List of Cypriots

List of Cypriots

The following is a list of Cypriots notable enough to have their own article. They are sorted by field then by surname (both in alphabetical order).


* Ulus Baker, (born 1960), Sociologist
* Andrea Christofidou (born 20th century), philosopher
* Mustafa Halilsoy (born 1949), theoretical physics
* Kypros Nicolaides (born 1953), obstetrician
* Kyriacos Costa Nicolaou (born 1946), chemist
* Vamik Volkan (born 1932), psychiatrist and author
* Panayiotis Zavos (born 20th century), geneticist


* Nej Adamson (born 1958), film actor in Pirates of the Caribbean and EastEnders
* Angela Bowie (born 1949), actress and model
* Tamer Hassan (born 1968), film actor
* Alp Haydar (born 1982), actor
* Hal Ozsan, actor (Dawson's Creek, Kyle XY)


* Helene Black (born 20th century), artist
* Michael Cacoyannis (born 1922), filmmaker
* Hussein Chalayan (Hüseyin Çağlayan, born 1970), fashion designer
* Hüseyin Çakmak (born 1964), cartoonist and journalist
* Jake and Dinos Chapman (the Chapman brothers, born 1966 and 1962), artists
* Tracey Emin (born 1963), artist
* İsmet Güney, (born 1932), artist, creator of the flag of Cyprus, and cartoonist
* Metin Huseyin, film director
* Konstantia Sofokleous (born 1974), artist, animation
* Stelarc (born 1946), performance artist
* Derviş Zaim (born 1964), novelist and filmmaker


* Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of EasyJet
* Dakis Joannou, J&P
* Asil Nadir, Polypeck
* Theo Paphitis, former chairman of Millwall Football Club
* Reo Stakis, hotel and casino owner
* Sezer Yurtseven, stock broker and property developer also in British Big Brother 7

Historical figures

* Acesas (around 5th century BC), ancient artist, famed weaver
* Anaxarete, legendary Cypriot maiden in Greek mythology
* St Barnabas (1st century), apostolic father, early missionary
* Clearchus of Soli (4th–3rd century BC), Cyprus-born Greek philosopher of the Peripatetic school
* Evagoras, king of Salamis (BC 410–374)
* Nicocreon, king of Salamis (4th century BC – before 306 BC)
* Kıbrıslı Mehmed Emin Pasha, Grand Vizier
* Kıbrıslı Mehmed Kamil Pasha, (born 1883), Grand Vizier
* Persaeus of Citium (306–243 BC), Stoic philosopher
* Pygmalion, legendary king of Cyprus in Greek mythology
* Sergius Paulus (1st century), proconsul of Cyprus
* Stasanor (lived 4th century BC), Cyprus-born Greek officer of Alexander the Great, later satrap of Drangiana, Bactria, and Sogdiana
*Stasinus (~7th century BC), one of the first European poets, a semi-legendary early Greek poet, author of the epic poem, Cypria, related to the Trojan War
* Theodora (around 500 – 548), empress of Byzantine empire (527–548)
* Zeno of Citium (333–264 BC), Cyprus-born Greek philosopher, founder of Stoicism


* Solon Nikitas (1937–2005), judge and jurist, Supreme Court (1988–2003), Attorney-General (2003–2005)


* Gregory II (1241–1290), Patriarch of Constantinople (1283–1289)
* Peter VII (1949–2004), pope and Patriarch of Alexandria (1997–2004)

Political figures

* Sonay Adem, Social Security Minister in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
* Turgay Avcı, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
* Reşat Çağlar, diplomat
* Dimitris Christofias, president of Cyprus (2008-present)
* Derviş Kemal Deniz, Minister of Economy and Tourism
* Serdar Denktaş, son of Rauf Denktaş, the former President of the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
* Rauf Denktas, ex-president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
* Fatma Ekenoğlu, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
* Kutlay Erk, the mayor of the Turkish-Cypriot part of the Cypriot capital of Nicosia
* George Grivas, head of EOKA
* Glafkos Klerides, president (1993–2003)
* Fazıl Küçük, first Turkish Cypriot vice president of the Republic of Cyprus
* Spyros Kyprianou, president (1977–1988)
* Makarios III, archbishop, president (1960–1977)
* Özkan Murat, (Turkish Cypriot)
* Niyazi Manyera, Medical doctor, politician and the first Minister of Health of the Republic of Cyprus
* Mehmet Mustafaoğlu,
* Canan Öztoprak,
* Hüseyin Öztoprak, Agriculture and Forestry Minister
* Tassos Papadopoulos, president (2003–2008)
* Raşid Pertev, undersecretary to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Mehmet Ali Talat
* Lawrence Rustem, member of the British National Party, elected councillor in the UK local elections, 2006
* Nikos Sampson, "de facto" president of the Cyprus Republic after the 1974 coup d'état
* Benon Sevan, ex-head of UN Oil for Food program
* Salih Usar, the Minister of Public Works and Communications
* Ahmet Uzun, Minister of Finance in the Government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
* Mehmet Ali Talat, current president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
* Alparslan Türkeş, leading Turkish politician
* Eşref Vaiz,
* George Vasiliou, president (1988–1993)
* Özcan Yorgancıoğlu, TRNC Minister of Youth and Sports


* Marlen Aggelidou, singer
* Alexia, singer, twice in the Eurovision Song Contest
* Peter André, singer
* Lisa Andreas, singer
* Nil Burak, singer
* Konstantinos Christoforou, singer
* Philippos Constantinos, singer (in One)
* Antony Costa, singer (ex-member of Blue)
* Nicolas Economou, composer
* Elpida, Greek singer, sang for Cyprus in the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest
* Okan Ersan, guitarist
* Barry Evangeli, music producer
* Evridiki, singer
* Savvas Houvartas, guitarist, songwriter
* Alkinoos Ioannidis, singer
* George Kallis, composer
* Işın Karaca (born 1973), singer (London-born Turkish Cypriot)
* Stelios Konstantas, singer
* Stavros Konstantinou, singer
* Kristian Leontiou, singer
* George Michael, singer
* Alex Panayi, singer
* Ziynet Sali (born 1975), singer
* Sarbel, British-born Greek singer
* Cat Stevens, singer
* Georges Theofanous, composer (Greece)
* Marios Tokas, singer, composer
* Anna Vissi, singer
* Lia Vissi, singer (older sister of Anna Vissi)


* Efstathios Aloneftis, football player with Energie Cottbus
* Marcos Baghdatis, tennis player
* Murat Erdoğan, football player
* Andreas Ioannides, football player
* Kyriakos Ioannou, track and field
* Kemal İzzet, football player
* Muzzy Izzet, football player
* Sotiris Kaiafas, football player
* Michalis Konstantinou, football player
* Yılmaz Orhan, football player
* Colin Kazim-Richards, football player
* Ömer Rıza, football player
* Fatima Whitbread, Olympic medallist athlete
* Garo Yepremian, former place kicker for the Miami Dolphins


* Alkan Çağlar, (born 1981), journalist
* Kyriakos Charalambides, poet
* Demetris Th. Gotsis, poet, writer
* Dimitris Lipertis, poet
* Vasilis Michaelides, poet
* Osman Türkay, poet

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