List of characters in Syphon Filter

List of characters in Syphon Filter

This is a "'list of characters in Syphon Filter.

Main Characters

Gabriel Logan

Gabriel Logan is an agent for the International Presidential Consulting Agency in "Syphon Filter", "Syphon Filter 2", "Syphon Filter 3", ', ' and "". He is voiced by John Chacon in the first three games, and by James Arnold Taylor in the rest.

He served in the 75th Ranger Regiment for 12 years, and fought in Grenada. He met Lian Xing during a mission in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. He served in the Persian Gulf War, hunting down SCUD missiles in the Iraqi desert. In 1993 he joined the Agency. As of , Gabe is appointed Commander-In-Chief, and reforms the Agency, naming it the International Presidential Consulting Agency.

In Logan's Shadow, Gabe is shot four times in the chest at the end of the game, when Trinidad opens fire on him and Lian Xing. Gabe jumps in front of Lian firing two shots, killing Trinidad. Trinidad says final words to Lian, and Lian finds Gabe on the ground face down. She rolls him over, Gabe is not breathing. She gives Gabe CPR as the scene ends. Whether Gabe survives is unknown.

Lian Xing

Lian Xing is a fictional video game character in the Syphon Filter series, developed and published by Sony. She was voiced by Ava Fang in the first game, Zoe Galvez in "Syphon Filter 2" and "3", and lastly, Kim Mai Guest in ', ', and "".

Born in Kashi, China. She first met Logan in Afghanistan, both working on assignments against the Soviets. During the 1990s, Lian was then working for the Agency as Logan's partner. In Syphon Filter 2, it's revealed that before she joined the Agency, she was a Ministry of State Security agent.

During the events of the first game, Lian provided tactical support for Logan, but was captured during a covert operation in Kazakhstan. During her captivity, she was infected with the Syphon Filter virus before being saved by Gabe. She helped provide tactical support for him during the rest of the game, and also uncovered pieces of Markinson's involvement in the conspiracy.

During the events of "Syphon Filter 2", Lian is captured by Agency operatives headed by Dillon Morgan and Derrek Falkan so that the Agency could continue researching the virus in her body. Meanwhile, Gabe and CBDC GIs attempted to get the data disks regarding the Syphon Filter virus over to Teresa Lipan at the Arizona desert, but instead was shot down over the Colorado mountains. Lian eventually escapes the McKenzie Air Force base and managed to save Gabe shortly before the train drove off the railway bridge. After Gabe recovered the data disks from Morgan, it turned out that they only had half of the data, and that a Soviet officer, Uri Gregorov, had the other half. Lian arranged to have a meeting with Gregorov in Moscow, but a firefight erupts, with Lian chasing Gregorov. The Gregorov that Lian was pursuing was an impostor, with the real Gregorov being in the Aljir Prison, a place Lian was familiar with. Lian infiltrates the prison and successfully extracts Gregorov. Unfortunately, the Syphon Filter virus started getting a better hold on her and she lost consciousness. Gabe infiltrates the Agency Labs in New York to get the vaccine synthesized. After a firefight with Jason Chance, Gabe manages to administer the vaccine, therefore curing her from the Syphon Filter virus.

During the event of "Syphon Filter 3", Gabe and Lian took turns giving their testimonies to a corrupt Secretary of State Vince Hadden. Lian gave details of the operations in Costa Rica and Afghanistan. During current operations, she was in Australia with support provided by MI-6 operative Maggie Powers. She was to take photographic evidence of genocide, sabotage the compound's communications systems, take out as many terrorists as possible, and save as many aborigines as possible. Upon Elsa Weissenger's kidnapping, Lian convinces Elsa to synthesize the vaccine. Before going off to save the villagers, Elsa gives Lian a data disk containing information about Mara Aramov as an insurance policy in case Aramov double-crossed her. Lian saves the villagers and kills Commander Silvers in the process. Elsa disappears when Lian returns to the chopper. At the end of the game, Gabe and Lian were exonerated from all accused crimes, and eventually form the I.P.C.A..

During "", I.P.C.A. recruits were busy carrying out operations in Carthage, Michigan, and Belarus. Lian accompanies Gabe to Uganda during the Carthage operation, and does an infiltration mission in Kyrgystan which is playable if the player completed all par times for the Belarus campaign. Lian also heads an operation in Tokyo to assault a building she infiltrated, but had a leg injury during the mission. She later headed a mission in Myanmar to recover I.P.C.A. Imani Gray's body as well as finish an assignment Imani was supposed to carry out. Lian was then stuck in H.Q. while Gabe and an I.P.C.A. recruit investigate Zurich. During the final assault on Ivankov's base, Lian is pre-occupied in a firefight in the surrounding forest for the entire mission. After the particular mission, everything worked out well thanks to the recruits' hard efforts throughout the game, with a praise from the U.S. president.

In "", Lian Xing disappears and is accused by Robert Cordell, the governmental beaureaucrat in charge of the IPCA, of being a double agent. A while after Lian is found, it is revealed that she has a husband, who is the scientist (Shen) that everyone is tracking down. It is also revealed that she is in love with Gabe. Shen killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head at the end of the game to avoid being captured by Trinidad. At the end of the game, Gabe kills Trinidad after shielding Lian. Lian may potentially be the only surviving member of the original games protagonists because of Trinidad's surprise attack.

Teresa Lipan

Teresa Lipan is a former ATF agent, voiced by Shannon Tilton in all appearances. Working in western Montana, Teresa Lipan was caught in a middle of a conspiracy with NSA hitmen. With the help of an undercover Gabe Logan, Teresa saves fellow ATF agents and as many militia men as she can. She also saves Dusty and Debbie Oakton, family relatives of Earl Oakton, a mountain survivalist who was executed by NSA hitmen.

In the series, Teresa Lipan started working for the Agency in 1994, but prior to the events of the first game she leaves the Agency, upon discovering what the Agency really was (revealed in "Syphon Filter 2").

In "Syphon Filter 2", Teresa Lipan helped provide support for Gabe. She disarmed bombs at the Pharcom Expo center while he was in a firefight with Dillon Morgan. Teresa Lipan was also partnered up with Logan in Moscow, being ambushed by unknown gunmen. Not long after that, she helped Logan in New York by planting a block of C4 underneath him and Lyle Stevens, then assisted Logan in getting through the sewers all the way to the ground level. In addition, she trapped Stevens while they were still in the garage, with Logan finishing him off (unless the player misses then Teresa shoots him). Teresa Lipan was later "killed" by Jason Chance during the extraction.

