Striker Z

Striker Z


caption =Striker Z from Power Company: Striker Z #1
artist Tom Grummett
character_name =Striker Z
publisher = DC Comics
debut = "JLA" #61 1/2,
(February 2002)
creators =Kurt Busiek (writer)
Tom Grummett (artist)
real_name = Daniel Tsang
species =
homeworld =
alliances = Power Company
aliases =
supports =
powers = Living battery
Limited superhuman strength
Enhanced stamina
Trained martial artist

Striker Z is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in "JLA" #61 1/2, (February 2002), but his origin is told in #1, (March 2002). Striker Z was created by Kurt Busiek and Tom Grummett.

Fictional character biography

Daniel "Danny" Tsang is a stuntman for Fragrant Harbor Films in Hong Kong. During the filming of "Unclean Policeman IV" director Dickson Kurata sneaks a crew into the basement laboratory of the Hong Kong branch of S.T.A.R. Labs. Danny is distracted while performing a dangerous stunt over a vat of experimental fuel cell plasma. The mutagenic compound permeates his cells and alters his body chemistry transforming him into a superstrong human battery. His best friend is former S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Charlie Lau; Charlie creates his uniform and invents his Striker Plates and Flight Jacket.

On his first adventure he helps Superboy defeat the Golden Sorcerer, actually a transformed Dickson Kurata who had also bathed in the fuel cell plasma. The Golden Sorcerer's energy supply is much greater than Striker Z's and so is able to manifest solid energy constructs. Superboy is finally able to defeat the Golden Sorcerer by attaching Striker Z's Omega Cannon to his body and using it to siphon off all his energy. ["Power Company: Striker Z" #1]

Danny re-appears in "Power Company" #1 and remains with the team until the series finale in issue #18. [ Power Company Chronology]

Powers and abilities

Danny is a human "bio-energy" battery due to his exposure to an unnamed compound. Danny has limited superstrength and enhanced stamina, but these abilities appear to be tied to his available store of energy. He is also a trained stunt man and expert practitioner of an unspecified martial art.

Danny wears a special fiber mesh costume which helps conduct the energy. His visor contains digital audio/video recording hardware, as well as high and low spectrum visual capabilities. Danny carries a variety of devices powered by his bio-energy, including:

*Dazzle Strobe: disorients enemies blinding bursts of stroboscopic light.
*Flight Jacket: decked out with hundreds of tiny impeller jets, the jacket allows him to fly short distances.
*Omega Cannon: concentrates all his bio-energy in one directed blast, but its use leaves him helpless.
*Photonic Shiv: a short blade made from coherent light.
*Sonic Beamer: broadcasts disorienting soundwaves, or concussive blasts of focused sound.
*Striker Plates: can concentrates energy for concussive blows capable of punching through concrete or shattering steel, or disabling jolts like an electroshock weapon.


External links

* [ DCU Guide: Striker Z]
* [ Cosmic Teams: Power Company Chronology]

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