary procedure an appeal is a challenge of the chair's ruling.

* Various types of logical fallacy are described as an "appeal to" "something":
** Appeal to tradition
** Appeal to probability
** Appeal to authority
** Argument from ignorance (appeal to ignorance)
** Argumentum ad populum (appeal to belief, appeal to the majority, appeal to the people)
** Appeal to emotion
** Appeal to novelty
** Appeal to flattery
** Appeal to fear
** Appeal to consequences
** Appeal to motive
** Appeal to pity
** Appeal to ridicule
** Appeal to spite
** Argumentum ad baculum (appeal to force, appeal to the stick)

Other uses

* "Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World", an 1829 abolitionist pamphlet written by David Walker
* Appeal of 18 June, Charles de Gaulle's call for French resistance against Nazi Germany after the Battle of France.
*"The Appeal", a novel by John Grisham.
* The Commercial Appeal, a daily newspaper in Memphis, Tennessee.
* The Mariam Appeal, a political campaign established in 1998.
* For an object's or person's "appeal", see preference or Taste (sociology)In sports:
* Appeal (cricket), a request to an umpire for a ruling on whether a cricket batsman is out.
* An appeal play in baseball.

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