Kyle Broflovski

Kyle Broflovski

South Park character

name=Kyle Broflovski
age=9 [Trey Parker]
start="The Spirit of Christmas"
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Kyle Broflovski (portrayed as 'Brovlofski' on a sign at his dad's office in the season 4 episode . The surname Broflovski is derived from Brosloski, the original surname of Stone's mother (changed to Belasco when an ancestor immigrated to the United States).


His mother, Sheila Broflovski, is very overprotective; she instigates a war between the USA and Canada in the feature-length movie "" because of Canadian natives Terrance and Phillip's extremely scatological R-rated movie. Mrs. Broflovski is very prone to "making a mountain out of a molehill" whenever she thinks something is threatening her son. Her catchphrase is "What, what, what?!" Kyle's father Gerald Broflovski is a lawyer, but Kyle reiterates that despite his father's profession, they are not as wealthy as Token Black. Kyle also has an adopted younger brother, Ike Broflovski. Ike's birth parents are Canadian. He also has a cousin who appeared in "The Entity", "Red Sleigh Down" and "The Losing Edge", also named Kyle. It is implied that Kyle "might" have moved to the town, since he is quoted in The Entity saying, "I spent five years in this town making a good name for Jews. . ."htpp://, The Entity]


Kyle wears a bright green ear-flapped cap (or ushanka), a bright orange jacket with black-edged pockets with a bright green collar, dark green pants and lime-green mittens or gloves. He is rarely shown without his cap, but without it he has a bright red-to-auburn Jewfro, a hairstyle he seems to resent. In "Good Times with Weapons", his anime self is shown to have either brown or violet eyes. In the episode "Ginger Kids" Kyle is referred to as a 'Daywalker' (a part ginger: the only ginger trait is the hair)


He is one of few Jewish characters in the show, though he shows a very Deist point of view throughout the course of the series. Rather than integrating Jewish mysticism and religious ideas with science, he instead puts down supernatural explanations and prefers to see things scientifically rather than religiously. For instance, when Cartman claims to have psychic powers and Kyle displays plausible psychic ability (by blowing up a few lightbulbs while shouting), he dismisses it saying that there is a reasonable explanation. He is considered by some to believe in God as First Cause and take on the religion of his parents out of respect for them (the latter being increasingly likely as he has actually met and seen Jesus, who is the reason for the Christianity-Judaism split). A good example of this is seen in "The Passion of the Jew". Cartman's most frequent topic to tease Kyle over is his religion, and because of this, Kyle is very insecure about his origins, and is more defensive than he is proud. He does not seem to know much about Jewish traditions or beliefs, as when his little brother, Ike, was going to have a bris in "Ike's Wee Wee", he thought Ike's entire penis was going to be cut off, rather than just the foreskin (this is due to the fact that Kyle had his Brit milah at a younger age). He also refers to God as 'Jehovah' in the episode "Cartmanland".


When angered or frustrated, Kyle has a tendency to clench his fists and growl or yell angrily. He has also apparently picked up Stan's trait of pinching the bridge of his nose when frustrated, as seen at the end of "I'm a Little Bit Country", and "Super Fun Time". Kyle typically displays the highest moral standards of all the boys, even though he lies in "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus". Kyle also usually gets higher grades than his friends, and often provides a sober thought to plans or ideas made by the other boys. Kyle usually acts as the protagonist to Cartman's antagonist. Kyle is on better terms with Stan Marsh, who are usually seen as very close friends. Either he or Stan are usually the ones to say "You know, I learned something today", and/or save the town from various disasters or negative influences. However, while Stan usually accomplishes this through his clear-headedness and unbiased views, Kyle usually does the same through his vast knowledge and intelligence. A notable example of this is in "Cartoon Wars", where he warns the president of the Fox Network of the dangers of censorship and its violation of American principles. Another instance is in "Imaginationland Episode III", where he convinces the Pentagon General not to nuke Imaginationland by explaining that despite being "imaginary", imaginary characters are just as real as non-imaginary ones (see Pantheistic solipsism). Kyle is probably the aptest character to deliver this lesson: in "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", he is the first person in South Park (apart from Chef) to be aware of the existence of Mr Hankey, who other people think is his imaginary friend before being forced to realize he does exist. In addition, Kyle is led to question reality in "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000". As a result, he may appear as the character most familiar with metaphysics and esoterism, which may or may not have to do with his Jewish background: "Jewbilee" shows that he is used to Moses' visitation. Apart from Butters, whom Kyle is somewhat friendlier to, Kyle is the most caring and compassionate of the boys, but can be especially violent towards Cartman, and has beaten him up on several occasions, notably in "Kenny Dies" because Cartman had pretended to care about Kenny's illness in order to get the ban on stem cells lifted, only to then use stem cells to clone his own Shakey's Pizza, and in "Tonsil Trouble" after Cartman purposely infected Kyle with the HIV virus. As for his friend Kenny McCormick, in most South Park episodes Kyle and Kenny are portrayed to be quite good friends, as Kyle heavily mourned his death in "Kenny Dies" and seemed to be most concerned about Kenny's drug problem in "Major Boobage". It is also revealed that he has no rhythm in "Rainforest Schmainforest". In the episode "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" it is shown that Kyle is able to speak pig Latin fluently. In "," Kyle is also shown to be a capable hacker.

