Internet in Indonesia

Internet in Indonesia

Internet in Indonesia is relatively new communication media in Indonesia, an archipelago that spans over more than 16,000 islands. Several internet services are available in Indonesia, ranging from ADSL to mobile internet. Telephone lined-based internet service was among the first internet service in Indonesia with PT Telkom as a main player who controls most fixed telephone line networks.

Internet charge in Indonesia, which was in 2007 among the highest in the world, may be reduced to 50% of current charge by 2011. Internet charges may drop by half in 4 years [] ]

Indonesian internet service providers (ISPs) offer internet service on top of the PT Telkom's ADSL network. ADSL customers usually are obliged to pay two separates bills, one for the ADSL line charges to PT Telkom and internet service charges to the ISP.

First Media, a cable television provider, has recently launched its newer and much faster internet service - FastNet. This newly launched service is much cheaper compared to its competitors, thus making them more affordable for most computer users. They have five packages, each with speeds up to 384 kbit/s, 512 kbit/s, 768 kbit/s, 1500 kbit/s and 3000 kbit/s, respectively [ FastNet products [] ] . Modems are provided free of charge for the top three packages. Customers are able subscribe to FastNet without having to subscribe to the cable television service - HomeCable. However, the premise of installation should be in the coverage area of the HomeCable service. Up until now, FastNet has the highest ratio of speed vs price, making them the most affordable for the speeds offered.

Broadband internet services are mainly available in most big cities, including Greater Jakarta and Surabaya.

Another type of wireless broadband internet services in Indonesia, which are currently in the trial phase, are 3G cellular and 3.5G HSDPA services. Most of the major cellular telecommunication provider provides this high-speed mobile internet service. They include Indosat, Telkomsel, Excelcomindo (XL) and 3. Also, the usage of EV-DO has been applied into service by Indonesian CDMA cellular provider, which includes Mobile8, Esia and Telkom Flexi.

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* First Media Official website: [] .
* Indonesian ISP Association: [ APJII] .
* Department of Transportation: [ Departemen Perhubungan] - Wireless Frequency regulator.
* Department of Information Technology: [ Departemen Komunikasi dan Informasi] .

Further reading

* Hill, David T and Sen, Krishna (2005) "The Internet in Indonesia's new democracy" London ; New York : Routledge, ISBN 041528564X


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