Journal of International Business Studies

Journal of International Business Studies

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discipline = International Business, Management
abbreviation = JIBS
publisher = Palgrave Macmillan
country = United Kingdom
history = 1970 to present
website =
ISSN = 0047-2506
eISSN = 1478-6990
editor = Lorraine Eden
frequency = 7 issues (2007), 8 issues (2008)
impact = 2.283
impact-year = 2007
JSTOR = 00472506
OCLC = 1604487
LCCN = 98657338

JIBS, the Journal of International Business Studies, (ISSN: 0047-2506, eISSN: 1478-6990) is the official publication of the Academy of International Business (AIB) and is published by Palgrave Macmillan. JIBS is the leading peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that publishes research across the entire range of topics encompassing the domain of international business studies.

The journal, first published in 1970, is currently edited by Prof. Dr. Lorraine Eden (Texas A&M University). The journal is currently ranked highly in the Social Sciences Citation Index (2007: 2.283, 7th out of 72 in the Business category; 10th out of 81 in the Management category.)


*1970-1975 - Ernest W. Ogram, Jr.
*1975-1984 - William A. Dymsza
*1985-1992 - David A. Ricks
*1993-1997 - Paul W. Beamish
*1997-2002 - Thomas L. Brewer
*2002-2007 - Arie Y. Lewin
*2007-present - Lorraine Eden [ [ Journal of International Business Studies - Letter from the Editor-in-Chief ] ]

Functioning of the journal

All original research manuscripts published in JIBS are peer reviewed. Submission of manuscripts to JIBS is done via an online manuscript processing system, Manuscript Central [] . The authors are requested to identify two possible Area Editors [] for their manuscript, and also can recommend up to four reviewers, either from the Editorial Review Board (ERB) [] or the Consulting Editors Board (CEB) [] . The manuscripts are first evaluated in terms of quality and fit with the JIBS Statement of Editorial Policy [] . Articles exhibiting a poor fit or those that are not sufficiently international [] are desk-rejected. The Editor-in-Chief then decides on the appropriate editor, who in turn selects reviewers. Neither selection is limited to the names recommended by the author [ [ Information for Contributors : Journal of International Business Studies ] ] . The actual review process is double-blind, where neither the author nor the reviewers know the identity of each other.

All authors, reviewers, and editors are bound by a formal Code of Ethics [] to ensure that the integrity of the research, review, and publication process is maintained.

Most cited articles

Over the years, JIBS has published several seminal articles on theories of international business. To promote further research on these theories, the top 20 articles published in the journal with the most citations are made available for free on its website [] . As of July 23, 2007, the top 5 most cited articles in JIBS were:

1. cite journal |last=Johanson |first=Jan |coauthors=Jan-Erik Vahlne |title=The Internationalization Process of the Firm - A Model of Knowledge Development and Increasing Foreign Market Commitments |url= |format=PDF |journal=Journal of International Business Studies |year=1977 |volume=8 |issue=1 |pages=23–32 |doi=10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8490676

2. cite journal |last=Kogut |first=Bruce |coauthors=Harbir Singh |title=The Effect of National Culture on the Choice of Entry Mode |url= |format=PDF |journal=Journal of International Business Studies |year=1988 |volume=19 |issue=3 |pages=411–432 |doi=10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8490394

3. cite journal |last=Kogut |first=Bruce |coauthors=Udo Zander |title=Knowledge of the Firm and the Evolutionary-Theory of the Multinational Corporation |url= |format=PDF |journal=Journal of International Business Studies |year=1993 |volume=24 |issue=4 |pages=625–645 |doi=10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8490248

4. cite journal |last=Dunning |first=John H. |title=The Eclectic Paradigm of International Production: A Restatement and Some Possible Extensions |url= |format=PDF |journal=Journal of International Business Studies |year=1988 |volume=19 |issue=1 |pages=1–31 |doi=10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8490372

5. cite journal |last=Anderson |first=Erin |coauthors=Hubert Gatignon |title=Modes of Foreign Entry: A Transaction Cost Analysis and Propositions |url= |format=PDF |journal=Journal of International Business Studies |year=1986 |volume=17 |issue=3 |pages=1–26 |doi=10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8490432

JIBS Decade Award

Starting in 1996 [ [ Decade Award : Journal of International Business Studies ] ] , a new award, called the JIBS Decade Award, was initiated to recognize the most influential paper published a decade ago. A selection committee evaluates the five most cited papers published in the JIBS Volume of that year and decides on the most influential paper. A special session is held at the Academy of International Business annual conference including a retrospective presentation from the award winner in addition to additional commentary.

The current winning article as well as all past winners are made available for free download on the JIBS Decade Award website [] .


External links

* [ Academy of International Business]
* [ JIBS Home Page]
** [ Statement of Editorial Policy]
** [ First Editorial of Current Editor]
** [ Editorial on What Makes a Paper Sufficiently International]
** [ Code of Ethics]
** [ Most Cited Articles]
** [ Decade Award Winners]
** [ Journal Related Activities]

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