Plasmodium lemuris

Plasmodium lemuris

"Plasmodium lemuris" is a parasite of the genus "Plasmodium" subgenus "Vinckeia".

Like all "Plasmodium" species "P. lemuris" has both vertebrate and insect hosts. The vertebrate hosts for this parasite are mammals.

color = khaki
name = "Plasmodium lemuris"
image_caption =

image_width =
regnum = Protista
phylum = Apicomplexa
classis = Aconoidasida
ordo = Haemosporida
familia = Plasmodiidae
genus = "Plasmodium"
species = "P. lemuris"
binomial = "Plasmodium lemuris"


This species was first described by Huff and Hoogstraal in 1963 in the black lemur "Lemur collaris". Huff C.G.,Hoogstraal H. J. (1963) "Plasmodium lemuris" N. Sp., from "Lemur collaris" E. Geoffroy. J. Infect Dis. 112:233-236 ]

The infected erythrocyte is enlarged (+/- 10 micrometres) and distorted in shape and in many instances is almost completely filled by the parasite.

Young trophozoites are small and occupy three-tenths to four-tenths of the erythrocytes. The nucleus stains rose-red. Larger trophozoites are more irregular tending towardamoeboidity.

Pigment is in granules and there is no stippling of the host cell.

The schizonts display irregularly shaped nuclei. The pigment is brown and clumped into a diffused mass.

The gametocytes are very large (11 x 7 micrometres) and irregular in shape. Their nuclei are band-like or lobed irregularly.

The macrogametocytes have lavender to purple cytoplasm. The pigment is made up of small dark brown granules within vacuoles.

The microgametocytes have red-staining nuclei and slate-gray cytoplasm. Their pigment is similar to that of the macrogametocytes.

Geographical occurrence

This species is found in Madagascar.

Clinical features and host pathology

The known hosts include the lemurs "Lemur macaco macaco" and "Lemur collaris".


This species may belong to the genus "Haemoproteus" rather than to "Plasmodium". Clarification of this point awaits examintion of the organism's DNA.


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