Voice of Turkey

Voice of Turkey

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country = TUR
network_type = Radio network
available = International
owner = Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
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launch_date = 1937
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website = http://www.trt.net.tr/|

Voice of Turkey (Turkish: "Türkiye'nin Sesi Radyosu") is the international service of Turkish state radio on shortwave.


Turkey’s first external broadcast was started on January 8, 1937 by the Ankara Radio Corporation. This broadcast designed to help resolve the Hatay issue was in fact the transmission in Arabic of an address delivered about this question by the then Prime Minister İsmet İnönü. External broadcasts on a regular basis from Turkey started as of October 28, 1938.

Today, the Voice of Turkey carries the external radio transmissions of Turkish Radio and Television, TRT.

Current broadcasts

The round the clock Turkish broadcasts by the Voice of Turkey for Turkish nationals living abroad and those of Turkish origin focus on education, culture music and news programmes.

Its transmissions start with a piano tune in the "hicaz" makam.

The Voice of Turkey, in addition to Turkish, broadcasts on a daily basis for a total duration of 58 hours in 26 languages. Thes broadcasts in which culture, music and news programmes weigh heavier are carried in German, Albanian, Arabic, Azeri, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Chinese, French, Georgian, English, Spanish, Italian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Hungarian, Macedonian, Persian, Uzbek, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Tatar, Turkmen, Urdu, and Greek.

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*Turkish Radio and Television Corporation

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* [http://www.trt.net.tr/wwwtrt/tsr.aspx TRT Voice Of Turkey] tr icon

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