The Way Things Work

The Way Things Work

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"The Way Things Work" is a book by David Macaulay. It is intended to serve as an entertaining introduction to everyday machines. It covers machines as simple as levers and gears and as complicated as radio telescopes and automatic transmissions. Its most notable feature is its illustrations: every page consists primarily of one or more large diagrams describing the operation of the relevant machine. These diagrams are informative but playful; most feature the internal workings of the machines being operated by woolly mammoths. The book's concept was later developed into a short-lived animated TV show (produced by Millimages [] and distrubuted by Schlessinger Media), a Dorling Kindersley interactive CD-ROM, and a board game.

"The New Way Things Work"

A newer version, "The New Way Things Work", released on October 26, 1998, contains additional text on the workings of microchips.

One edition, published by Houghton Mifflin, has ISBN 0395428572.Latest edition, published by Dorling Kindersley in 2004. ISBN 1405302380.

Table of Contents for "The New Way Things Work"

Part One--The Mechanics of Movement
* Introduction
* The Inclined Plane
* Levers
* The Wheel and Axle
* Gears and Belts
* Cams and Cranks
* Pulleys
* Screws
* Rotating Wheels
* Springs
* FrictionPart Two--Harnessing the Elements
* Introduction
* Floating
* Flying
* Pressure Power
* Exploiting Heat
* Nuclear PowerPart Three--Working with Waves
* Introduction
* Light and Images
* Photography
* Printing
* Sound and Music
* TelecommunicationsPart Four--Electricity and Automation
* Introduction
* Electricity
* Magnetism
* Sensors and DetectorsPart Five--The Digital Domain
* Making Binary digits
* Storing Bits
* Processing Bits
* Sending Bits
* Using Bits/Digital Systems
* Epilog"Eureka!"--The Invention of Machines

"Technical Terms"



*At the end of "The New Way Things Work", there is a section called "Eureka!" It explains the history of machines, from the simple invention of the wedge to very modern invention of robots.
*At the beginning of the chapter The Digital Domain, the mammoth meets the man behind the digital domain, Bill. A line follows that states, "Mammoth cautiously entered Bill's gates," referring to Bill Gates. Another such reference is where information arrives in the form of apples: 'Bill considered the apple rather low-tech and a little behind the times,' which refers to the ongoing PC/mac rivalry.
*"The New Way Things Work" has exactly 400 pages, excluding the ones made of construction paper. The last word is "Vladimir".
*The chapter about nuclear power is the only chapter that does not have a live mammoth in it (however, there is a nuclear concrete mammoth).
*A family "ride" involving animatronics and a 3-D film based on the book was one of the original attractions at the San Francisco Metreon, but closed in 2001.
*The New the Way Things Work removed two pages; one page demonstrated the working of a mechanical coin-operated parking meter.

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