In "Syphon Filter 3", it is revealed that Teresa Lipan faked her death and was spying on Vince Hadden before giving her testimony during her ATF days. She was busy giving attention to wounded federal agents while Gabe chased Aramov.

In "", Teresa works as a liaison for the I.P.C.A., providing intelligence to all I.P.C.A. agents in the field.

In Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, Teresa Lipan is Gabe Logan's contact due to Lian Xing being missing in action. At the end of Logan's Shadow, we see Teresa Lipan on the floor injured, at the boxing gym. It is then revealed that Trinidad is hiding and opens fire on Gabe and Lian. Whether Teresa survived or not is unknown.

Lawrence Mujari

Lawrence Mujari is a friend of Teresa Lipan's, introduced in the second game. He is voiced by Bryan Session in both the second and third games and by Khary Payton in the . He was a former soldier in the South African Army during the time of apartheid. It is also known, for example according to his Senate testimony given during Syphon Filter 3, that he had been a troubleshooter employed by the African National Congress. The game changes the name of the group to the "African National Council". Mujari testified it was in this role that he first encountered the Syphon Filter virus, during his 1984 investigation of a new disease outbreak at a gold mine located in Mpumalanga. Mujari has a flashback during this testimony; during this flashback, the player controls him while he carries out that investigation.

After seeing the effects of viral infections firsthand, Mujari left his previous work and joined the Agency, in which he trained as a bio-chemist. He was a strong believer in non-lethal force, and refused to take a life if it could be avoided, but did kill in self-defense. Mujari is killed by Chinese agent Trinidad at the end of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.

The Agency/The Consortium

The Agency was a men in black group that appeared in the first two games. The Consortium was the group that funded the Agency.

Thomas Markinson

Thomas Markinson was the commander of "The Agency", which contained himself, Gabe Logan, Lian Xing, Ellis, Edward Benton and various other operatives. Markinson commanded Gabe and Lian throughout Washington D.C., where the terrorist group called the "Black Baton" (led by Erich Rhoemer and Mara Aramov) was attacking. Benton was in charge of commanding a raid at the Washington Park, led by Jenkins. Jenkins and his team were wiped out. In addition, both Rhoemer and Aramov escaped. Markinson placed Benton on leave due to his performance. It was revealed later at an exhibition center that Benton was actually working with the "Black Baton" group. Gabe kills the mole, and later questions Markinson. Markinson explains that he knew Benton was working with the group, and he was trying to get a lead on Rhoemer.

This later worked, as it led Gabe Logan and Lian Xing to a base in Kazakhstan. Unfortunately for them, Lian was "killed" due to an ambush by Rhoemer. Gabe reveals this to Markinson, who had a backup chopper waiting. They both escape as Rhoemer's base goes up in flames.

Markinson drops off Gabe at a cathedral ran by Rhoemer. This time, Markinson wants Gabe to cure the test subjects held within the cathedral. Gabe does this by injecting a "vaccine" to each test subject. While underground, Gabe finds both Jonathan Phagan (a corrupt executive at Pharcom, the company that was supplying the "Black Baton" group) and Lian Xing (who was actually captured, not killed). It's revealed that Lian caught the Syphon Filter virus, and the vaccine Gabe had was used to kill the test subjects, not cure them. This was to silence any news that would get out. Both are later met by Mara Aramov, who severely injures an escaping Phagen. Aramov willingly takes Gabe and Lian to Phagen's warehouses in Kazakhstan. Markinson is finally seen at the end of the game (underground of the warehouses where an armed missile was held). He explains that he was trying to capture the virus for "The Agency". Rhoemer appears and kills Markinson with a bullet to the head, saying "Markinson came here to stop it (the missile), but he was too late". Gabe tracks down Rhoemer and kills him shortly after.

Edward Benton

Edward Benton was the deputy director of the Agency introduced in Syphon Filter 1, and later appearing in the third game. He filed all the reports for field agents Gabe Logan and Lian Xing. He also filed reports for other field agents such as another operative known as Jenkins. An example of his true meanings was in the first Syphon Filter game. Jenkins and his team was told to enter the Washington Park, where a viral bomb was being held. What Jenkins and his team didn't realize was that Anton Girdeux and Jorge Marcos, both members of the terrorist group "Black Baton", and their troops were prepared. Jenkins and his team were ambushed and eliminated. Benton was later spotted by Gabe Logan at an exhibition center party for Pharcom. He was revealed that he was working for Mara Aramov (another member of the "Black Baton" group) and Jonathan Phagan (the corrupt executive of Pharcom). Gabe kills Benton in the process.

In the third game, Gabe Logan tells his story back when he was an army ranger. He first tells about his first assignment in Afghanistan, which involved delivering supplies to the rebels in the area. Gabe, his commanding officer Ellis, and Benton (who claimed to be a CIA operative) were the only survivors after the ambush. They later successfully made it to the camp. After Gabe finished testifying, he admitted that he had no idea Benton was actually an Agency operative.

Benton later recruited Logan and Ellis into the Agency.

Jonathan Phagan

Jonathan Phagan was the chief executive officer of Pharcom and an important player in the Syphon Filter conspiracy. He was introduced in the first game. Phagan was captured by Mara Aramov to find out the location of the actual Syphon Filter labs (all while inside of his company's exhibition center). Gabe Logan is there as well, and is discovered that he needs both Aramov and Phagan for information. Gabe knocks out Aramov, but Phagan escapes.

Phagan is later seen underground at Rhoemer's cathedral, being held as prisoner. Phagan attempts to escape, but Aramov appears and shoots him. It's assumed he died, but he briefly reappears in the second game, though he wasn't in a stable condition. He was on life support, all while having the Syphon Filter virus implanted inside of him. His room was located at the McKenzie Air Base, which was being run by "The Agency". The group's lead scientist, Dr. Elsa Weissenger, wanted to keep Phagan for studies, but Agency operative, Dillon Morgan cut off his life support.

Vincent Hadden

Vincent Hadden was the Secretary of State for America and a member of "The Consortium". He first appeared in the beginning and end of the first game of the series as the shadowed out figure who tells Markinson that they will "wait and see what he [Gabe Logan] can discover". He is later seen talking to Mara Aramov. He is also featured at the beginning of the second game and later during the game with his face shadowed out again, and finally seen talking to Mara at the end of the game. He appears more often in the third installment. In the beginning of the second game, he explains the nuclear launch that was caused at the end of the first game to the public. In the end, he appeared spying on Gabe Logan, Lian Xing and Lawrence Mujari, side-by-side with Mara Aramov.

