Passive safety device

Passive safety device

A passive safety device for vehicles is a safety belt with at least one upper end braced with the shoulder of the vehicle passenger. This upper end of the safety belt is able to be connected by a manually-operable belt lock equipped with a shackle. The shackle is held on a slide which can be displaced in a guide rail held on the vehicle body between a release location and a restraining position. The slide can be locked in the restraining position in a receiving means fixed on the vehicle body by a spring-loaded locking latch. If the slide becomes stuck at a position remote from the restraining position, the vehicle occupant could be protected by manually inserting into the receiving means one end of an emergency lock insertion shackle carried separately in the vehicle, and by fastening the belt lock to the opposite end of the insertion shackle device.cite web | last =| first = | date =| url =| title = Passive safety device for vehicles | work = free patents online | accessdate = 2007-06-28] cite web | last =| first = | date =| url =
title = Passive safety device | work = free patents online | accessdate = 2007-06-28


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