List of P. G. Wodehouse characters

List of P. G. Wodehouse characters
Lists of P. G. Wodehouse characters
Characters in all Wodehouse stories
Characters in other stories
v · fictional characters featured in the books and stories of P. G. Wodehouse, by series, in alphabetical order by series name. Due to overlap between the various classifications of Wodehouse's work, some characters appear more than once.


Blandings Castle

Threepwood family

Emsworth's siblings and their families

  • Jane, deceased sister of Emsworth
    • Angela, daughter of Jane, Emsworth's niece
  • Lady Charlotte, Emsworth's sister, "a tougher egg even than Lady Constance, or her younger sister, Lady Julia".
    • Jane, her daughter

Emsworth's children and their families

Distant relations

  • Mrs Jack Hale, mentioned as belonging to the collateral branch of the family (Something Fresh)

Domestic staff


House staff

  • Sebastian Beach, butler
    • Maudie, his much-married niece
  • Mrs Twemlow, housekeeper
  • Merridew, an under-butler
  • James and Alfred, Thomas and Stokes, Charles and Henry, footmen at the Castle

Outdoor staff

Pig staff

Other characters

Golf stories

  • The Oldest Member
  • Agnes Flack
  • Sidney McMurdo
  • The Wrecking Crew, a foursome:
    • The First Grave Digger
    • The Man with the Hoe
    • Old Father Time
    • Consul, the Almost-Human
  • Felicia Blakeny
  • Chester Meredith


Jeeves's relations

  • his niece Mabel, a chorus girl ("The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy" from Carry on Jeeves)
  • his cousin Egbert, constable of Beckley-in-the-Moor ("Without the Option" from Carry on Jeeves)
  • his uncle Charlie Silversmith, butler at Deverill Hall in Hampshire (The Mating Season)
  • P.B. Pigott, Aunt in Eggsford, (Aunts Aren't Gentlemen aka The Catnappers)

Bertie's relations

  • his aunt Dahlia Travers, sister to his late father
    • her husband Tom Travers, his uncle
    • George Travers, apparently Tom's brother
    • Bonzo Travers, Tom and Dahlia's son
    • Angela Travers, Tom and Dahlia's daughter
  • his aunt Agatha Gregson, later Lady Worplesdon, sister to his late father
    • Spenser Gregson, her first husband
      • Thomas Gregson, (Thos.), their son
    • Percy Craye, Earl of Worplesdon, her second husband
      • Lady Florence Craye, Lord Worplesdon's daughter
      • Edwin Craye, his son, a Boy Scout
      • Zenobia "Nobby" Hopwood, his ward
  • his uncle Willoughby Wooster, Bertie's initial trustee, resident of a country seat in Shropshire, notable for his scandalous Reminiscences
  • his uncle Henry Wooster, a very personable 'looney' who kept pet rabbits in his bedroom
    • Emily Wooster, Henry's widow
    • Claude and Eustace Wooster, Henry and Emily's troublesome twin sons, Bertie's cousins
  • his uncle George Wooster, Lord Yaxley, who has devoted his entire life to the pleasures of the table, and "discovered that alcohol was a food well in advance of modern medical thought"
    • Maud Wilberforce, a former barmaid and Yaxley's former fiancée, whom he ends up marrying
  • his sister Mrs. Scholfield, who lives in India with her three daughters