In the third game of the series, he calls for Gabe, Lian and Lawrence for testimonies. He questions each person, while being intrigued by their stories. At the last level, it's revealed that Hadden was "the leader" behind "The Agency" and "The Consortium". Before anything else could happen, Aramov enters and kills Hadden. Mujari notes soon after that leadership in "The Consortium" is rapidly shifting after Hadden's death.

revealed that Mihai Niculescu was the next and final leader in line. He claimed this position, albeit briefly and behind closed doors, after Hadden's death.

Lyle Stevens

Lyle Stevens appears in the second game of the series as the head of "The Agency". He's seen various times throughout the game, commanding his fellow agents with orders. His main concern was to retrieve the Syphon Filter data discs that Gabe Logan held (Gabe had previously retrieved these discs by killing both Michael Archer and Dillon Morgan, two "high-ups" in "The Agency"). Stevens thinks of a plan to get the discs. He agrees to make a trade with Gabe Logan; the data discs for the Syphon Filter vaccine (Lian Xing was infected with this virus).

It's a trap as Gabe is taken captive via the Agency Headquarters. Unfortunately for Stevens, Gabe escapes the building with the vaccine. Gabe also manages to free two captive partners, John Ramirez and Jason Chance (though Ramirez was later found dead by Gabe inside the building). Stevens becomes angered and commands that "I want this place shut down". Stevens finds out about a chopper a few blocks from the headquarters (landed by Teresa Lipan, Gabe's partner and pilot), and he sends in Unit One (a group of fully armored Agency operatives) to capture it for escape. He heads towards the area on his own as well.

The chopper was located on the roof of a parking garage. Both Gabe Logan and Teresa Lipan cross paths with Stevens. Gabe manages to get Stevens on his knees, and kills him. Before dying, Stevens proclaims that "you're too late...the vaccine...she's dead", in which Gabe responds by saying "you're wrong Stevens, I have the vaccine. I've saved my partner, and you're just another dead agent". Both Gabe and Teresa reach the parking garage roof, where her chopper had been started. One of Stevens' armored operatives appears and "kills" Teresa. It's revealed that the operative is Gabe's former partner Jason Chance. Chance also killed Ramirez in the Labs. Gabe kills Chance via the chopper's blades.

Steven Archer

Steven Archer is a world class assassin who appears in Syphon Filter 2 as one of the primary antagonists. Although Archer maintains his reputation as an assassin, he is also lieutenant to Dillon Morgan. During the first half of the game, it is Archer that commands his men to track down Gabe Logan. He first does so by destroying the aircraft Gabe was on. The aircraft contained important data to help cure the Syphon Filter virus, thus the reason for attacking it. Both Archer and Gabe "race" to the crash site to retrieve these discs. Archer reaches the discs before Gabe does, but as he attempts to escape (by hanging off a fleeing chopper), Gabe kills him as he falls to the ground. In the instruction manual for Syphon Filter 2, his name was listed incorrectly as Michael Archer.

Dillon Morgan

Dillon MorganElite operative was an Agency commander reporting directly to Agency Director Lyle Stevens. He is seen in the second game of the series. As the armed forces commander of the Agency, he was responsible for attempting to sell the Syphon Filter virus to foreign rogue nations. After fellow member Steven Archer fails to retrieve data discs that would cure the Syphon Filter virus, Morgan and his troops head to the exhibition center for Pharcom, where the backup discs were at. Gabe Logan, Lian Xing and Teresa Lipan notices that the discs they got from Archer weren't enough, so Gabe and Teresa also head to the exhibition center. Gabe and Teresa both spot Morgan. Morgan attempts to plant various bombs, but Teresa quickly disarms them. Gabe eventually kills Morgan and retrieves the other half of the data discs.

Derrek Falkan

Derrek Falkan was Dillon Morgan's second in command. He was introduced in the second game. In the beginning, he led a group of Agency spooks to ambush Gabe Logan and Lian Xing, taking Lian with them. Falkan wouldn't be seen again until the McKenzie Air Base levels (in which the player takes control of Lian, as she attempts to escape captive). He is seen various times, talking to other members of the Agency. He planned to head back to the Agency headquarters via his personal chopper. He waits for fellow comrade Thomas Holman, whom Lian earlier knocked out to get information. Falkan exclaims that Holman is "taking too long". He decides to leave without him. As he attempts to enter his chopper, Lian kills him in a stealth manner, escaping the base by using his chopper.

Thomas Holman

Thomas Holman was an underling of Dillon Morgan during the second game. He was Lian Xing's former classmate from the Agency Academy. Holman was first seen at the McKenzie Air Base levels (where the player takes control of an escaping Lian Xing). Lian spots Holman, and shoots him in the leg. She gathers information from him, and spares his life. Due to this, Holman is unable to reach his designation (which was meeting up with fellow comrade Derek Falkan at his chopper). This causes Falkan to wait an extended amount of time. This gives Lian the chance to kill Falkan and steal his chopper, to escape the base. From this point on, Holman is never seen again, although Lian states "your boss may not be as forgiving as I am". Morgan later says that he interrogated him and that he didn't believe him when he said Xing didn't give him any information. Holman's fate after that is unknown.

Mihai Niculescu

Mihai Niculescu was a Swiss billionaire and the overall leader of "The Consortium". He is introduced in The Omega Strain. Niculescu is later killed by two criminal gunmen when his records are erased by a virus planted by an I.P.C.A. agent while in Zurich.

Elsa Weissenger

Dr. Elsa Weissenger was a doctor for PHARCOM, "The Agency", and the I.P.C.A. She is seen in the second to fourth games of the series.

In the second game, Weissenger works for "The Agency" as the head doctor. During the events, she attempts to study the effects of the Syphon Filter virus. She fails in doing so, after Lian Xing (who once had the virus in her) escaped the group's custody. Near the end of the game, agent Gabe Logan (Lian's partner) forces Weissenger to finish a vaccine while inside "The Agency"'s lab/HQ.

In the third game, Weissenger is remembered in a flashback mission, being told by Lian Xing during court. Weissenger was in Costa Rica, getting plant samples and such. Her involvement with "The Agency" started here. In a current mission later in the game, Weissenger crosses paths with Lian in Australia. She was at a refugee camp in which villagers were being tested with the Syphon Filter virus. Lian forces Weissenger to create a cure. She then vanishes, but before that, she gives Lian a data disk that involves Mara Aramov.

During the events of The Omega Strain (fourth game), Weissenger was recruited into the I.P.C.A. (led by Gabe Logan) doing medical research on the Omega Strain virus. She eventually manages to create a vaccine thanks to the efforts of all of the I.P.C.A. agents, but she requests a recruit to kill one of her mentors, Jandran, with a vaccine that was suppose to cure him, but actually kills him. Weissenger leaves a note confessing her mental instability, about wanting to create and break things for the world with her medical knowledge.

