Descent 4

Descent 4
Descent 4 (working title)
Publisher(s) Interplay Entertainment
Series Descent
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Media/distribution DVD

Descent 4 is a planned fourth installment in the Descent series published by the re-emerging publisher, Interplay Entertainment.[1] While the game has had a troubled development history, Interplay Entertainment confirmed in 2008 that they have plans for developing the game after raising funds for the development of an MMO based on the Fallout franchise.[2][3]



Development of Descent 4 was officially cancelled in 2000 as revealed by a PlanetDescent interview conducted on September 11, 2000. Some speculation was made that Red Faction, a new project at Volition, was Descent 4, since Red Faction's main character was named Parker and some of the plot points for Red Faction were very similar to Descent as was mentioned in the PlanetDescent interview, but Mike Kulas, then-president of Volition Inc., denied that Red Faction was Descent 4, although he admitted that technologies that were in development for Descent 4 were being used in Red Faction. PlanetDescent also asked if there was to be a Descent 4 developed by Volition after Red Faction in the then-foreseeable future. Mr. Kulas stated that it seemed very unlikely that they would work on a Descent sequel. This could possibly be because in 2000, Volition left Interplay Entertainment to be part of THQ.[4][not in citation given]

Descent 4 announcements

On November 13, 2007, GameSpot reported that Interplay has announced that it will restart its in-house development studio and has plans to develop a Descent sequel (likely to be Descent 4) amongst other classic Interplay IPs if Interplay can secure financing for any possible sequels.[5]

On March 31, 2008, Interplay Entertainment released their quarterly report which highlighted their development plans for possible sequels:

"We have sold “Fallout” to a third party and have obtained the License Back to allow us to create, develop and exploit a “Fallout” MMOG. We are planning to exploit the License Back of “Fallout” MMOG and are reviewing the avenues for securing financing of at least $30 million to fund its production."
"The Company is now focused on a two-pronged growth strategy. While the Company is working to secure funding for the development of a MMOG based on the popular “Fallout” franchise, the Company is at the same time exploring ways to leverage its portfolio of gaming properties through sequels and various development and publishing arrangements. The Company is planning, if the Company can obtain financing, to develop sequels to some of the most successful games, including Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance, Descent and MDK. The Company has reinitiated its in-house game development studio, and has hired game developers. Initial funding for these steps will mainly derive from the remaining proceeds from the sale of “Fallout” and license arrangements that the Company enters into."[3]


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