Bertie's friends

  • Harold "Beefy" Anstruther, Bertie's friend from Oxford, engaged to Hilda, a friend of Madeline Bassett
  • Cyril Bassington-Bassington
  • Bill Belfry, 9th Earl of Rowcester, an impoverished friend of Bertie and a fellow member of the Drones Club
  • Francis "Bicky" Bickersteth, a young Englishman sent to make his fortune in New York
    • The Duke of Chiswick, Bicky's wealthy and displeased father
  • Charles Edward "Biffy" Biffen, a fellow member of the Drones Club, who is extremely absent-minded and in love with Jeeves's niece Mabel
  • The Rev. Rupert "Beefy" Bingham, a school friend
  • Freddie Bullivant, another Drones Club member
    • Elizabeth Vickers, the girl whom Freddie loves
  • Marmaduke, 5th Baron "Chuffy" Chuffnell, a school friend
    • Myrtle, the Dowager Lady Chuffnell, Chuffy's aunt
      • Seabury, Lady Chuffnell's son by her first marriage
  • Bruce "Corky" Corcoran, a New York portrait painter turned cartoonist
    • Alexander Worple, Corky's wealthy uncle
    • Muriel Singer, first Corky's fiancée and later Mrs Alexander Worple
  • Augustus "Gussie" Fink-Nottle, lover of newts
  • George Webster "Boko" Fittleworth, author of plays and fiction
  • Hildebrand "Tuppy" Glossop, Sir Roderick Glossop's nephew
    • Cora Bellinger, an opera singer whom Tuppy loves
  • Reginald "Kipper" Herring, former fellow inmate of Malvern House, their preparatory school.
  • Richard P. "Bingo" Little, renowned in the early days for his ability to fall in love with every girl he meets, later marries Rosie M. Banks and becomes editor of Wee Tots magazine
    • Rosie Little, née Rosie M. Banks, Bingo's wife, a novelist whom Bertie impersonates once
    • Algernon Aubrey Little, Bingo's son
    • Lord Bittlesham, formerly Mortimer Little, Bingo's uncle and provider of his allowance
  • Gussie Mannering-Phipps, Bertie's cousin in New York
    • Ray Denison, Gussie's fiancée and music hall performer
  • Rev. Harold "Stinker" Pinker, curate in Market Snodsbury.
    • Stephanie "Stiffy" Pinker, née Byng, his wife
  • Claude Cattermole "Catsmeat" Potter-Pirbright, a school friend
    • Cora "Corky" Pirbright, his sister
      • The Rev. Sidney Pirbright, Catsmeat's and Corky's uncle; vicar of King's Deverill
  • Oliver Randolph "Sippy" Sipperley, an impecunious aspiring author
    • Vera Sipperley, his aunt and means of financial support
    • Professor Pringle, his daughter Heloise, and aunt Jane, friends of Aunt Vera
    • Gwendolen Moon, a poetess with whom he is in love
  • Rockmetteller "Rocky" Todd, a poet who lives on Long Island and hates New York City
    • Isabel Rockmetteller, Rocky's fun-loving aunt

Bertie's antagonists

Romantic interests and fiancées

  • Madeline Bassett, Sir Watkyn Bassett's daughter
  • Daphne Braythwayt, Honoria Glossop's friend
  • Stephanie "Stiffy" Byng, later Mrs. Harold Pinker, Watkyn Bassett's niece
  • Lady Florence Craye, Lord Worplesdon's daughter and Bertie's first fiancée
  • Honoria Glossop, Sir Roderick Glossop's daughter
  • Aline Hemmingway, Soapy Sid's partner in crime
  • Gwladys Pendlebury, an artist who paints Bertie's portrait
  • Pauline Stoker
    • J. Washburn Stoker, her father, an American millionaire
    • Dwight Stoker, Washburn's son and Pauline's younger brother
    • Emerald Stoker, Pauline's sister
    • Benstead, valet to George Stoker, Washburn's late cousin; a friend of Jeeves
  • Lady Cynthia Wickhammersley, daughter of Lord Wickhammersley
  • Roberta "Bobbie" Wickham, enamoured of practical jokes, engagement broken off and became enemies for a short period
    • Lady Wickham, Bobbie's mother; an old friend of Aunt Agatha
    • Clementina, Bobbie's cousin

Domestic staff

  • Meadowes, Jeeves's predecessor as Bertie's valet
  • Brinkley (renamed Rupert Bingley) Bertie's valet commissioned when Jeeves gives notice, soon sacked for his insane behavior
  • Maple, Lord Worplesdon's butler
  • Mulready, Sir Reginald Witherspoon's butler
  • Oakshott, Uncle Willoughby's butler
  • Purvis, Aunt Agatha's butler
  • Seppings, one of the Travers' butlers at Brinkley Court
  • Waterbury, the chauffeur at Brinkley Court
  • Anatole, chef extraordinaire, employed by Tom and Dahlia Travers
  • Butterfield, butler at Totleigh Towers