In Dark Mirror (the fifth game), Weissenger is seen at Mara Aramov's apartment (revealing a love relationship between the two). Gary Stoneman, a member of the I.P.C.A., kills both Weissenger and Aramov.

Jason Chance

Jason Chance (voiced by Peter Kepler) was a lieutenant who worked for the C.B.D.C. (Chemical and Biological Defense Command) division in "Syphon Filter 2". After serving in Desert Storm, he headed the response team during the Washington D.C. attacks in the first game. Chance was introduced in "Syphon Filter 2" providing assistance to the main character, Gabriel Logan. Gabe meets with Chance after a plane-crash in the Rockies, where he is presumed killed. Later on, escaping from an agency lab in New York City, Gabe is told that Chance is still alive. Gabe and Teresa Lipan, after being pursued by armed agents of a shadowy group in the U.S Government known as The Agency, make their way to a pre-determined extraction point on the roof of a building. There they meet up again with Chance, clad in full-body armor, in which Rhoemer is the first one to wear in Gabe's flashbacks in Syphon Filter 3. Gabe suddenly realizes that back in the Rockies, The Agency knew where to find them nearly every time, and were there to meet Gabe and Lian Xing no matter where they were. It is here that Chance reveals that, In actuality, he was a mole for The Agency who sold out Gabe and Lian Xing's locations whenever they were together. He claims that he was just 'doing his job' like the many agents Logan killed to get there Chance shoots Teresa, who is 'killed'. Gabe and Chance share words, before they battle on the roof. Chance, using a powerful USAS-12 shotgun keeps Gabe on his toes, until Gabe acquires his own USAS-12. While not harming Chance, the gun is powerful enough to blow him back several feet. Gabe uses this to blow Chance into the tail-rotor of Gabe's UH-60 helicopter, cutting Chance in half.


These are friends of the protagonists that are members of the "I.P.C.A.", a group created in the fourth game of the series.

Imani Gray

Imani Gray was a member of the I.P.C.A., which is led by Gabe Logan. She took new recruits throughout Carthage to investigate a recent outbreak of a virus. The mission goes off well and Gray is impressed. She is later seen at Myanmar. Her airliner gets shot down in the process and dies. The I.P.C.A. head into the area to retrieve her body.

Gary Stoneman

Gary Stoneman (sometimes called Stone) was a member of the I.P.C.A., seen in Omega Strain and onwards. Stone is an ex army soldier and CIA "spook". He was a light infantry soldier, before moving into special ops, mainly specialist assassinations, due to his skill with a rifle. He met Gabe Logan during Greneda, when he saved Gabe's patrol when they were pinned down. He is a dedicated sniper, handing out the awards for marksmanship and tactical explosives. He also does not use knives, preferring to use "the neck cracker" and his sniper rifle, an ancient rifle (the AR-15), in which he says "is held together with duct tape and spit".

Stone is introduced in Omega Strain. He leads a few agents into Belarus. After clearing out a large mill for information, the team heads back via a chopper. They get shot down, and Stone, the agents and Alima Haddad (the pilot) gets separated. The agents rescue Stone, but were unable to find Haddad. Stone blames himself, and the three gets pulled out by William Crusher, another member of the I.P.C.A.

Gabe Logan, Lian Xing, Stone and various agents entered Ukraine, where Mikhas Ivankov's (a Russian leader that was under the command of Mihai Nicelescu, who ordered a nuke attack on his own country) base was at. The agents reveal that Haddad was alive. Stone and the agents head to her cell and rescue her. Stone also plants C4 explosives around the base. After the I.P.C.A. exits, Stone sets off the explosives.

During Dark Mirror (the fifth game), a bonus mission can be unlocked. It's where Stone is ordered to kill both Mara Aramov and Dr. Elsa Weissenger at Aramov's villa. And also in another bonus mission called "Sana Yemen", Stone had to eliminate Al Hassan and his soldiers in less than three minutes in Yemen.

William Crusher

William Crusher was a pilot for the I.P.C.A. He is only seen in The Omega Strain. After Alima Haddad (another pilot, flew Gary Stoneman and agents to Belarus) is found missing, he evacuates the survivors. He becomes the routine pilot for the agents of I.P.C.A. During a mission at the S.S. Loreilei (a ship previously sunk that contained Syphon Filter), Crusher's flight is shot down and he dies in the process.

Gina Hunter

Gina Hunter was a pilot for the I.P.C.A. Her only mission was with Lian Xing and other agents in Tokyo. Her chopper is shot down, but is able to repair it with the help of the agents. She was known as the youngest member of the team. She also transported Gary Stoneman to Italy for his assignment She only appears in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain.

Alima Haddad

Alima Haddad was the pilot for the I.P.C.A. She was seen as being close to Gary Stoneman (another member of the I.P.C.A.), also becoming the group's pilot. While in Belarus, her chopper is shot down. She gets separated from Stone and other agents. She is assumed dead, but is later found during a mission in Ukraine at a holding cell. As the game finishes, she is seen in a wheelchair.

In "Dark Mirror", she is seen piloting an aircraft which carried Gabe Logan and Lian Xing. She is voiced in two bonus missions, "Bangkok Part 2", which she has ordered to land in LZ for both Lian and Logan in Bangkok after Jimmy Zhou's defeat, and "Sana Yemen", which also has ordered to land for Gary Stoneman in LZ in Yemen.

In "Logan's Shadow", she is piloting the aircraft which carries Gabe in the first episode of the game. She also assists him throughout the mission from her aircraft. At the end of the Part 2 of Episode 1, she is shot down by enemy fire and killed.


These are friends of the protagonists

Uri Gregorov

Uri Gregorov was a fictional head of the SVR Forces. Gregorov is first introduced in Syphon Filter 2 when he led a convoy to Kazakhstan attempting to provide back-up for Gabe Logan and CBDC forces in the area, but arrived too late. He had claimed that he was good friends with Gabe's partner, Lian Xing. The main reason for Gabe and CBDC to be in Kazakhstan were to retrieve data disks, but it was later revealed in the game that Gregorov had the second half of the data disks recovered in Kazakhstan. Before any attempts of giving the data to Gabe or Lian was possible, Gregorov was captured by Mara Aramov and sent to the Aljir Prison, with an impostor being sent in his place. Lian eventually finds out about Gregorov's fate (after tazering the impostor in Russia) and goes in to rescue him. After being extracted, Gregorov gives the data disks to Gabe while trying to prevent a war with PRC, personnel headed by General Shi-Hao.

In Syphon Filter 3, Gregorov was leading the Soviet troops in the occupation of Afghanistan, and it is inferred by fans that during the conflict, Lian and Gregorov eventually meet face-to-face.

