Cosmetics & Toiletries

Cosmetics & Toiletries
Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine
Senior Editor Rachel Grabenhofer
Categories Personal Care R&D
Frequency monthly
First issue 1906
Company Allured Business Media
Country  United States
(other countries also available)
Language English
Website [1]

Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) is a multi-media franchise geared toward the research and development segment of the cosmetics and personal care industry. The magazine is published by Allured Business Media. Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine—the franchise core—is delivered to over 96 countries on a monthly basis, and is geared toward formulators, scientists, researchers, chemists and R&D management in the cosmetics and personal care industry. C&T magazine is available in both print and digital format, and the magazine also hosts a Web site,[2]


The publication began in March 1906 as "The American Perfumer", a monthly magazine published by Ungerer & Company. In September 1906, the name changed to "The American Perfumer and Essential Oil Review", and the publisher changed to The Perfumer Publishing Company. At that time, the perfumery business was more prominent than cosmetics. By 1935, the Moore Publishing Company bought the magazine. In 1956, Maison G. deNavarre had been writing and editing for the magazine for 24 years, and in January of that year, the owners again changed the magazine’s name to "American Perfumer and Aromatics". The publication focused on perfumery, aromatics and flavors, but deNavarre incorporated the occasional personal care product; for example, hand creams and royal jelly. In the early years of the magazine, there was no mandatory labeling of product ingredients, and cosmetic companies were afraid to have their scientists publish for fear of giving away trade secrets.

In March 1960, the Allured family purchased the "American Perfumer and Aromatics" from Moore Publishing. In 1961, the name was changed again to "American Perfumer and Cosmetics". The owners explained this change in the June 1962 issue: “The change in name that you see on the cover, and on top of this page, is in belated recognition of an editorial fact of over 30 years’ duration. During this period this magazine has gradually meant more and more to the cosmetic chemist and pharmacist, as these specialties became the major customer for fragrances. In turn, the perfumer has been more and more involved in the technical problems that new cosmetic materials have forced upon him.”

The science behind the creation of cosmetics was beginning to gain respect.[citation needed] In January 1972 the name was changed to "American Cosmetics and Perfumery", recognizing the growth and sophistication taking place in cosmetic raw materials, cosmetic research and development, and cosmetic business in general. The publisher, Stanley E. Allured, believed the future of the personal care industry existed in new cosmetic raw materials and in new cosmetic product ideas and made every effort to change the direction of the magazine. He would canvass all of the major cosmetic companies and hold meetings with R&D vice presidents and laboratory managers to determine what should be covered in the magazine, as well as to encourage them to write articles for the magazine. The publication became known globally,[citation needed] and in 1973 the title was changed again to Cosmetics and Perfumery to recognize its international audience. In January 1976, the publication was divided into two separate magazines: Perfumer & Flavorist and Cosmetics and Toiletries. In January 1979, an ampersand was substituted in Cosmetics and Toiletries to produce the current title, Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Other editions

Cosmetics & Toiletries China: The Chinese version of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine. It is published four times per year in Mandarin.

Cosmetics & Toiletries Brazil: The Brazilian version of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine. It is published nine times per year in Portuguese.

Cosmetics & Toiletries Latinoamérica: The Latin American version of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine. It is published four times a year in Spanish.

Other offerings

C&T Today: Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine’s bi-weekly newsletter. It provides the industry with news, trends and formulations.

Cosmetic Bench Reference (CBR): A directory of cosmetic ingredients and sources for raw materials.

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