Power (name)

Power (name)

:"This article disambiguates people with the name Power. For other uses, see Power.The following people have the surname Power:

* Arthur John Power, World War II Royal Navy admiral
* Alex Power, fictional character
* Camilla Power
* Captain Power
* Chad Power
* Charles Gavan Power
* Charlie Power
* David Power
* David Baynton-Power
* Darrell Power
* Dermot Power
* Harry Power
* J.J. Power
* Jack Power, fictional character
* John Power
* Jonathon Power
* Josiah Power
* Julie Power, fictional character
* Katie Power, fictional character
* Lawrence Geoffrey Power
* Leonel Power
* Luke Power
* Manley Power, Peninsular War and War of 1812 British general
* Manley Laurence Power, World War II Royal Navy Captain
* Max Power, fictional
* Michael Power (Canadian bishop)
* Michael Power (Guinness character), fictional character
* Noel Power
* Paddy Power Irish bookmaker
* Paddy Power (politician)
* Pamela Power
* Patrick Power
* Patrick Power (Australian)
* Paul D. Scully-Power
* Peter Power
* Philip Power
* Ramon Power y Giralt
* Richard Power (1851-1891) Irish politician
* Robbie Power jump jockey
* Romina Power
* Samantha Power
* Seán Power
* Simon Power
* Taryn Power
* Thomas Charles Power, one of the first two Senators from Montana
* Tyrone Power (1795-1841) Irish actor
* Tyrone Power, Sr. (1869-1931) English-American actor
* Tyrone Power (1914-1958) American film actor
* Tyrone Power, Jr. (1959- ) American film actor
* Una Power Irish Card Reader & Radio Presenter
* Victor M. Power
* Will Power
* William Patrick Power, C.S.Sp. (b. 1843)

"See also Powers for people with that surname."

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