As of Omega Strain, Gregorov had a very small role, though Russia and Chechnya were already in the brink of war. Russian military forces were forced to bombard Mikhas Ivankov's (a Russian leader) hometown in Chechnya, inflicting civilian casualties. The after-math was already photographed by Lawrence Mujari, with Gabe secretly confronting Gregorov about this incident. From that point on, Gregorov was never heard from again, probably due to the fact that Gabe found out that Gregorov was involved in the destruction of the Chechen village.

John Ramirez

John Ramirez was a member of CBDC, a group of allies that was with Gabe Logan. He is seen in the second game. His first name is mentioned in 2 player mode. While on an aircraft over the Rockies, the flight is shut down. CBDC agents Ramirez, Jason Chance and Gabe were all on the aircraft. Everyone on the plane (including the pilots) managed to escape. Most of the CBDC agents end up being killed by Agency operatives on the mountain.

While attempting to escape the mountains, Ramirez is found by Gabe later on. They meet up on an interstate bridge, but the bridge gets shot down by Steven Archer's co-pilot. Gabe survives but Ramirez and another CBDC agent goes missing.

Ramirez reappears in a holding cell at the Agency's headquarters, along with Chance. The other CBDC agent ended up killing himself when he jumped off the bridge. Gabe sends Chance to free Ramirez, but when Gabe goes back to Ramirez's cell, he is found dead. It's later shown that Chance was a traitor, and killed Ramirez in the process.

Other CBDC Members are:Dobson (seen in the Airbase),Kowalski along with two other unnamed CBDC agents,Davies along with another unnamed CBDC agent,Eshleman,Ferguson,and Thompson.

Maggie Powers

Maggie Powers is a member of MI-6, a counter-terrorist group based in Ireland. She helps Gabe Logan in Ireland by destroying shipments of the Syphon Filter virus. She later appeared in Australia, where she helps Lian Xing (Gabe's partner) by piloting a chopper and providing radio backup.

She reappears in The Omega Strain, providing an I.P.C.A. agent backup while in Belarus.

In Logan's Shadow, she assists Gabe after he frees her from captivity. Gabe was originally seeking her to speak in person, because he needed MI6's help in tracking down information on Bitar and Shen. She provided covering fire for Gabe as they went through a prison, where she was captured and saved again by Logan. She is later taken into custody after it is revealed that MI6 wanted Shen's device as well as Shen himself.

Private Janzen

Private Janzen, voiced by Jason Marsden, is a rookie UN peace militia private. During an attack on the UN Border Base, Zivmovic forces led by Goran Zivmovic attack the UN base and wipe out Janzen's entire team. When Gabe Logan enters the base to rescue the UN forces, he spots Janzen captured by Zivmovic and his lieutenant. Zivmovic wants answers but must attend to other matters, so his lieutenant begins to beat Janzen senseless, before being killed by Logan, who befriends the frightened Private Janzen. Logan attempts to reunite Janzen with the other survivors in his unit, but as they trek through the ruins that is now the UN base, they find all of his unit has been killed. Janzen, suffering from field shock, is unable to to fight but Logan pushes him to keep moving on. Logan realizes Janzen is far too scared to fight, so Logan leaves him an uzi and leaves him alone as he goes after Zivmovic himself. As he leaves Janzen, he finds more of the UN forces executed by Zivmovic's forces, who immediately spot Logan and battle with him. Logan attempts to fight through their forces, but far too many are on site, when suddenly Janzen comes running out shooting and screaming. Janzen then decides to help Logan and fights alongside him so that he and Logan can escape with their lives.

As they make it through the decontamination chamber, they meet up with a UN medic, (Kress), who drops a wounded UN peace keeper to the floor, demanding medication otherwise the UN peace keeper will die. So Logan goes for medication while Janzen and Kress keep an eye on the peace keeper. But as Logan reaches the medication, he is ambushed, revealing that Kress is a mole for Zivmovic. Logan worries that Janzen is in danger, so fights off Zivmovic's forces and goes back to the dis-contamination chamber, but as he makes it back, he discovers the UN peace keeper and Janzen both on the floor dead.

Logan then faces off against Kress later on after fighting through all of Zivmovic's remaining forces and kills Kress in cold blood, avenging Janzen's death.

Addison Hargrove

Addison was Gabe's first partner 12 years ago who disappeared without even telling why. In Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror she is held at gunpoint by Red Section's lieutenant to interrogate her in order to get an ingredient for dark mirror. At the end of the game, it is revealed that Gabe is the father of Hargrove's daughter Blake. She left the Agency because of her pregnancy. Addison and Blake are seen in a picture that belongs to Gabe in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. They are also mentioned several times in the game.

Shen Rei

Shen Rei was Lian Xing's husband who was kidnapped by al-Jamil along with Lian Xing. Lian revealed to Logan that she had her husband. He helped Logan to shut down the XZ2 bombs before Logan proceeds Logan proceeds to face Bitar. At the end, he shot himself to prevent capture from Trinidad.


Leung Cha Qing, known as Trinidad, is a Chinese CSS agent who trained Lian Xing for fifteen years before Lian joined I.P.C.A. (The Agency). In , she has a mission, to capture Shen Rei to return him in her country. She helps Logan to take out the Spetsnaz but later leaves him alone. In Tyorma Prison, an unconscious Gabe sat on the electric chair. Logan thought that Trinidad is actually Lian Xing. She unlocks the straps of chair to free Logan (only the straps are "locked") so that he could rescue Maggie Powers from Spetsnaz. While in Nahr Al-Khabur, she is captured by al-Jamil but Logan shows up rescuing her. She gives Logan an access code but she knocks Logan and runs away leaving him. After al-Jamil's downfall, she surrenders Gabe and Lian to capture Shen Rei but it is too late for her that Shen Rei shot himself. At the end, Lian sees Mujari and Lipan injured while Trinidad shows up to fire both Lian and Gabe but he shoots her down.

In two bonus missions, Trinidad, as a playable character, needs to protect Lian (in "Lian's First Time") and Logan (in "Shadowed") in order to take out enemies in each missions.

Dane Bishop

Dane Bishop is a skilled diver and weapons expert who owns his enterprises. He is introduced in "". He helps Logan in underwater mission. He operates his mini-submarine and opens the broken wall of the sunken USS St. Helens so that Logan would able to enter. After Logan exits from the sunken ship, Bishop, along with Logan, finishes off the Spetsnaz divers but the submarine of Spetsnaz shows up to destroy Bishop's mini-sub. Logan opens all the hatches to allow depth charges to blow up the submarine to protect Bishop. Cassia is Bishop's assistant. His nationality is Australian.

