Dark Side of the Moon (disambiguation)

Dark Side of the Moon (disambiguation)

Dark Side of the Moon may refer to:

* An inaccurate name for the far side of the Moon
* The "dark side of the moon" is the Moon's night side
* "The Dark Side of the Moon", an album by Pink Floyd
** The Dark Side of the Moon Live, a concert tour for the album by Floyd member Roger Waters
* "Dark Side of the Moon" (documentary), a French mockumentary "exposing" NASA’s faking of the Apollo moon landings
* "La Face cachée de la lune", a 2003 film by Robert Lepage
* "The Dark Side of the Moon" (film), a 1990 film by D.J. Webster
* "Dark Side of the Moon", a 1972 album by Medicine Head
* "Dark Side of the Moon", a 2006 novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon
* "The Dark Side of the Moon", a major work for brass band by Paul Lovatt-Cooper
* "Dark Side of the Moon", a 1998 multimedia adventure game for Windows by SouthPeak Interactive

ee also

*Dark side (disambiguation)
*Dark Side of the Spoon

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