Chand Khedi, Kota

Chand Khedi, Kota
Chand Khedi, Kota
—  village  —
Country India
State Rajasthan
District(s) Jhalawar
Nearest city Kota and Jhalawar
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

Chand Khedi is a small village near Kota, Rajasthan where a very old temple of Rishabhdev is situated. This temple was often invaded by Aurangzeb one of the Mughal rulers but because of some special power he was unable to destroy the temple.

A very famous story regarding this is, while destroying one of the idols of the temple the axe got encountered with right toe of the idol, and from that cut in the toe a river of milk came out which swept away all the invaders and made the temple safe.

MIRACULOUS IMAGES OF TIRTHANKARS OBTAINED FROM CAVES: there was another incident related to this temple that attracted people from all over India. A Jain saint Shri Sudha sagar Ji Maharaj, disciple of Acharya Shri Vidhya Sagar Ji Maharaj belonging to Digambar Jain sect to come out of the caves at Chandkhedi Atishaya Kshetra in Madhya Pradesh in the afternoon of the 31st March, 2002, carrying three images made of 'sphatik mani' (clear transparent stone) and displaying thse before a huge mass of Jain followers to their utter surprise. The images were of a rare nature, simply marvellous,alluring and supernatural, as if heavenly or celestial in appearance. One of these was of Shri Chanda Prabhu Ji, 2.5 feet in height, second of Arihant Bhagwan and the third one of Shri Parshwa Nath Bhagwan. It is probably for the first time, that statues of such a clear crystal, majestic in appearance have been obtained in miraculous circumstances. The saint had earlier proclaimed that he had been advised in a dream to take these images out from a certain place inside the caves on a particular day and time, from the place, where these were safely stored for thousands of years. According to the saint, Shri Sudha sagar Ji, the history of Chandkhedi village is itself about 1200 years old and so the statues images would be much older than that.These images are presently kept in safe custody of the temple authorities and will be appropriately installed in due course.

Chandkhedi is located at 55 km. from Ataru railway station on Kota-Guna line of the Western Railway.


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