List of Mongolian films

List of Mongolian films

A list of films produced in Mongolia.

Title Year Director Cast Genre Notes
Aldas 1994
The Cavalry
Морин цэрэг танкист
1942 M. Bold, M. Luvsanjamts N.Tsegmid, Ch. Dolgorsuren, Ts. Tserendorj
The Cave of the Yellow Dog 2005
Cherez Gobi i Khingan 1981
Enemy of Life
Амьдралын дайсан
1941 Temet Natsagdorj
The Fearless Patriot
Аймшиггүй эх оронч
1942 M. Luvsanjamts O. Luvsan, Tsevegsuren, Sanjaa
The First Lesson
Анхдугаар хичээл
1940 M. Bold M. Gongor, Ts. Tsevegmid, L. Luvsanbaldan
Five Fingers of One Hand
Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea 2007 Shinichirô Sawai Takashi Sorimachi Historical action drama Japanese co-production; also known as The Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea or Aoki Ôkami: chi hate umi tsukiru made
Die Goldene Jurte
The Great Sin of Being Alive 1995
Icheend N' 1973
Iluu Sartai Zun 1987
The Incident on the Border
Хил дээр гарсан хэрэг
1942 M. Bold A. Tserendendev, O. Luvsan, O. Rentsennorov
Iskhod 1968
Khatan-Bator 1981
Kheltgii Zaya
Хэлтгий заяа
1993 N. Gankhuyag J. Munkhbat, B.Tungalag, M.Mungun Myth
Khurgen khuu 1971
Molom, conte de Mongolie 1995
The Mongolian Boy
Монгол хүү
1936 Ilya Trauberg Ch. Tseveen, Sosor, Gombo First Mongolian film
My Beautiful Jinjiimaa 2006
Nar hirtsenjil 1975
Naran Urgakhiig Khuleekhgui
Наран ургахыг хүлээхгүй
1997 N. Gankhuyag G. Zolboot, Ch. Ichinkhorloo, U.Erdenezaan, I.Odonchimeg, D.Mendbayar Drama
Nohoi oron 1968
Norjmaa's Destiny
Норжмаагийн зам
1938 Temet Natsagdorj Legjmaa, Khand, Puntsag, Goysen
No right to die, Genghis Khan (film)
Үхэж үл болно, Чингис Хаан
2008 L Erdenebulgan Tsegmedin Tumurbaatar
P Tserendagva
N Suvd
B Jargalsaikhan
Historical action drama Life of Genghis Khan, the great king and the founder of Mongolia.
A Pearl in the Forest
2008 Enkhtaivan Agvaantseren Bayarmaa Baatar
Zolboot Gombo
Narankhuu Khatanbaatar
G. Altanshagai
Historical drama
The Plague
Тарваган тахал
1940 Nachindorj Sodnom, Sanjaa, N.Tsevegmid
Polsedmez naroda 1959
Prologue of the Undeclared War 1985
Der Scout 1983
Sepgelin duudlagaar 1965
Sky Became Clear 1979
The Story of the Weeping Camel 2003 Janchiv Ayurzana, Chimed Ohin, mgaabazar Gonson, Zeveljamz Nyam, Ikhbayar Amgaabazar, Odgerel Ayusch Documentary
1942 A. Zarhi, I. Hyoipits, Temet Natsagdorj, M. Bold Syoverdlin, Gelegdorj, Rentsennorov, Gyorkkov
Syn Mongolii 1936
Toorog 1994 Yondonbaliin Tserendolgor Music by Dargvin Luvsansharav
Tsogt Taij
Цогт тайж
1945 D. Jigjid, D. Ganjuur, M. Luvsanjamts, M. Bold, Yu. K. Tarich Ts. Tsegmid, Ch. Dolgorsuren, A. Tserendendev
Ulaan-Baatart baygaa miniy aavd 1961
An Unforgettable Autumn 1977
Uuliin Tumur 2004
Wolf Pack
Сүрэг чоно
1939 Temet Natsagdorj D. Chimed-Osor, D. Ichinkhorloo, Ch, Dolgorsuren
Words from the Heart 2003

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  • D., Tsolmon (1995) (in Mongolian). Mongolian Movies (Монгол Кино). Ulaanbaatar, Hohhot: Eruul Enkh. 

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