Kyle's birthday is May 26, the same as Matt Stone. [He has the same birthday as Matt Stone.


Besides Kenny, Kyle becomes sick more often than any of the other boys, likely due to his Type One diabetes. He experiences a painful infected hemorrhoid when Cartman inherits $1 million from his grandmother and uses it to buy his own amusement park in "Cartmanland" (though this could be psychosomatic, as the hemorrhoid disappears as soon as Cartman loses his park). He also needed a kidney transplant (that only Cartman could provide because they are both Blood Type AB-negative) in "Cherokee Hair Tampons". In the episode "Guitar Queer-o", sickness apparently prevents Kyle from practicing playing Guitar Hero as much as Stan does, and in the episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance", he succumbs to the physical effects of torture before Stan and Cartman. However, in the episode "Chickenpox" he is the only person in his class who does not easily catch chickenpox, even after playing a game in which Kenny (who had chickenpox) spat into his mouth and he had to swallow it while saying "ookymouth" (an activity suggested by his mother in hopes that her son would catch chickenpox). He does catch it in the end, collapsing onto the ground melodramatically, though this only occurs after prolonged exposure to the sick Stan and Cartman. Probably the most serious illness Kyle has "contracted" so far is HIV, deliberately given to him by Cartman. However, thanks to Magic Johnson (and his cash), he is cured of the disease. In three instances, Stan has saved his life (two of which involve illnesses).


In the early seasons, Kyle showed little to no interest in girls. His first kiss was with Bebe Stevens in "Clubhouses" after she developed a crush on him. However, as soon as he was kissed by her, he ran out, disgusted. In a dramatic turn of events, however, he developed an interest in a girl called Rebecca Cottswald in "Hooked on Monkey Phonics", which quickly became his first relationship. However, it likely dissolved when she made out with every single boy at the dance he took her to (she was, at this point, behaving in a promiscuous way, though she was last seen making out with Kyle heavily). After this, he had no more relationships and had no interest in girls in "The List" (at least up until he discovered he was ranked last in a corrupted list).

Best Friendship with Stan

In the group, Kyle and Stan are portrayed as the closest friends; they sing part of the opening theme song together, they generally stand next to each other in any situation and have both labeled themselves as "Super Best Friends". Throughout the 12 seasons that "South Park" has aired, they have only 'broken up' 6 times, most recently in "Guitar Queer-o",but also in the episodes "Follow That Egg!" "South Park is Gay" "Prehistoric Ice Man" "Super best friends" and "Douche and Turd" but have reconciled each time on screen (except in "South Park Is Gay"). In most episodes, Stan prefers to side with Kyle on arguments; however, there have been instances where he has openly disagreed with Kyle's views and sided with Cartman. Stan has saved Kyle's life three times, even when the situation has been potentially threatening or painful for him. Kyle, in turn, set out to rescue Stan and Butters in "Imaginationland III", even experiencing a telepathic link with Stan. In "Fun With Veal", Kyle worries over Stan's deteriorating health and barely left his side. Stan and Kyle show the physical evidence of their close friendship in "Smug Alert!", when they hug on Kyle's return home from San Francisco, "It's Christmas in Canada", in which they sleep leaning towards each other (as opposed to Cartman and Kenny, who lean opposite directions), in "The Return Of Chef": in a fictitious 'Previously on South Park', they briefly hug at sunset, and in The China Probrem, when they are hugging in a lawyer's office (they even say that they love each other) they also nearly always stand next to each other when doing anything, like waiting for the bus or listening to the teacher in class. Kyle often gets himself involved in risky situations for the benefit of Stan, and vice versa. Cartman also recognized their close friendship in "Kenny Dies" and mocks them in Super Best Friends, calling them sweet and asking them if they'd like to make out for a while, to which they react by kicking him in the testicles multiple times. Stan's father Randy has also mocked him and advised him not to hang out with Kyle too much, as people will think they are "funny".