Other characters

  • Mr Anstruther, an elderly man who holds a Good Conduct competition between Thomas Gregson and Bonzo Travers
  • Mr Blumenfeld, producer of musicals
  • Comrade Butt, a Marxist revolutionary
  • Ernest Dobbs, constable of King's Deverill, and betrothed of Queenie Silversmith, Deverill Hall's beautiful parlourmaid
  • The Rt. Hon. A. B. Filmer, a Cabinet Minister
  • Esmond Haddock, a man dominated by his aunts
    • Charlotte, Emmeline, Harriet, and Myrtle Deverill, and Dame Daphne Winkworth, his aunts
  • Sidney "Soapy Sid" Hemmingway, a con man
  • Aline Hemmingway, Soapy Sid's partner in crime
  • The Rev. Francis Heppenstall, a long-winded vicar
    • Mary Burgess, his niece
  • Peggy Mainwaring, a student at Miss Tomlinson's school
  • Miss Mapleton, headmistress of a girls' school in Bingley
  • McIntosh, Aunt Agatha's terrier
  • Sebastian Moon, a detestable young boy with golden curls
  • Daphne Dolores Morehead, an attractive blonde bestselling novelist, prob. based on Daphne du Maurier
  • Eustace Oates, constable at Totleigh-in-the-Wold
  • Wilmot, Lord Pershore, a sheltered young man
    • Lady Malvern, his over-protective mother
  • Rhoda Platt, a barmaid whom Lord Yaxley thinks he loves
  • Lucius Pim, an artist who loves Gwladys Pendlebury
    • Beatrice Slingsby, his sister
    • Alexander Slingsby, Beatrice's husband
  • Laura Pyke, a nutrition-obsessed schoolmate of Rosie M. Banks
  • Charlotte Corday Rowbotham, a Marxist with whom Bingo Little falls in love
  • Jane Snettisham, Aunt Dahlia's friend, who attempts to win Anatole from her in a bet
    • Jack, Lord Snettisham, Jane's husband
  • Rupert Steggles, a crooked bookie
  • Mrs Tinkler-Moulke, a patient of Sir Roderick Glossop
  • Miss Tomlinson, the headmistress of a girls' school
  • The Rev. Aubrey Upjohn, headmaster of Malvern House, where Bertie went to school
  • Lord Wickhammersley, a friend of Bertie's late father
    • Lady Cynthia Wickhammersley, his daughter
  • Dame Daphne Winkworth, Aunt Agatha's friend and Madeline Bassett's godmother; also an acquaintance of Lord Emsworth
    • Gertrude Winkworth, her daughter
  • Jas. Waterbury, the "greasy bird": theatrical agent and blackmailer
  • Sir Reginald Witherspoon, Bart., husband of Uncle Tom's sister Katharine
    • Augustus "Gus" the cat, who intensely dislikes being disturbed from his sleep and, unlike most cats, dislikes being scratched under the ears

Mr Mulliner

  • Mr Mulliner, pub raconteur with a large family
    • his nephew Archibald Mulliner, sock collector who can mimic a hen laying an egg
    • his nephew Rev. Augustine Mulliner, a timid young curate before being 'bucked-up'

