List of characters in South Park

List of characters in South Park

This is a list of characters in the animated series "South Park".

Major characters

tanley "Stan" Marsh

South Park character

name=Stan Marsh
gender= Male
eye color= Blue
age= 9
voice= Trey Parker
Hiro Yuki (Japanese dubs)
Often the "straight man". Generally, Stan is a main protagonist of the series who is good-natured, clear-thinking and a bit over-sensitive at times, but usually tries to come up with logical solutions to their outrageous situations. Stan often attempts to summarize the message or moral of the episode, though sometimes without success. His best friend is Kyle and their relationship is central to several episodes, such as when he saves Kyle's life in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", "Cartmanland", "Super Best Friends", and "Guitar Queer-o".

A large part of Stan's character is his attraction to Wendy Testaburger, who was his crush during the first seven seasons of the series before she left him for Token Black. Although he likes her, he gets incredibly nervous at her mere presence, and usually ends up throwing up on her when she addresses him. She returned to Stan at the end of the 11th season.

Stan is voiced by Trey Parker, and is effectively Trey's alter-ego.

Eric Cartman

South Park character

name=Eric Cartman
voice=Trey Parker
Cartman is the main antagonist Fact|date=October 2008 of the series who commonly acts against the other boys. He frequently derides Kyle for being Jewish, Stan for being "a pussy" or a hippie and Kenny for being poor. His rude attitude often causes conflict with the other boys. At times, he proves himself a remarkably capable businessman and leader, and proves to be exceptionally cunning. Cartman sometimes serves as a mouthpiece for some of Parker and Stone's more extreme social commentary (three times he has dressed as Adolf Hitler). It has been stated by Parker in interview that Eric Cartman is partially based on the character of Archie Bunker from the TV series "All in the Family." [cite interview|url=|title=Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Larry Divney 'Speaking Frecely' transcript |accessdate=2007-02-08|date=2002-03-01|subject=Trey Parker|subject2=Matt Stone] He is thoroughly bigoted, egoistic, and self-indulgent, rarely acting good when it does not serve his own interests. He often plays the role of villain or antihero, and is one of the more complex characters of the show.

It is suggested in several episodes that Cartman has a strange obsession with dolls and is sometimes seen playing and having tea parties with them. All of them have extremely feminine names like "Polly Prissypants" and "Precious" In the episode Tonsil Trouble, Kyle destroys one of Cartman's dolls while Cartman screams not to hurt them. Also in the episode Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society he shows Bebe how to play with them, although this is a reference to a scene from Silence of the Lambs, proving how psychopathic he can be. He even calls the game 'Lambs'.

Cartman typically shows less interest in sexuality than his friends. In Cartman Sucks he engages in fellatio with Butters, and in the Imaginationland trilogy he obsesses with getting Kyle to "suck [his] balls" (though he stated that this was only to prove that he defeated Kyle, and in the end was satisfied having a fake Kyle suck a fake Cartman's balls). However, he has also been shown to have romantic attractions to girls on a number of occasions (to the substitite teacher in Tom's Rhinoplasty, to Wendy Testaburger in Chef Goes Nanners, to a girl named Patty Nelson in Le Petit Tourette, and also showed interest in Bebe Stevens in Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society). In Something You Can Do With Your Finger, he dreamed about girls falling for him as the singer of a boy band.

He loathes hippies above all else (Die Hippie, Die depicted his career as a 'hippie exterminator'). Cartman is often referred to as a "fatass" by his friends, especially Kyle. In the earlier episodes, Cartman would typically respond by saying, "I'm not fat! I'm big-boned!" "Don't call me fat, god damn it!" or "Don't call me fat, you fucking Jew!"

Cartman's erratic and divisive behavior is perhaps explained by his unorthodox upbringing: he lacks a father-figure, and his "mother" (Liane Cartman) is an intersexual (biologically actually his father) and an acknowledged "crack whore". Liane spoils her only child with gifts and food, always conceding to his many irrational demands; she is one of the only people with whom Eric shares a mutually affectionate and loving relationship.

Kyle Broflovski

South Park character

name=Kyle Broflovski
age=9 [Trey Parker]
voice=Matt Stone|Kappei Yamaguchi (japanese)
Kyle is a skeptical and intelligent, yet fairly impressionable boy. He is Jewish, though not particularly religious; in fact, he has "renounced his faith" in multiple episodes, such as "Cartmanland" and "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?". Kyle is always accompanied by his signature green ear-flap hat and orange jacket. On the rare occasion that his hat is removed, a large head of curly red hair is revealed.

Kyle detests the character Cartman for constantly ridiculing his religion. Kyle often retorts to Cartman's insults by calling him a fatass, generally causing a feud between them. Kyle is always a skeptic towards the crazy ideas Cartman comes up with, leading to more tension between the two. The hatred between them is so deep that even Stan, Kyle's best friend, often prefers to stay out of their fights.