Friendship with Kenny

Just like Stan, not a lot is shown between Kyle`s friendship with Kenny, Kyle`s always there for Kenny,throughout the series Kyle has been there to back Kenny up more than Stan has,In the PSP Episode, Cartman really wants Kennys Psp because Kennys dead and lies about his will and says he`s Kennys best friend, Kyle jumps in saying you're not Kennys best friend, you just want Kenny dead so you can have his stupid Psp" And Lice Capades where they all have head lice and kept it to themselves, the whole class gave Kenny a sock bath until Kyle says out loud, "Its not Kenny who has headlice its me, I can't let Kenny get sock bathed At the end of the episode.

Rivalry with Cartman

The enmity between Cartman and Kyle has been in the show from the start, but has become significantly more pronounced since season 4. Although most of the kids in South Park dislike Cartman, Cartman and Kyle's feud is a recurring and well-known theme. Cartman openly hates Kyle and considers him, as a Jew, to be sub-human. Kyle hates him in return, as well as being horrified and disgusted with Cartman's immorality, cruelty, bigotry and greediness. The two spend a great deal of time arguing and trading insults, with Kyle being the butt of Cartman's anti-semitism and Kyle making cracks about Cartman's weight and lack of intelligence. Many episodes, such as "Cartoon Wars", The "Imaginationland" Trilogy, "Ginger Kids" and several others deal with their animosity and attempts to defeat each other in their goals. Although Kyle always fights against Cartman's manipulative tactics, Cartman's hatred has been shown to have a negative effect on him. Cartman uses Kyle as a target for his sadistic desires and tendencies, and Kyle often becomes obsessed with beating Cartman at whatever he does, even abandoning Stan and Kenny in the process. However, Cartman has saved Kyle's life three times. The first time in "Smug Alert", where he rescues Kyle and his family from San Francisco during a smug storm, and sends them back to South Park by bus. The second time he saves Kyle, Kenny and Stan in "Die Hippie, Die" by disbanding the large group of hippies by playing death metal through the sound system. The last time he saves Kyle's life is during "Imaginationland Episode II", when Kyle is not breathing after having been attacked by Manbearpig. Cartman begs the doctor to keep "zapping" Kyle, until he wakes up. Kyle has also repeatedly put his life on the life for Cartman's safety, for example; in Manbearpig, Cartman is so bloated from eating all the treasure that Kyle has to carry him back, whilst attempting to keep afloat himself, and he almost drowns doing so. Kyle doesn't know about Cartman saving his life. However, neither Kyle nor Cartman seems to notice the toxicity of their relationship, and continue to live in close contact, even referring to each other as friends. Kyle is also against Cartman's sinister treatment of others, especially Butters. Cartman and Kyle have also feuded in Cartoon Wars and Tonsil Trouble. In Tonsil Trouble, Cartman gives Kyle AIDS after Kyle laughs about Cartman getting it. In Cartoon Wars Parts 1 & 2, they have a major battle over Family Guy getting taken off the air. Kyle is often manipulated by Cartman because he tends to believe in the best of people, and Cartman takes advantage of this so that Kyle will help him further his nefarious schemes.

He has a tendency to make - and lose - improbable bets with Cartman. In "Red Hot Catholic Love", Cartman is able to show the feasibility of reversing the direction of the digestion process, for which Kyle owes him $20. The primary subplot of the Imaginationland series is Cartman's relentless effort to get Kyle to suck his testes, as per their agreement from a bet over a leprechaun sighting. In "Christian Rock Hard", Cartman manages to make a platinum album, thus winning a bet made with Kyle over whose band could turn out a platinum album first, though in the end the bet is lost on a technicality, as the Christian music industry in the episode gives myrrh instead of platinum albums. Simiarly, in "The red badge of Gayness', Kyle bets Cartman that the South don't win the American Civil War.


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