In bonus mission called "Killing Time", Bishop, as the only playable character, would get all 16 valuables to salvage.

Black Baton

Black Baton was a terrorist organization that planned to release the Syphon Filter virus in the United States.

Erich Rhoemer

Erich Rhoemer is the main antagonist whom Gabe Logan was trying to kill throughout the course of the first game. He was responsible for the original attack on Washington D.C. Using Syphon Filter, Rhoemer planned to kill everyone in Washington D.C. by setting up various viral bombs. However, Gabe foiled the plan by disarming all seven viral bombs planted throughout Washington.

After his failed attack on D.C. Rhoemer had Edward Benton go to the Pharcom Exposition Center in New York with Mara Aramov (both members of the Black Baton group)to meet with Jonathan Phagan, an exectuve of Pharcom. After the meeting with Phagan goes south and Gabe arrives, Aramov kidnaps Phagan and Rhoemer escapes. Aramov is subsequently captured by Logan, but Phagan escapes and is sent to Rhoemer's monastery in eastern Europe.

Gabe Logan and Lian Xing find out the location of Rhoemer's base in Kazakhstan. Lian is "killed" by Rhoemer and his men at a near location. He attempts to kill Gabe with one of his attack choppers, but fails. Later in the game, Lian is found alive in a holding cell.

Rhoemer next appears at the Pharcom warehouses after Aramov joins Gabe and Lian. At the warehouses, Rhoemer's and Phagan's men are engaged in a massive firefight. It is revealed that Rhoemer is trying to start a war between the U.S. and China by launching a missile loaded with Syphon Filter at the U.S. When Gabe arrives to stop the missile from launching it is revealed that Thomas Markinson, Gabe's commander and head of The Agency, is also in league with Rhoemer, and after a short conversation between Gabe and Markinson, Markinson is shot and killed by Rhoemer. Gabe then proceeds to detonate the missile midflight and takes out Rhoemer using gas grenades.

Rhoemer reappears in the third game, but only in flashback missions during Gabe's testimonies to the senate. The mission sets Gabe back in Costa Rica, where Rhoemer and his men were attempting to get plant samples for the virus. Gabe chases Rhoemer into an aircraft. This is when Gabe discovers that Rhoemer was wearing a full body armor, the same armor that Chance wore later. Gabe manages to shoot Rhoemer out of the back cargo, but Rhoemer escapes with a parachute.

Anton Girdeux

Anton Girdeux was a French terrorist. He was Erich Rhoemer's lieutenant for the Black Baton. He is seen in the first game. Girdeux wears full body armor, and is equipped with a flamethrower. He follows Rhoemer around during an attack on Washington D.C. Girdeux's main mission was to protect the main viral bomb that contained the Syphon Filter virus. He is met face to face by Gabe Logan while in the Washington Memorial. After a battle between the two, Gabe finds Girdeux's weak point; his gas tank. Girdeux dies while being burned alive.

Girdeux "appears" in the second game. While Gabe Logan is inside The Agency's headquarters, Girdeux's burnt body is found in a morgue.

Mara Aramov

Mara Aramov was an ex-KGB agent with a Russian accent and one of the major antagonists in the series.

She originally worked as an assassin for "Black Baton" but later defected to "The Consortium". She brutally executed Gabe's colleague Ellis with two bullets to the head in the beginning of Syphon Filter. She killed Vince Hadden, the Secretary of State who was actually behind the secret agency, in Syphon Filter 3. At the end of the events of , Gary Stoneman can be seen aiming through his rifle's scope apparently about to assassinate her. In a bonus mission in the , it is revealed that both she and Elsa Weissenger were involved in a secret love affair. It is also revealed that Stoneman had orders to eliminate them. Gary Stoneman set up base in an apartment, down the street from Aramov's residence. After eliminating Aramov's bodyguards, Stone (depending on the player's shot) either kills both Elsa and Mara, kills Elsa and engages in a shootout with Mara and eventually kills her or kills Mara which causes Elsa to run out of Mara's apartment and get run over by a car.


* Until "Dark Mirror", Mara Aramov was the only character in the series who had a different voice actress for every game she appeared in:
** "Syphon Filter" — Anna Murivitskaya
** "Syphon Filter" 2 — Elina Fillipova
** "Syphon Filter" 3 — Corina Harmon
** "Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain", "Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror" — Jennifer Hale
* At the end of each first three games of the Syphon Filter series (SF1, SF2, and SF3) she laughs, and is also heard laughing at the end of the bonus mission in Dark Mirror.
* In the first Syphon Filter, her hair color was Auburn/Brown. In every other Syphon Since, her hair was blond.

Pavel Kravitch

Pavel Kravitch was the Black Baton's communications expert. He is only seen in the first game. He is the first "boss" Gabe Logan encounters. Kravitch was told to protect the communcations uplink. Gabe manages to destroy the uplink and kill Kravitch.

Jorge Marcos

Jorge Marcos was the Black Baton's triggerman. He is seen at the Washington Park, holding the trigger to the bombs. He was assigned to Anton Girdeux's team. Marcos also held a radio that would enable him to call Girdeux for backup, yet, Gabe Logan manages to destroy the communication dish. Due to this, Marcos was left nearly alone while fighting Gabe. Marcos is killed by him.

Vladislav Gabrek

Vladislav Gabrek was Rhoemer's commander of the Black Baton. He was stationed at the secret base in Kazakhstan. The player can decide to kill Gabrek in a stealth manner, or fight with him and alert the entire base.

Red Section

Red Section is a para-military group that developed the Dark Mirror nerve gas in .

Black King

Black King is the On-sight commander responsible for the assault on the Kemsynth Oil Refinery in Alaska. After ordering all Red Section terrorists to kill the refinery workers, Black King begins to interrogate Kemsynth secretary Kriesler, who provides no information to Black King, so Black King beats Kriesler down and ties him up in an air purification chamber where poison gas is leaking.

After learning that Black King's second in command, Red Jack has been killed by an intruder, *Gabe Logan* he begins his work on the man in charge of the refinery, Malcolm Freeman. But Logan and his partner, Lian Xing make it through Black King's troops, and find Freeman out cold, being guarded by a lone RS soldier. After a quick skirmish with the soldier, Black King appears, wearing strange white body armor, armed with a SAW assault rifle.