Despite his skepticism, however, Kyle is also fairly impressionable. When confronted with evidence that something he knows or believes in is unreal, Kyle may begin to doubt himself or his beliefs. He is especially easily swayed by older folks, but generally will believe anyone who is not Cartman fairly easily. For example, David Blaine in the episode "Super Best Friends" converted Kyle to his cult by convincing him he was unhappy; also, in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000", Kyle doubts his own existence when he learns that the tooth fairy does not exist.

Along with Stan, his best friend, Kyle often provides a reasonable perspective on the whiny, selfish and crazy behavior of the adult world around them. Kyle is often depicted as the most moral member of the four, and generally has a far more prominent conscience, such as in the episode "Toilet Paper", when he alone wishes to admit that he and the others TPed their art teacher's house. Because of these features, Kyle is generally viewed by others as a goody-two-shoes.

Kyle also tends to be a bit behind-the-times when it comes to new fads that hit the town. In the episode "South Park is Gay!", Kyle does not understand the new metrosexual trend sweeping South Park, and as a result does not follow it. Also, in "Chinpokomon", he always misses the TV commercials promoting new Chinpokomon merchandise, and thus comes to school with obsolete toys.

Kyle is voiced by Matt Stone, and is effectively Matt's alter-ego.

Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick

South Park character

name=Kenneth 'Kenny' McCormick
age=9| [Matt Stone]
voice=Matt Stone
Mike Judge ( [cite web |url= |title=FAQ Archives |accessdate=2008-02-09 |work= [ South Park Studios] ] )
Sabine Bohlmann (German dubs)
Mitsuru Ogata (Japanese)

Kenny comes from a poverty-stricken family and is the most worldly of the four boys, who often turn to him when encountering an unfamiliar sexual term. He can be seen reading porn in a few episodes, causing many to believe he has a perverted side. The parka hood closed around his face renders his speech nearly incomprehensible, but all of his lines are real dialog and Stan, Kyle and Cartman can understand him. In some episodes Kenny's dialog is accompanied by subtitles and often available via closed captioning. There are three occasions where he is unmuffled, and talks normally. He removes his hood at the to say goodbye to his friends. He also dresses up as another kid as a decoy in the eighth-season episode "The Jeffersons" and has several unmuffled lines of dialogue, after which he is killed. In season eleven, he can be heard unmuffled when his parka is removed in the episode "Lice Capades".

During the first five seasons Kenny played the eternal victim, routinely killed in each episode, only to inexplicably reappear in the next, creating a plethora of shockingly grotesque deaths. The show's oldest gimmick (a carryover from the initial cardboard concept video) was Stan's cry of "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" in response to his death, with Kyle adding, "You bastards!" whenever Kenny is killed. This is sometimes parodied, being applied to other characters (such as Chef in "The Return of Chef") or by a variation on the theme.

At the end of the fifth season, Kenny died "for good" and remained dead for the entire sixth season, ultimately returning at the end of the season's last episode, "Red Sleigh Down" (the other boys ask him where he's been, to which he replies in his muffled tone, "Oh I was just over there"). Parker and Stone explained this was due to their feeling creatively boxed-in by the requirement to kill Kenny in each episode. [cite news|url=|title=South Park depicts the Queen's suicide after plot to conquer US fails|accessdate=2007-12-27]

During Kenny's absence in Season 6, he was replaced by Butters, and later Tweek as the boys' "fourth friend". He did appear in a few episodes when his soul became trapped in Cartman's body after Cartman drank Kenny's ashes (believing them to be chocolate milk mix); Kenny returned permanently in the seventh season and his deaths have since been much more rare.

Kenny is voiced by Matt Stone. In "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut", Kenny without the hood is voiced by Mike Judge.

Other Prominent Characters

Leopold "Butters" Stotch

South Park character
name=Leopold "Butters" Stotch
voice=Matt Stone

The blonde haired, infantile character named Butters had appeared in early episodes, but only became a regular character upon Kenny’s departure in Season 6, as a “fourth friend” or somewhat of a replacement for Kenny. He has since been nearly as present as the main four boys.

Butters is nervous, naïve, easily manipulated, and repressed, while at the same time remaining surprisingly optimistic and occasionally insightful. He is often punished by his overbearing parents, and exploited by his peers. Butters parents almost always ground Butters in every confrontation they have onscreen, and often for ridiculous reasons. One can often hear him utter the words "I'm gonna get grounded" as well as “Hey fellas” or “Oh, Hamburgers”. Eric Cartman especially takes pride in manipulating the gullible Butters into doing what Cartman wants him to do. Butters will go to any extent in falling for Cartman’s words and traps. In the episode “Casa Bonita”, Cartman tricks Butters into believing there is a meteor destroying Earth in order to lock Butters down in a bomb shelter. In the episode “The Death of Eric Cartman”, Butters is the only character who mistakenly believes that Cartman is a ghost, and therefore makes a fool of himself by assisting Cartman in “making things right”. In "The List" he was No. 11 on the corrupted list. Epitomizing the tragedy of his character, his birthday is September 11. He is voiced by Matt Stone.

