The Line, the Cross & the Curve

The Line, the Cross & the Curve

name = The Line, The Cross and the Curve

imdb_id = 0107421
producer = Margarita Doyle
director = Kate Bush
writer = Kate Bush
starring = Kate Bush
Miranda Richardson
Lindsay Kemp
music = Kate Bush
cinematography = Roger Pratt
editing = Julian Rodd
distributor = ????
released = November 13, 1993
runtime = 50 min.
language = English

"The Line, the Cross, and the Curve" is a musical short film directed by and starring pop singer Kate Bush. Released in 1993, it co-starred Miranda Richardson and noted choreographer Lindsay Kemp.

This short film is essentially an extended music video featuring songs from Bush's 1993 album, "The Red Shoes", which in turn was inspired by the classic movie musical-fantasy "The Red Shoes".

In this version of the tale, Bush plays a frustrated singer-dancer who is enticed by a mysterious woman (Richardson) into putting on a pair of magical ballet slippers. Once on her feet, the shoes start dancing on their own and Bush's character (who is never referred to by name) finds herself in a magical and psychedelic wonderland. Her guide on this strange journey is played by Lindsay Kemp, who in real life was Bush's dancing mentor.

The film was released direct-to-video in most areas and was only a modest success; Kate Bush later called it "a load of bollocks". [cite news|url=,,1601608,00.html|title=I'm not some weirdo recluse|date=2005-10-28|accessdate=2008-04-15|author=Tom Doyle|publisher=Guardian] Soon after its release, Bush effectively dropped out of the public eye. Her eighth studio album, "Aerial", was released in November of 2005.

ong listing (as listed on video cover)

#Rubberband Girl
#And So is Love
#The Red Shoes
#The Red Shoes (instrumental)
#Moments of Pleasure
#Eat the Music
#The Red Shoes

All songs apart from "Lily" were also used as promotional videos for the singles from her "The Red Shoes" album. However the version of the "Eat the Music" sequence used as the promotional video for that single was significantly different from the Line, the Cross & the Curve version in several ways:

# All footage featuring actress Miranda Richardson is excised, including the extended introduction where Kate is chasing in an effort to retrieve her "smile".
# It includes a sequence where two male dancers place hollowed out watermelons over their heads and then square each other off as if they were about to wrestle. This footage is completely absent from The Line, the Cross & the Curve version of the song.
# A shot of Kate having a line of black make-up applied to each cheek is included. This again does not feature in the Line, the Cross & the Curve version of the song.
# There is no footage of Kate's red ballet shoe clad feet running across the fruit covered floor. There are however several extra shots of her feet dancing among the fruit. This, along with the additional footage of Kate lip-syncing in front of the dancers, appears to be there at least partially to replace the excised Miranda Richardson footage.

The "Rubberband Girl" and "Moments of Pleasure" clips were available on "The Whole Story '94" video CD which also featured videos from the albums "The Whole Story" and "The Sensual World".


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