Supercritical may refer to:

* Critical mass, the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction
* Critical temperature, Tc, the temperature above which distinct liquid and gas phases do not exist
* Supercritical fluid, a substance at a temperature and pressure above its thermodynamic critical point
* Supercritical carbon dioxide, same as above, applied to carbon dioxide
* Supercritical fluid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), using supercritical carbon dioxide as the mobile phase
* Supercritical airfoil, an airfoil designed to delay the onset of wave drag in the transonic speed range
* Supercritical drying, the process to remove liquid in a precisely controlled way, similar to freeze drying
* Supercritical water reactor (SCWR), a Generation IV nuclear reactor concept that uses supercritical water as the working fluid
* Supercritical water oxidation or SCWO, a process that occurs in water at temperatures and pressures above a mixture's thermodynamic critical point
* Supercritical flow, when the flow velocity is larger than the wave velocity
* Supercritical steam generators, a steam generator operating above the critical point of water, hence having no water - steam separation
* Hopf bifurcation, a local bifurcation ; when the first Lyapunov coefficient is negative, the bifurcation is called supercritical
* Pitchfork bifurcation, similar to the case of a Hopf bifurcation

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