Tweek Tweak

South Park character
name=Tweek Tweak
voice=Matt Stone|

Tweek Tweak is introduced in the episode "Gnomes", where he was put in a study group with the four boys. His name is taken from a slang term referring to recreational users of methamphetamine, as well as hyperactive or dysfunctional people in general. After Kenny was killed off, Butters replaced Kenny as the fourth friend of Stan, Kyle, and Cartman, but was considered too lame. In "Professor Chaos", Tweek was chosen as the fourth friend of the main characters during a reality television spoof in which Kyle, Stan, and Cartman remove Butters from their group. He was a member of the group for five episodes in the middle of the sixth season (Simpsons Already Did It, Red Hot Catholic Love, Free Hat, Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society, Child Abduction Is Not Funny), after which he returned to his previous minor-character role after the return of Kenny. He is sometimes seen as part of Craig's "gang", even after fighting him in "Tweek vs. Craig".

He is portrayed as a hyperactive boy who has messy blonde hair, generally wears a grey-green shirt buttoned incorrectly, and dark blue jeans. Tweek is noted for his quirky mannerisms; he is always nervous and jittery and usually overdosed on caffeine, leading to extreme paranoia and hyperactivity. In addition, he claims that he "can't sleep...ever" (though he was seen sleeping in "Child Abduction Is Not Funny"). His voice is usually strained, and he tends to scream, "Oh God!", "GAH!", "Too much pressure!", or some variation of these. Tweek's parents run a coffee shop, and attempt to calm him using coffee; this has the effect of increasing his caffeine levels and worsening his mental state. However, no one ever makes the connection because Tweek, like Timmy, has been incorrectly diagnosed with ADD. In the episode "Free Hat", he appears to practice fatalism, and ironically, all events in this episode caused Tweek to be put in very stressful situations. In the same episode, one of Steven Spielberg's agents referred to him as "the one with the cocaine problem".

In "The List", Tweek was ranked as Number 8 on the corrupted list.

econdary Characters

Family members

South Park has a number of different families, who are a recurring theme of many episodes. There are seven main families, who are distinguished from the rest of the townsfolk: the Marshes, the Broflovskis, the Tweeks, the Cartmans, the McCormicks, the Blacks, and the Stotches.


Most characters are the children at South Park Elementary because the main characters are children. They range in ages from kindergarteners to 6th Graders. Some of the most prominent students in the main characters' class are Wendy, Bebe, the handicapped boys Timmy and Jimmy, the hyper-caffeinated Tweek, and other children such as Token, Craig, and Clyde, the English student Pip (only in the first few seasons), Kyle's baby brother Ike, and many more.

chool staff

South Park Elementary is a main location in the show. The boys' teacher, Mr. Garrison, is the most frequently-seen member of the staff. Originally known for speaking and expressing himself (most notably his repressed sexual orientation) through his hand puppet, Mr. Hat, Mr. Garrison eventually gave up on Mr. Hat and came out of the closet. Soon after this he found a new teaching partner, the flamboyant Mr. Slave. He had a sex change in the episode "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", and went by the name Mrs. Janet Garrison. During the episode "D-Yikes!", Mrs. Garrison again discovers she is a gay, although this time a lesbian. He became a man again in "Eek, a Penis!". The boys' school counselor is Mr. Mackey, who has a habit of saying "M'kay?" at the end of his sentences. The school's principal is Principal Victoria. Several past characters who worked at the school were killed off, including Ms. Choksondik (the kids' teacher during Mr. Garrison's brief hiatus) and Ms. Crabtree (the school bus driver). The school's cafeteria cook, Chef, was also killed off, after the real life voice of Chef, Isaac Hayes, left the show due to an episode in which his religion, Scientology, was mocked. After dying, Chef was seen being placed in a Darth Vader-like suit, voiced by a different actor (Peter Serafinowicz, voice of Darth Maul in ), leaving a return possible; Isaac Hayes died of a stroke in August 2008.

outh Park Residents

Other residents of South Park. They range from Big Gay Al to Towelie, a talking towel who enjoys smoking marijuana. There are also many religious characters who are occasional characters such as Jesus and Satan, satan's son Damian (also appearing briefly in SP:bigger, longer & uncut) and Father Maxie, the local priest. If called for by the storyline proprietors of various shops will also make their appearance. Like Tom, from Tom's Rhinoplasty, the undertakers from the South Park Morgue, and Dr. Lautz, the town's optometrist. Early episodes often featured Dr. Mephesto, a crazed scientist and his nameless monkey-dwarf-thing (Episode 113 "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" reveals his name as 'Kevin'). Other important figures are Officer Barbrady and Mayor McDaniels. Of special interest are Stan's uncle Jimbo and his war-buddy Ned, a Vietnam veteran who had a trachyectomy as a result of smoking and speaks with a voice box. They are the stereotypically intolerant, dumb, gun-crazed rednecks, although it has been suggested Jimbo is actually gay (See the episode It Hits The Fan).

Minor characters

Minor characters are characters that have appeared in at least one episode. Minor characters range from Jesus to the temporary substitute teacher from the fourth season, Mr. Weyland. Rarely seen is Kenny's brother Kevin, who has been seen in scenes taking place in Kenny's home, and also riding the carnival's roller coaster with Kenny in the episode Best Friends Forever.


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