Black King, now furious, knocks out his own soldier, and takes over, attempting to take out Logan, what's worse is that the madman has wired himself six large explosives in the chamber, which if he is killed, will set off the bombs and blow the entire refinery to hell. Lian frantically tries to distract Black King by shooting at him while he in turn retaliates with double the force so Logan can disarm the bombs. Black King, continues to attack both people, ordering them to surrender. Finally, after all bombs are disarmed, Logan takes over so Lian can take cover, and after a heated battle, Black King is gunned down by both Logan and Lian, leaving them to check on the now dead, Malcolm Freeman.

Red Jack

Red Jack is the first boss in Dark Mirror, fought in Chapter 1.2 titled "Red Jack." He wears full kevlar body armor, and is equipped with a flamethrower. After Gabe Logan activates an elevator lift leading to the pipe lines of an Alaskan Oil refinery, Red Jack is revealed to be riding that lift, and as ordered by his commander, Black King, to eliminate Gabe. During their battle, Gabe sneaks behind him and shoots the tank on Red Jack's back, causing it to explode, killing Red Jack instantly.

Red Jack reminded Gabe of Anton Girdeux (as stated in the mission brief).


Singularity, real name, Grant Morrell, is the commander of the para-military unit known as Red Section. Once an accountant with Interpol, Morrell laundered billions of corporate funds into several off shore accounts and created his own personal army, and became the infamous Singularity.

He funded several projects with Aerospace in creating futuristic electro magnetic body armor and weapons. Using his advanced combat gear, Singularity led Red Section to his true target, a Kemsynth black op project codenamed Dark Mirror. The first area he investigated was the oil refinery, sending his on-sight commander Black King and Black King's second in command, Red Jack to the site. But after the two failed, Singularity sent his higher ops, White Scorpion and WS's lieutenant, Black Viper to Iquitos, Peru, in a plantation area where Kemsynth was harvesting several plants used in Dark Mirror, but the real target, Kemsynth operative, Addison Hargrove. Singularity sent White Scorpion to take her because she had possessed all essential data to synsisize Dark Mirror on a single disk which Singularity needed to use Dark Mirror Eventually Singularity learned that the mission was a failure once more, but was surprised to learn that co-commander of Red Section, Touchstone took matters in his own hands earlier and kidnapped Addison's daughter, Blake Hargrove. So Singularity and Touchstone used Blake as a bargaining chip to win the disk over, although the two never intended to let either Addison or Blake live.

Finally, after Touchstone managed to obtain the disk by force, which led to Touchstone's demise at the hands of Gabe Logan, Singularity wasted no more time in using Dark Mirror. During which Singularity learned all about his nemesis, Gabe Logan by using Interpol accounts to obtain his dossier, which he uses to haunt Logan with his past.

Singularity manages to bring Dark Mirror to the Aerospace subway station which could take him all through Europe. But Logan faces off against Singularity, seeing Singularity now fitted with the EM Armor he had been working on for so long. The two face off in their final showdown in the subway station, during which, Singularity continuously mocks Logan of his past, while trying to kill him. But Logan, using several EMP grenades, short circuits Singularity's body armor just long enough to take him down.

But after being beaten, Singularity remained alive, Logan spots him, and out of his rage, drags Singularity towards the edge of the subway station, during which Singularity continues to mock him, telling him how all he's done was in vain, that no matter what Logan does, he'll always be used, and that he will never win. Logan, now blinded by rage, kicks Singularity in front of an oncoming subway car, which strikes Singularity, killing him instantly.


*In an alternate opening, Singularity and Touchstone are spotted in D.C. discussing the dossier of Gabe Logan, although neither Albercht or T.C. Carson are doing the voice overs.
*In the PS2 port of the game, to mask the violence of Singularity's death, he isn't seen being kicked by Gabe or even being hit by the train.


Touchstone, real name Stuart Coleman is a fictional villain character in the "Syphon Filter" series of video games. His only game role was in the game "". Touchstone, voiced by Terrence "T.C." Carson, is one of the two leaders of the terrorist organization, Red Section, and a former NSA agent.

Touchstone is one of the two commanders of the para-military unit called Red Section. Touchstone is seen as a bigger, more violent and aggressive individual in the Syphon Filter series who first appears in the game in a Russian casino, killing the casino's head of security, followed by him ordering his unit to eliminate everyone in the casino to assure that any evidence of the Dark Mirror project would remain in the shadows. But after learning that the Kemsynth head of security was still alive, and was in communications with Gabe Logan, Touchstone decided to use Blake Hargrove, daughter of Kemsynth head of security, Addison Hargrove as a bargaining chip. If Addison were to hand over all disks containing Dark Mirror data, he said he would release Blake.

However, being the sadistic antagonist that he is, Touchstone naturally doesn't go on his word, and at the meeting place near the mountains of Germany, Addison senses this, and pleads for Logan to show up as backup. Here, Touchstone very calmly asks for the disks while Addison demands to know the whereabouts of her daughter. Logan continues to watch over the meeting, but is unaware that Addison is growing more and more furious, until finally attempting to attack Touchstone. She misses, but Touchstone doesn't. A single kick, and Addison is kicked over the railings to her apparent "death". Enraged by the sight of his former partner and lover's "death", Logan fires at Touchstone but misses, while Touchstone escapes and sends his snipers after Logan.

After ridding the area of all Red Section personnel, Logan reaches a sky lift zone in search for Touchstone. However, Touchstone comes sneaks up on Logan, and beats him senseless, followed by him stealing Logan's most trusted weapon, the MB-150, as Touchstone uses it against Logan in their final battle. But Logan manages to defeat Touchstone, and murders him as revenge for him "killing" Addison. Before being dropped off the edge of the atrium balcony to his death, Touchstone and Logan share a few choice words with Touchstone uttering the words, "Die well....Logan...."

Black Viper

Black Viper was White Scorpian's second-in-command during Dark Mirror. Him and White Scorpian head to Peru where plant samples were being produced. He is killed by Gabe Logan while interrogating Addison Hargrove.

White Scorpion

White Scorpion is a fictional character in the "Syphon Filter" series. White Scorpion is a lieutenant of the terrorist Para military unit known as Red Section. He was put in charge of the Red Section activities in Iquitos, Peru, which involved obtaining all Kemsynth data in the area. But after discovering his sergeant, Black Viper dead, and the head of Kemsynth security, Addison Hargrove missing, White Scorpion tails Hargrove and Gabe Logan and corners them in a small hut as he attempts to gun them down with a turret gun. However, in his attempt to take them both down, Logan sneaks past his sights, and uses his sniper rifle to kill White Scorpion as they escape the Iquitos plantation area.


Kress is a Red Section mole who posed as a UN Medical Worker. He ordered Logan to find a "medicine". Logan knows that Kress is a Red Section mole and he worked with Zivmovic. He killed Janzen before Logan showed up. He was killed by Logan before the UN Tank, driven by ZP leader Goran Zivmovic, showed up.

