Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology

Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology

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title = Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology (JICLT)

discipline = International Law, Technology, IT Law, Trade Law, Commercial Law, Business Law, Law Review, Insurance Law, Computer Law
abbreviation = JICLT
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publisher = [ International Association of IT Lawyers]
country = DK
history = 2006 to present
ISSN = 1901-8401

The Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology (JICLT) is a peer-reviewed free open-access scholarly journal dedicated to furthering the understanding of international commercial law and technology. It is published by the [ International Association of IT Lawyers (IAITL)] .

The journal is a quarterly publication in online formats. Submitted articles are reviewed anonymously and are subjected to a rigorous editorial process.

The journal is edited by internationally-renown legal scholar and writer Sylvia Kierkegaard.

The JICLT issues are available online for free-without any charge to download or print each article.

The journal is a member of the Directory of Open Access Journal [ (] and all articles can also be searched and accessed at

Editorial Team

*Sylvia Mercado Kierkegaard

Editorial Board
*Dragoljub Popovic, Judge, European Court of Human Rights
*Roger Baker, Consultant and adviser, Itemplus & UK House of Commons, United Kingdom
*Jumpol Pinyosinwat, Presiding Judge, Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, Thailand
*Lisa Chichura, Associate Director, Center for Advanced Technical Assistance, Stony Brook University, United States
*Carlos Alberto Rohrmann, Academic Director, LL.M. Program of Faculdade de Direito Milton Campos–FDMC, Brazil
*Hans Henrik Edlund, Director of the Doctoral Studies Program, Aarhus University
*Sanette Nel, Professor, University of South Africa, South Africa
*Reinhard Steennot, Professor, Ghent University, Belgium
*Rolf H. Weber, Director, European Law Institute, University of Zürich, Switzerland
*Jari Råman, University of Lapland, Finland
*Susan Brenner, NCR Distinguished Professor of Law and Technology. The University of Dayton School of Law, United States
*Stephen Saxby, Editor, Computer Law & Security Report, United Kingdom

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* [ Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology (JICLT)]

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