canadensis is a New Latin term meaning "of Canada" which is used in taxonomy to denote species which are indigenous to, or are strongly associated with Canada.

Animals and insects

*Aquila chrysaetos canadensis, common name Golden Eagle
*Branta canadensis, common name Canada Goose
*Branta hutchinsii or "Branta canadensis hutchinsii", common name Cackling Goose
*Castor canadensis, common name American Beaver
*Cervus canadensis, common name Elk or Wapiti
*Falcipennis canadensis, common name Spruce Grouse
*Grus canadensis tabida, common name Sandhill Crane
*Lontra canadensis, common name Northern River Otter or North American River Otter
*Lynx canadensis, common name Canadian Lynx
*Ochlerotatus canadensis, a mosquito
*Ovis canadensis, common name Bighorn Sheep
*Perisoreus canadensis, common name moosebird, Canada jay, or gray jay
*Sakesphorus canadensis
*Sander canadensis, common name Sauger
*Sitta canadensis, common name Red-breasted Nuthatc
*Wilsonia canadensis, common name Canada Warbler


*Allium canadense, common name Wild Onion, Meadow Garlic, Tree Onion, and Canadian Garlic
*Amelanchier canadensis, with many common names, including Canadian serviceberry, Juneberry, Shadblow Serviceberry, Shadblow, Shadbush, Shadbush Serviceberry, Sugarplum, Thicket Serviceberry
*Anemone canadensis, common name Canada Anemone
*Antennaria canadensis, a subspecies of "Antennaria howellii", common name Canada pussytoes
*Aquilegia canadensis, common name Wild Columbine, Canadian columbine, or red columbine
*Arabis canadensis, common name sicklepod
*Astragalus canadensis, common name milk-vetch
*Bromus ciliatus or "Bromus canadensis", common name Fringed Brome
*Calamagrostis canadensis, common name Canada bluejoint, Canada reedgrass, Langsdorff's reedgrass, or Macoun's reedgrass
*Cercis canadensis, common name Eastern Redbud
*Circaea canadensis
*Collinsonia canadensis, with many common names, including Canada Horsebalm, Richweed, Hardhack, Heal-All, Horseweed, Ox-Balm and Stone root
*Conyza canadensis, with many common names, including Horseweed, Canadian Horseweed, Canadian Fleabane, Coltstail, Marestail and Butterweed
*Cornus canadensis, common name Canadian Dwarf Cornel, Canadian Bunchberry or crackerberry
*Cryptotaenia canadensis, common name Canada honewort
*Dicentra canadensis, common name squirrel corn
*Elodea canadensis, common name American waterweed, common waterweed, or Canadian waterweed and Anacharis
*Elymus canadensis, common name Canada wild rye
*Hydrastis canadensis, common name Goldenseal, Orange-root, or Orangeroot
*Lactuca canadensis, a variety of lettuce with multiple sub-species, with common names Canada Lettuce, Florida Blue Lettuce, and Wild Lettuce
*Laportea canadensis, common name wood nettle
*Linaria canadensis or Nuttallanthus canadensis, with many common names, including Blue toad-flax, Blue toadflax, Old-field toadflax, Toad-flax
*Pedicularis canadensis, common name Wood betony and Canada lousewort
*Sambucus canadensis, common name American Elderberry
*Sanguinaria canadensis, common name bloodroot
*Shepherdia canadensis, common name Canada Buffaloberry
*Solidago canadensis, common name Canada golden-rod or Canada goldenrod
*Stipa canadensis, common name feather grass, needle grass, and spear grass
*Taxus canadensis, common name Canadian Yew
*Tsuga canadensis, common name Eastern Hemlock or Canadian Hemlock
*Viola canadensis, common name Canadian white violet, Canada Violet, tall white violet, or white violet


Extinct species include:
*Anomalocaris canadensis, or "anomalous shrimp"
*Brachylophosaurus canadensis, a mid-sized member of the hadrosaurid family of dinosaurs
*Monoclonius canadensis, included with Chasmosaurus canadensis
*Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis, an ornithischian dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous period
*Xanioascus canadensis, a ctenophore

*Typhula ishikariensis var. canadensis

ee also

*Canadensis, Pennsylvania, USA, in Monroe County
*Atlantic whitefish, binomial name "Coregonus huntsmani", was once known as "Coregonus canadensis" until it was reclassified in 1987

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