Psmith and Mike

  • Psmith, an immaculately dressed, monocle-sporting young man. His name is Rupert Psmith in his early appearances, but is changed to Ronald Psmith in Leave it to Psmith (a Blandings story, characters from which are listed above), presumably to avoid confusion with Rupert Baxter
    • Mr Smith, Psmith's father, an eccentric man
  • Mike Jackson, best friend of Psmith
  • Burgess, captain of the Wrykyn cricket team
  • "Gazeka" Firby-Smith, head of Mike's house at Wrykyn
  • Bob Jackson, Mike's elder brother, also at Wrykyn
  • Trevor and Clowes, friends of Bob and keen cricketers
  • Wain, master of Mike's house at Wrykyn
    • Wyatt, Wain's step-stop, who shares a dorm with Mike at Wrykyn
  • Neville-Smith, a day boy at Wrykyn, a good fast bowler
  • Strachan, the boy who took Mike's place as IX Cricket Captain
  • Mr Outwood, master of Mike and Psmith's house at Sedleigh
  • Mr Downing, master of another house at Sedleigh
  • Adair, very keen cricket captain at Sedleigh
  • Tom Jellicoe, a boy in Outwood's house, who shares a dorm with Mike and Psmith
  • Spiller, another boy in Outwood's, whose study Psmith steals
  • Stone, another boy in Outwood's, a ragger
  • Robinson, another boy in Outwood's, Stone's henchman
  • Dunster, a Sedleigh old boy and famed ragger
  • Sergeant Collard, portly school sergeant as Sedleigh
  • John Bickersdyke, head of the New Asiatic Bank
  • Mr Rossiter, Head Postage at the Bank, a football fan
    • Bannister, Mike's forerunner in Postage
    • Bristow, Mike's successor there
  • Mr Robert Waller, Head of the Cash Department, an amiable sort, but a secret socialist
  • Mr Prebble, an unintelligible socialist orator
  • Joe Jackson, one of Mike's brothers, an M.C.C. player
  • Reggie Jackson, another cricket playing brother
  • Billy Windsor, a New York journalist befriended by Psmith
  • Kid Brady, a boxer boosted by Psmith in New York
  • Bat Jarvis, a New York gangster befriended by Psmith
    • Long Otto, one of Jarvis' henchmen, a stringy, silent young man
  • Spider Reilly, another gang boss, head of the "Three Points" gang
    • Jack Repetto, a thug in Reilly's gang, who ruins Psmith's hat
  • Dude Dawson, head of the "Table Hill" gang, Reilly's main rival
  • Francis Parker, a sinister, well-dressed man


Uncle Fred


Introduced in rough order of the book in which they first appear

  • Peter Pett, Millionaire and wife to Nesta Ford
  • Anne Chester, Mr Pett's niece and beloved of Jimmy Crocker
  • Jimmy Crocker, wild socialite on the mend
  • Eugenia Crocker (Formerly van Brunt), disapproving stepmother of Jimmy and Nesta Ford's sister.
  • Bingley Crocker, his father, enthusiastic baseball fan
  • Skinner, Chicago Ed (Various Aliases of Bingley Crocker)
  • Jerry Mitchell, Mr Pett's physical instructor
  • Willie Partridge, Nesta Ford's nephew and inventor of the explosive Partidgite
  • Lord Wisbeach (Actually Jack the Gentleman), thief after the explosive
  • Lord Wisbeach (The Real One) Piccadilly Jim's friend
  • Mr Sturgis, head of a detective agency
  • Miss Trimble, private detective and ardent socialist
  • Bud Smithers, owner of a dogs' home thought appropriate for Ogden by several conspirators
  • Lord Percy Whipple, the man who fights Piccadilly Jim in a club
  • Monty Bodkin, a member of the Drones Club who appears in a number of novels and is one of Lord Emsworth's many secretaries
    • Gertrude Butterwick, the girl to whom Monty was engaged.
    • John G. Butterwick (J. B. Butterwick in 'Pearls'), Gertrude's father, uncle to Ambrose and Reggie, demands that Monty hold a job for one year
      • Ambrose Tennyson, cousin of Gertrude Butterwick, elder brother of Reggie, novelist engaged to Lotus Blossom
    • Reggie Tennyson, cousin of Gertrude Butterwick, younger brother of Ambrose, Drones Club member and friend of Monty
    • Sandy Miller, Monty's secretary in California, the girl he marries.
  • Reggie Pepper, the hapless protagonist of several stories; Bertie Wooster's prototype
  • Oofy Prosser, the richest member of Drones Club.
    • Myrtle Prosser, Oofy's wife.
  • Pillingshot, schoolboy at St. Austin's, pose as a 'master detective'


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