Other RS Allies

Goran Zivmovic

Goran Zivmovic is a leader of ZP forces who has a mission, which is to eliminate UN forces. After Kress' death, he showed up driving a tank to kill Logan. After the tank destroyed, Logan found him dead. ZP forces has a connection with Red Section due to Kress.

Viktor Yavlinsky

Viktor Yavlinsky is a leader of his syndicate who operates Konigsberg Casino. Yavlinsky is also worked with Red Section because of Touchstone. He was killed by Logan before Touchstone's troops shows up. It was revealed that Yavlinsky hired Mara Aramov to eliminate his enemies (as shown in Hidden Evidence).


Sergei Kudrenko

Kudrenko is the leader of the Spetsnaz unit of Moscow. He is highly looked up upon his superiors, and high mallicious. He operates within Italy, Russia, and the Indian ocean, and runs a fully expansive military unit. Kudrenko, a while back was targeted to Logan's hit list but managed to escape Logan's grasps, leaving 50% of his body covered in burns, one spot on his forehead as well, making it impossible to grow hair on the front of his scalp.

Kudrenko first makes his presence known in the ship raiding incident, where he sent in his right hand man, Sergeyev and much of his unit, including a miniature Spetsnaz scuba sub, all of which are destroyed by Logan and Bishop. Though Kudrenko doesn't make his appearance until entering the canals, which has become a war zone courtesy of Kudrenko and his men. Logan spots Kudrenko leaving a chopper with his elites, to eliminate all rebel forces in the canals, but can't act on eliminating him yet, as Logan must first meet with Maggie Powers, who reveals to Logan that Kudrenko's men have captured her.

Logan then fights through Kudrenko's forces in the canal, with the help of some rebel forces to try and find her, during which, Logan comes across the rebel leader, pinned in a corner by an Armored AV Tank gunner. The rebel leader reveals that he knows where Maggie is, but that the AV was blocking his path. So Logan provides the rebel leader with C4 and covers him from a balcony above, gunning down Kudrenko's men and the AV turret as the rebel leader plants C4 on the tank and blows it. During which Logan moves onto Maggie, who Kudrenko has tied up in the slums. But Kudrenko knew ahead of time and ordered his chopper to come in and take Logan and Powers out, but to his surprise, they destroy the chopper, which crash lands in the room Powers was held in, knocking them both down as Kudrenko himself and his elites confront Logan. Logan, battered and beaten tries to attack but Kudrenko walks right up to him and kicks him directly in the face, knocking him out cold.

Kudrenko then orders to have Logan tortured for information and to kill Powers. Gabe, stripped of his gear, makes it through the cells, kills Kudrenko's men and rescues Maggie, as the two man their way through Kudrenko's gulags and to Kudrenko's airfield. They make it through the harsh cold and to Kudrenko's cargo plane, where Maggie manages to hijack and pilot. Kudrenko, curious about how poorly the pilot is flying, has his men investigate, but Logan kills them before they can get to Maggie, and finally, Logan enters the plane cargo drop section of the plane, and is confronted by Sergei Kudrenko himself. Kudrenko, now wearing full body armor, and a bullet proof helmet slides down to the cargo holds with Logan, armed with the Jack hammer assault rifle and does battle with Logan. Logan, taking cover attempts to reason with Kudrenko, ultimately realizes Kudrenko won't rest until Logan is dead. The two exchange more choice words, about how Spetsnaz is supposed to be elite, about Lian, and what they were looking for in Azerbaijan, but ultimately Logan emerges victorious, and Kudrenko is killed.


Sergeyev is Sergei Kudrenko's second in command. Sergeyev and his team of Spetnaz divers were sent by Kudrenko to retrieve the codes off of a dead courier that remained onboard the St. Helens. Sergeyev spots Logan and Bishop disabling the ship's nuclear reacter. Awaiting to be alone with Logan, Sergeyev activates the lock down and separates Bishop from Logan, leaving it one on one as Sergeuv takes cover in front of the generator, which if shot, would blow the entire ship. Logan kills him in a shootout and retrieves the courier codes.


Ghassan al Bitar

Ghassan al Bitar was the leader of al-Jamil, and was formerly a member of the Taliban. His goal was to eliminate the westerners in Middle East. He was affiliating with the al-Qaeda. Bitar was responsible for the kidnapping of Shen Rei and Lian Xing. He is the main antagonist in Logan's Shadow and is killed in the end when the XZ2 explosive on his transport is shot by Logan, causing it to explode, incinerating Bitar instantly.


Fahid was Bitar's right hand man during the first al Jamil attack on the U.S. marine supply ship attack and first boss in Logans Shadow. After the ship had been bombed to severe extent, Logan attempted to pursue and eliminate his rival, Bitar. As Logan made it the decimated navigation center, he watched Bitar's chopper fly off. As Logan shot at Bitar's chopper, Fahid revealed himself behind Logan, wearing a bullet proof helmet and attempted to eliminate Logan. During which time, after a few exchanged words are shared, Logan dukes it Fahid, and eventually kills him before escaping the ship.


*Fahid, though voiced by an uncredited voice actor, looks identical to the bullet proof helmet Al-Jamil elites in the Dam and Desert levels.


Malak was Bitar's second in command, he led Al-Jamil during the desert attack. He commanded Al-Jamil's hidden base in the desert and was left in charge of keeping Lian Xing and Shen Rei prisoner. Bitar took Shen and left Lian as a bargaining chip for Shen to continue working on the device. During which, Logan rescues Lian and together they make their way through the hidden base. As they reach the mining section, Malak confronts them both, wearing a special AS armor, making him bullet proof. Together, Logan and Lian work together, gunning down Malak, shooting him in both his kneecaps as Logan blows the static unit on his back, blowing up on him, killing Malak instantly.


*Malak's AS armor is revealed to have been the next generation EM armor worked on by Singularity before his death in Dark Mirror. It is even more powerful than the EM armor, but not as fool proof.

Other Villains

Jimmy Zhou

Jimmy Zhou is an antagonist who only appears in "Bangkok Part 2" bonus mission, as boss, in . He was the leader of Black Dragon Triad who uses birds contained with avian flu to wage a biological war against his enemies. He kidnapped Lian Xing before Logan finishes off his entire thugs. He is killed by Logan to save Lian.

Robert Cordell

Robert Cordell is another antagonist in . He is the Deputy Director of Nationale Intelligence Oversight Committee (N.I.O.C.) who pursues Bitar with a tenacity that leads Logan to believe he is driven by something more than just making up for his mistake of letting Bitar escape. He is arrested by US military forces as Logan's personal order.


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