Spoon (disambiguation)

Spoon (disambiguation)

Spoon is an eating utensil.

Spoon may also refer to:

in general usage
*Spoon (liturgy), in Eastern Orthodox religion
*Spoon River, in Illinois
*Pulsar Spoon, a line of retro styled watches by Pulsar (watch)
*cocaine spoon
*"Spoon", the Wooden Spoon Society charity

In sport
*Spoon lure, in sport fishing
*Spoon Sports, specialise in Honda vehicles
*Spoon, a 3 wood in golf
*"Spoon" Will Witherspoon (born 1980), American football player

In music
*Spoon (musical instrument), two spoons hit together
*Spoon (band), an indie rock band from Austin, Texas
*"Spoon" (song), by the krautrock band Can
*"Spoon" (Dave Matthews Band song)
*Spoon Records

ee also

*Spooning (disambiguation)"
*Spoons (disambiguation)

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