Noboru Yamaguchi (author)

Noboru Yamaguchi (author)

Noboru Yamaguchi (ヤマグチ ノボル Yamaguchi Noboru?, born February 11, 1972) is a male Japanese light novel and game scenario author from Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. He is well-known for being the author of the Zero no Tsukaima light novels and works in Front Wing game studio.

He currently has cancer.[1]



Light novels

  • Green Green
  • Imōto Lesson Koko wa Otome no Sono
  • Kakikake no Love Letter
  • Kaze no Kishi Hime
  • Potion Uri no Marea
  • Nibun no Ichi
  • Santa Claris Crisis
  • Sister Spring
  • Strike Witches
  • Tabitha no Bōken
  • Tōku 6 Mile no Kanojo
  • Zero no Tsukaima

Game scenarios

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